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Disney Christmas Village

Discussion in 'Disney Collectors Board' started by sy1203, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. sy1203

    sy1203 Earning My Ears

    Look what I found on one of the popular internet auction sites. I think this might work for my village.


    I'm planning to set up my village early this year. I will post pictures once it is up.

    Anyone else do a Disney Christmas Village display?

    I would love to see it and discuss what brand of buildings you collect and how you set it up.
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  3. sy1203

    sy1203 Earning My Ears

    Pictures are ones I have. I am looking for City Hall to complete my collection.

    The Emporium

    The Fire House

    The Train Station
    The Cinema
    Casey's Corner
  4. tinkerbell20

    tinkerbell20 Member

    Those are amazing!!!! I wish I had those! Please post pictures once you have it up! I have a few, but they are just the Department 56 ones.
  5. leelee9878

    leelee9878 Mouseketeer

    I have all of the ones you have with the exception of city hall. I'm starting to think it doesn't exist, I have actually never saw a picture of it just heard it exists. Have you seen it before?
  6. sy1203

    sy1203 Earning My Ears

    Here is a picture.


    Yes, it is very rare. I've been checking ebay everyday for about 6 years and have only seen maybe 3 available for sale. There is one on ebay right now. Don't let the current bid fool you. It will sell for over $400.
  7. sy1203

    sy1203 Earning My Ears

    Originally they were sold through the disney catalog. The only ones available: Castle, Train Station, Train, Park Benches. I purchase them all.

    Then the next year the catalog did not have them. You could only get them through WDW Merchandise or the parks. I did purchase what ever was available at the time.

    Finally, I got the rest of the collection on ebay. Except City Hall.
  8. leelee9878

    leelee9878 Mouseketeer

    So it does exist lol thanks!
  9. leelee9878

    leelee9878 Mouseketeer

    I purchased all but Casey's corner at WDW, I had to get Casey's Corner on EBay. I've looked sporadically on EBay for City Hall and never found one. Thanks for sharing!
  10. leelee9878

    leelee9878 Mouseketeer

    Also I didn't get haunted mansion as I didn't understand how it quite fit in and I was mainly focusing on Main Street.
  11. sy1203

    sy1203 Earning My Ears

    After many years of searching everyday, I finally got it. :cool1:

    So excited that my collection is complete!

    Now to set up my village. I will post pictures as I begin the process.
  12. leelee9878

    leelee9878 Mouseketeer

    Yay! Congrats, I'm jealous.
  13. Mrdrift

    Mrdrift Earning My Ears

    Can you tell me were you purchased the train station?
  14. Mrdrift

    Mrdrift Earning My Ears

    Does anyone know were I can purchase the Disney castle light up village?
  15. leelee9878

    leelee9878 Mouseketeer

    eBay is your best bet.
  16. sy1203

    sy1203 Earning My Ears

    Search ebay for words:

    • Disney Main Street Train Station
    • Disney Main Street Castle
    • Disney Light Up Village
    • Disney Village Light Up
    • Disney Village ​
    You will find them. Make sure to save your search then when new items are listed you will be emailed.

    Good Luck! ​
  17. momtojandj

    momtojandj Member

    Ok! I know this is an older thread . I actually have these pieces, and a few years ago I saw a house goofys carnation house on ebay, I didn't buy it and wish I did. Was it part of this set? I can't even find a recent picture of it to try and search . I want to search the sites to purchase but having no luck. Is it not a disney piece? Thanks!
  18. Rowi

    Rowi Earning My Ears

    Are you STILL working on it or what? :)

    Where are the pictures you promised?

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