Disney bazzill colors help

Discussion in 'Scrapbooking' started by dianemb, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. dianemb

    dianemb DIS Veteran

    Oct 16, 2003
    I've been looking at the list for the disney colors and it doesn't seem complete. The mickey mouse doesn't have a color listed for the face color, it looks like it shopuld be a peach color. Does any one have a more current/complete list??? Maybe I'm wrong but any help would be appreciated.

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  3. BernardandMissBianca

    BernardandMissBianca <font color=red>I just love a dancing banana!<br>< Moderator

    Feb 18, 2005
    I actually prefer French Vanilla but Peach from the monochromatic line is pretty close too. In my swatches I have one that's a shade lighter which would be better but from some reason my swatch doesn't have a name on it.

    You can also use the lighter colors from paper packs at Joann Fabrics. I buy the 8 1/2 x 11 packs from the Paper Company, usually buy Desert.
  4. amyy

    amyy <font color=royalblue> I do pat them out on a flou

    Aug 5, 2003
    Thanks for this info. Just made my first Mickey with my cricut today and realized I need MORE paper. I put the Paper Company Desert pack in my JoAnn's shopping cart. Glad I checked here before placing my order.

    Are there lists for this kind of thing? thanks
  5. Belle0101

    Belle0101 Nothing to see here.

    Feb 11, 2002
    I found this list (it's from 2008):

    Mickey: Candy Apple, Beetle Black, Sunshine, Lily White
    Mickey (bling): Red Carpet, Black Tie, Glass Slipper
    Minnie: Cany Apple Beetle Black, Lily White
    Minnie (bling): Red Carpet, Black Tie, Glass Slipper, Celebrity
    Donald Colors: Lily White, Blue Jean, Candy Apple, Sunshine
    Donald (bling): Celebrity, Glass Slipper, Prince Charming
    Daisy (bling): Glass Slipper, Feather Boa, Tootsie
    Goofy Colors: Blue Jean, Butterfly, Bon Bon, Beetle Black
    Goofy (bling): Bank Roll, Black Tie, 24 karat
    Pluto Colors: Sunshine, Grasshopper, Beetle Black
    Pluto (bling): Black Tie, Bank Roll, Bling
    Chip and Dale: Walnut, Buttercup, Raven, Bazzill White

    Pooh Colors: Marigold, Maraschino
    Pooh (bling): Red Carpet, Bling
    Piglet Colors: Piglet, Fussy
    Piglet (bling): In the Pink, Feather Boa
    Eeyore Colors: Blue, Sweetheart, Romance
    Eeyore (bling): Puppy Love, High Heels, Black tie
    Tigger Colors: Festive, Raven
    Tigger (bling): Tootsie, Black Tie
    Kanga: Nutmeg, Petal soft

    Belle: Buttercream, Sunshine, Lily White
    Belle (bling): Hollywood, Bright Lights, Bling
    Beast: Buttercup, Honeycomb, Artic, Raven

    Jasmine Colors: Pistachio, Dragonfly, Swimming Pool
    Jasmine (bling): Serendipity, Sparkle
    Aladdin Colors: Lilac, Beetle Black, Sandcastle
    Jafar: Raven, Juneberry, Maraschino

    Sleeping Beauty Colors: Emma, Precious, Lemon Drop
    Sleeping Beauty (bling): In the Pink, Feather Boa, Diva
    Maleficent: Heather, Raven

    Cinderella Colors: Bubble Blue, Blue Bell, Blue Jean, Lily White
    Cinderella (bling): Blind Date, Blue Eyes, Prince Charming

    Snow White Colors: Lemon Drop, Mediterranean, Maraschino
    Snow White (bling): Red Carpet, Bling
    Wicked Queen: Raven, Bazzill White, Pansy, Heather, Maraschino

    Ariel Colors: Kisses, Lilac, Grasshopper
    Ariel (bling): Red Carpet, Emerald City
    Ursula: Forget-me-not, Maraschino, Sunbeam, Raven, Bazzill White
    Sebastian: Maraschino, Watermelon, Raven

    Pocahontas: Fawn, Walnut, Pinecone, Ivy, Festive

    Mulan Colors; Vanilla, Pomegranate, Jade, Raven

    Tinkerbell Colors: Limeade, Buttercream, Bubble Blue
    Peter Pan Colors: Katydid, Grasshopper, Cocoa
    Peter Pan (bling): Envy, Bank Roll, Flat Broke
    Hook: Maraschino, Raven, Bazzill White, Sunbeam, Juneberry

    Alice in Wonderland Colors: Sunbeam, Bazzill White, North Sea
    Alice (bling): Bling, Blind date, Glass Slipper
    Queen of Hearts: Sunbeam, Maraschino, Bazzill White, Raven

    Lilo & Stitch Colors: Great Lakes, North Sea, Blackbird, Rain Forest

    Monsters Inc Colors: Lakeshore, Parakeet, Bazzill White

    Toy Story: Bazzill White, Raven, Leapfrog, Mocha
    Woody: Sunbeam, Walnut, Jacaranda, Bazzill White
    Buzz: Parakeet, Bazzill White, Jubilee
    Emperor Zurg: Raven, Sunbeam, Leapfrog, Maraschino, Typhoon, Bazzill White

    Lion King: Cantelope, Apricot, Yam
    Rafiki: Stonewash, Typhoon, Vintage, Peach

    Nemo: Bazzill White, Festive, Raven

    Cars: Ruby Slipper, Truffle, Palo Verde, African Daisy, Blackbird, Avalanche

    Bug's Life: Blue Bell, Blue Jean, Grasshopper, Forget-me-Not

    Pinocchio: Maraschino, Sunbeam, Bazzill White, Raven, Walnut
    Pinocchio (bling): Red Carpet, Black Tie, Bling, Handsome
    Gepetto (bling): Flat Broke, Black Tie, Glass Slipper

    Jessica Rabbit: Raven, Maraschino, Adobe

    Dumbo: Stormy, Petalsoft, Sunbeam, Bazzill White
  6. Belle0101

    Belle0101 Nothing to see here.

    Feb 11, 2002
    I found this list too (not sure of the date):

    Disney Princess Cardstock Colours (Bazzill) Dreams Come True:

    Arial: Skin - Just Peachy Eyes - Bright Blue/Yosemite Clamshells - Fairy Dust Lips - Flamingo Hair - Lava Tongue - Piglet Tail - Malachite Fins - Mint Green

    Belle: Skin - Adobe Eyes - Dark Fawn Lips - Lady Bug Hair - Walnut Gloves, Sleeves, Skirt, Tiara - Dandelion Bodice - Sunbeam Blue Dress - Ocean

    Jasmine: Skin - Apricot Eyes - Copper Lips - Yam Hair - black Pants, Bodice - Patina Belt, Hair Band, Shoes - Turquoise Mist Jewel, Hair Ties - Kachina Jewellery - Honeycomb

    Aladdin: Skin - Apricot Eyes, Belt - Copper Hair - Black Hat - Ruby Slipper Vest - Velvet Patch - Glow Pants - White

    Genie: Body - Skylar Pants - Blue Jean Lamp & Jewellery - Honeycomb & Tropicana Belt - Red/Candy Apple

    Abu: Body - Rawhide Face, Hands, Feet, Ears - Cantaloupe Eye Lid - Cocoa Top of Hat, Vest - Ruby Slipper Bottom of Hat - Forget-Me-Not Hat detail - Honeycomb

    Pocahontas: Skin - Carrot Cake Eyes - Sienna Hair - Black Lips - Bazzill Orange Dress - Fiesta Fringe - Tropicana Necklace - Artesian Pool Belt - Kraft

    Meeko: Mask/around Eyes - Thunder Overall Body Fur - Smoky Tongue - Coral Face, Chest & Ears - Vintage

    More Disney Princess Cardstock Colors (Bazzill) Happily Ever After:

    Cinderella: Skin- Just Peachy Eyes - Mediterranean Blue Lips - Pinata Hair - Sunbeam Dress Bodice, Skirt, Headband - Bluebell Earrings, Gloves, Sleeves, Bustle, Shoes - Powder

    Peasant outfit: Sleeves - Aqua Bodice, Shoes - Hershey Skirt - Java/OP Apron, Scarf - White

    Sleeping Beauty/Aurora: Skin - Adobe Eyes - Forget-me-not Lips - Piglet Hair - Desert Sun Crown/Necklace - Lemon Drop

    Pink Dress: Sleeves/Bustle - Romance Skirt - Petunia Bodice/Shoes - Pinata

    Blue Dress: Sleeves/Bustle - Sea Water Skirt - Ocean Bodice/Shoes - Pauly-Poo Briar Rose outfit: Blouse - Lilac Mist Shawl - Grape Skirt - Light Violet Headband/Vest - Black Collar - White

    Snow White: Skin - Just Peachy Eyes - Copper Hair - Black Lips, Hair Bow, Sleeve Insert - Ladybug Sleeves - Bluebell Cuffs - Champagne Bodice - Mediterranean Blue Skirt - Sunbeam Shoes - Desert Sun

    Mickey & Friends Bazzill Colors

    Mickey: Face - Just Peachy Tongue - Dark Rosy Shorts - Lava Shoes - Bazzill Yellow

    Minnie: Face - Just Peachy Tongue - Dark Rosy Dress - Yosemite Bow & Shoes - Cupcake

    Donald: Eyes - Kevin Tongue - Blossom Bill & Legs - Desert Marigold Inside of Mouth - Festive Suit & Hat - Bazzill Blue Shirt Stripes - Bazzill Yellow Bow Tie - Lava

    Daisy Duck: Eyes - Kevin Tongue - Blossom Eyelids - Wisteria Bill & Legs - Desert Marigold Inside of Mouth - Festive Blouse - Fairy Dust Bow & Shoes - Romance Bracelet -Swimming Pool

    Goofy: Muzzle - Just Peachy Tongue - Dark Rosy Hat - Limeade Sweater - Marmalade Pants - Pauley-Poo Shoes - Copper

    Pluto: Tongue - Dark Rosy Head & Body - Fiesta Collar - Grasshopper
  7. Lisa

    Lisa <font color=royalblue>OMG, I think I am going to p

    Aug 18, 1999
    What a terrific list. Thanks for posting. :)
  8. amyy

    amyy <font color=royalblue> I do pat them out on a flou

    Aug 5, 2003
    Thanks so much for sharing. So is Bazzill the company most of you recommend? Time to place another order :)
  9. cogero

    cogero DIS Veteran

    Jun 11, 2008
    Thanks for that list going to print it out.
  10. amyy

    amyy <font color=royalblue> I do pat them out on a flou

    Aug 5, 2003
    Where do most of you order your paper through? I would like to order single sheets of the color I need. When I searched their website there was one store about 45 minutes away I could check out but I really never go in that direction. Maybe in 4 years I have been in that area twice. thanks for your help
  11. mmiles

    mmiles Earning My Ears

    Jan 27, 2013
    Are we allowed to add to this thread? If so Agent P, Kachina for body, java for hat, Bazzill white for eyes, beetle black for eyes, and sunshine for bill. All Bazzill.
  12. Tanzanite

    Tanzanite DIS Veteran

    Sep 20, 2007
    i just ordered 500 sheets with shipping less than $80 of discontinued colors from oh my crafts they have lots of good deals
  13. PrincessNancy96

    PrincessNancy96 Scrapbook Mom Moderator

    Dec 28, 2005
    Thank your for this addition!!!
    Please feel free at add!!!!!

    ETA: I bolded the character name to find it easier!
  14. Forever a Princess

    Forever a Princess One bottle of ketchup is not enough!

    Mar 25, 2002
    Thanks ladies!!

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