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Disney dream 12/28/12 5 night

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by z28wiz, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. z28wiz

    z28wiz <font color=green>WDW ROCKS<br><font color=blue>Wi DVC Gold

    Who else is going on the NEW YEARS cruise?
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  3. Ohana 4

    Ohana 4 New Member


    If you are interested in participating in the FE group, please email me your info so that we can add you to the list.

    In your email, please include the following: Stateroom #, your Disboard name, your first name and the first names of the people sailing with you, your relationship to them (DH, DS, DD, etc), ages of children at time of cruise, and whether you are celebrating anything on this cruise.

    Stateroom: 10047
    Disboard name: Ohana 4
    First names: Noemi (self), J (DH), Micah (DS, 19), Tatiana (DD, 15)
    Celebrating: Birthdays

    Here is the list of FE participants for you to print out if you are not on the Facebook group but ARE in the FE group and need the list:

  4. IrishCowboy

    IrishCowboy DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    I have added your thread to the cruise meet list :thumbsup2

    Have a great cruise!
  5. Lexi221

    Lexi221 New Member

    All booked... So we will be on board!!! Can't wait! :yay:
  6. Ohana 4

    Ohana 4 New Member

    It's official. We put down our deposit today! This will be our 3rd trip. Looking forward to a "New Year's" special cruise!!! Hopefully we'll have more than just us three "dis" members going! :rotfl2:
  7. Lexi221

    Lexi221 New Member

    LOL... I certainly hope so! :rotfl: Welcome!!!
  8. dreams of disney

    dreams of disney New Member

    We plan on going. Just saving up our deposit. Will be booking it in the next couple of weeks. This will be our first Disney trip ever!:yay:
  9. Ohana 4

    Ohana 4 New Member

    This will be our third cruise (all on Disney). We went on the Alaska trip in June. Going on MV of Fantasy in March for our 20th anniversary. Then this one for New Year's. I can't wait for either of them. Loved the Alaska trip. I didn't ever want to get off the ship. I think we could have all sea days and I'd still be happy!

    Anyway, I hope we can form a group and meet up after embarkation. Maybe we'll even do FE groups or something. That would be fun for a New Year's cruise, don't you all think?
  10. dreams of disney

    dreams of disney New Member

    I would love to do FE's! I have a ton of ideas for handmade items! I am a big crafter and I know my son (3yrs) would love to help deliver "gifts" to everyone.
  11. Chokky

    Chokky New Member

    We have booked the Disney Dream (5 Night -12/28/12) for our very first cruise ever!
    It will be me, DH, DD15 and DS9 (their ages at the time of sailing).
    We plan to do WDW first before the cruise.
    Lots to read and learn!
  12. Ohana 4

    Ohana 4 New Member

    Welcome, Chokky! This cruise will be DH and my third cruise and DS(19 at cruise) and DD(15 at cruise) second cruise. We loved our first trip and we now are hooked! Hope you have the same great experience!
  13. Chokky

    Chokky New Member

    Thank you Ohana 4! We are all looking forward to it.
    I am the planner of our group so am reading lots over the next year.
  14. dis ms.

    dis ms. <font color=00a0c4>Suffers from Stale Tag Syndrome


    DH and I booked this while onboard the Aug. 27 Med cruise. Another couple (who were our table mates) booked it, too! We can't wait to spend NYE on the Dream! This time we decided to let the kids come with us. :rotfl:

    It will be:

    Me, DH, DS12, DS10 (ages at time of sailing).
  15. Chokky

    Chokky New Member

    It will be interesting to read the trip reports from this year's Dream cruise over New Years.
    Can't wait to see what kind of things they offer/do on-board for the holiday cruise so I can get an idea for next year.
  16. disney06

    disney06 New Member

    Hi everyone, we just booked too, well I say we but it is going to be a surprise for my two girls, plan on letting them know Christmas morning 2012:santa:

    It will be myself, my hubby and two girls who will be aged 11 and 13 at time of cruise.

    Very excited:banana:

  17. mathgeek

    mathgeek New Member

    Just booked this cruise this morning for myself, and I'm trying to encourage some of my family to book too. They just aren't the advance planners that I am. :goodvibes

    This will be my 2nd Dream double dip cruise and 3rd Disney cruise. Can't wait for 2 more days at CC! :beach:
  18. dreams of disney

    dreams of disney New Member

    We finally booked! My cousins have booked as well. I am so excited!:banana:
  19. Ohana 4

    Ohana 4 New Member


    Welcome to all those who have recently posted! The thread is a little bit slow right now. I am guessing it'll pick up a little closer to our vacation time!!!

    Anyone going on any trips before this NY cruise? We will be spending 9 days at WDW this December, and the MV cruise of the Fantasy in March. Those trips are taking up much of our attention these days! The WDW trip, we're taking both "kids" (14 and 18). March is just DH and I for our 20th anniversary cruise. Then, for the NY cruise, it's the whole family again.

    Anyone else???
  20. mathgeek

    mathgeek New Member

    I'll be at WDW for spring break, staying at BCV and going back in July to stay at BWV. I'm hoping to book a few days at VB prior to the BWV stay, and I haven't made any reservations yet for June, but I'm going to try to get into GCV at DL when I can book with my DVC points at 7 months out.

    Ohana 4, I'm jealous that you're cruising the Fantasy before this one, and the MV too! That should be fun!
  21. Ohana 4

    Ohana 4 New Member

    Mathgeek, we are super excited about the MV trip. I have heard so many negative comments about the crowds, "newness pains" etc. But I plan to just enjoy it all and have patience. I'm not a souvenir hog, so I don't think all the store items will be a problem for us. I plan to just relax and enjoy being there. This will be our second cruise. We cruised Alaska this summer on the Wonder. It was fabulous but we know it'll be totally different in the Caribbean.

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