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    Feb 15, 2013
    So I heard about Disney Culinary program yesterday, and I honestly am so excited for the future. I'm 17 years old and I graduate high school next year. From there I'm planning on going to The Culinary Institute of America in California. I'm pleased to say that I already have experience in a professional kitchen isn't being both a line cook (appetizers, desserts, salads) and a busboy. I have a total of 3 years of working experience, and 1 year of cooking experience.

    I was searching the site and I'm still confused on a few things.

    1. Can anyone apply to this program if they have 1 semester of culinary experience? Even if you don't go to a well named school or you live across the country?
    2. What can increase your chances of getting accepted?
    3. How long can you be on the program for and how long is it?
    4. How long is the process from beginning to end?
    5. How many interviews are there and what kind are they?
    6. What are the apartments like? Can you request to have an apartment with just 1 other person? How many days do you get off and how long are the work days?
    7. Do you get free admittance into the park if you work there? After you're done working can you go on the rides?
    8. What kind of questions are in each interview?
    9. Can you request to work in a specific restaurant or cuisine?
    10. Is it easier to make friends? What kind of activities do you get to do in the apartments (they mentioned movie night, scavenger hunts, etc)? Are the apartments nice and do they have queen beds? Is it like your own apartment? Do you get cleaning service? How do you get from the apartments to work?
    11. What times can you apply to the program?
    12. I read about the Internet test and they said answer in extremes cause that will get you passed. is this true?
    13. any personal experience on what it's like and care to share?
    i know there are a lot of questions but I'm just curious.

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