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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Team Trystan, Jan 12, 2013.

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    Jan 9, 2013
    Hello fellow DisBoard Members! I'm glad to have finally joined the club and wanted to share the excitement about my family's upcoming Disney Vacation this spring! We'll be celebrating my son's 5th birthday with an 8-Night Bahamian Cruise aboard the Disney Magic! I've been diligently planning this getaway for quite some time, and have found much of the discussions on this forum to be very helpful! So thanks to everyone, and please maintain your insatiable appetites for all things Disney! So far this trip is a surprise, but my Mommy instincts are telling me it would be best to inform my little one of it as the sail date draws much nearer so we can do a fun count down and help him anticipate the experience and keep him from becoming overwhelmed all at once. However things play out, I know we'll have an amazing time and that he'll love it! So far, I have the cake order ready to go and a slew of activities in line for us to conquer! Any advice on the most efficient way to manage the allotted amount of time at Walt Disney World with Park Hopper tickets and a 5 year old? Many Thanks! pixiedust:

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    OK, one piece of advice from an "old" mom.....kid schedules are not always mommy schedules. Don't over-plan or over-schedule to the point that you are frustrated if he doesn't want to go along with what you had in mind.

    Yes, identify those things that you consider most important, but don't try to plan every minute of your time. I never had it work with a kid.
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    Aug 3, 2008
    personally with a 5 yo, and only one day, I'd just head to the Magic Kingdom.

    Or perhaps, start at Animal Kingdom and then head to MK, but with only one day, I'd just pick one park and stay. Or hit your favorites at a secondary park and then head to MK.
  4. stacecakes

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    Dec 3, 2012
    I also agree with your instinct about telling him a little in advance. My DD is 4 1/2 and has had the BEST time telling her school, her friends, etc. about getting to go on the "Mickey boat". We have the countdown calendar, we've gotten to watch some youtube tours and videos, we've gotten some input on excursions, etc. They're old enough to have some opinions, and the ones my DD has expressed have sometimes surprised me. She's pretty outgoing, and loves the idea of the kids club. She wants to see the theater shows. She wants to try the MDR's but would rather see shows ( so we're doing early show,late dining with eat and play). She does NOT want to be in the water with a dolphin, ray, etc. We tried a snorkel on her at our YMCA and she didn't love that either. So we've saved a lot of $ on planned fancy excursions and will be doing more beach days.

    This may also work with the WDW day- have you been before? Do you know the kind of stuff he'd like? Again, youtube may be your friend here cause you can peek at some oft he offerings and get a thumbs up or down. So that's my two cents on the telling part of things.

    In general, I'd say that a day at MK would probably be plenty for a five year old. It's wher eI feel the "magic" is most concentrated for the younger kids and the most rides available to them. You can easily spend a day there. The world showcase stuff at epcot is time consuming and a little over their head at this age. Some of the rides- soarin, nemo, etc. might be fun but lines can get long and if you're not there early in the day to get fastpasses I'm not sure how the timing would work out for you. others may have better opinions.
    I also don't know a lot about timing- how early the buses get you to the parks, which might affect your trip. Hopefully those with experience here will be more help!


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