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DISmoms 4 - The Hunt for Jack Sparrow

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by karajeboo, May 23, 2012.

  1. CamDisMom

    CamDisMom Earning My Ears

    How many posts do I need before I can have a siggy?
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  3. CamDisMom

    CamDisMom Earning My Ears

    LOL. Nevermind. I stole what I needed. HA!:cool1:
  4. kid-at-heart

    kid-at-heart Mouseketeer

  5. anewmac

    anewmac Ive got nothing planned whats an OCVP to do?

    WOOHOO let the good times roll. Love that video still. Cant wait to read more!
  6. dizneeat

    dizneeat DIS Veteran

    Okay, late again ...... darn work!

    Back to read later, just wanted to be in and not miss a minute of it. :goodvibes
  7. podsnel

    podsnel <font color=blue>just skippin' around, amusing mys

    I still love that video, too! And that was some HUGE engine on that ship KARA!!!! :faint:

    I don't have time to start today- I am spending most of my day and night at the Board of ed- but tomorrow's the beginning of a holiday weekend, so....I'll be back then with the beginning scoop!! :flower3:
  8. stinksmom

    stinksmom Friends are the family you choose....

    I'm so glad you started the TR! Can't to read and laugh along with you :)
  9. LuvEeyore

    LuvEeyore Mouseketeer

    I go to work for 1 day and what do you do? Start a new trip report!!:rotfl2::rotfl2:So I did 2 deliveries yesterday...how about 2 installments today?:rotfl2::rotfl2:
  10. karajeboo

    karajeboo DISmom by land and by sea!

    And you DEFINITELY made page 1!!!!

    You mean "the deets?" That from a rising 6th grader.... c'mon, get with the lingo!

    There were a lot of cameras flashing.... durn paparazzi!

    We love to play!!!

    Me too! So sad it's not for another 305 days! And my next cruise with Ellen is in a mere 584 days! :scared1:

    It was AWESOME!!!!

    Yes, yes you did....

    We missed you too..... :sad1:

    Nothing wrong with a little regression when it comes to Disney!!!!
  11. karajeboo

    karajeboo DISmom by land and by sea!

    We're bringin it!!!! And I'm happy to report, the Dream survived 4 nights of the DISmoms.....

    That's cause you weren't there last year - Laura made them with our info from last year.... silly girl.

    Thief...... Now I know what happened to that extra Castaway Club bag.... SECURITY!!!!!

    Priorities!!!! Work can wait!!!! Sheesh!

    Excuses excuses!!!! We are officially on summer vacation!!!! :banana: Now to get the house ready for summer, and for a summer kickoff party on Saturday!!!!

    I laugh so hard while I'm writing so I'm sure it will be fun to relive it! Hmmmm, not sure about TWO installments, will two photos count? I'll try that in a bit.....
  12. karajeboo

    karajeboo DISmom by land and by sea!

    As promised.... and so you know who we are.....

    The Cruisin DISmoms....

    Kara, Joan, Ellen, Cammie


    So sad Lonnie couldn't join us on the cruise, something about being in an innertube 30 years ago and getting seasick in a swimming pool... or something like that....:rolleyes1

    Here was our group of 6 the night BEFORE the cruise in Epcot....

    Pam, Kara, Cammie, Ellen, Joan, Lonnie


    Sorry, but this is the best my hair will look - trust me, it looks better here than it will in pics the next day..... ;)

  13. luvslikepi

    luvslikepi Mouseketeer

    You all look fabulous. How many days did you spend in the world before the cruise? Are you doing a TR for the land portion too?
  14. karajeboo

    karajeboo DISmom by land and by sea!

    Ellen and Joan flew in two days before and hung out with Lonnie and Pam. Then Cammie and I got in the next day so we all had one day and night before we left for the cruise. And OF COURSE we will report first on the WDW portion. That's why we're waiting on Ellen, since she and Joan got in a day before me.....
  15. JKSWonder

    JKSWonder Twelve plus trips and counting

    I'm all subbed up and waiting to vicariously enjoy the action!

    Get on it Ellen! ;)
  16. podsnel

    podsnel <font color=blue>just skippin' around, amusing mys


    You just caused two of the biggest ROTFLMAO experiences i have EVER had on the DIS. :rotfl2::rotfl2::rotfl2::rotfl2::rotfl2::rotfl2:

    Thanks very much- I needed that after a day of mega meetings!:rotfl2::rotfl2:

    I'll go upload some pics now!:thumbsup2 Update tomorrow!
  17. brookelizabeth

    brookelizabeth <font color=red>Jambo Wildbunch Gang<br><font colo

    Joining in!!!
  18. podsnel

    podsnel <font color=blue>just skippin' around, amusing mys

    Joan & I were flying in from NJ on Friday morning, two days before our cruise. Part of the reason we were doing this was so we could see Lonnie for a while- because lonnie would not even HEAR of going on the cruise with us. You know- due to the aforementioned innertube incident 30 years ago...:rolleyes2. Anywho.....I guess I should mention that my DH, Pods, was going to be going on HIS golf trip, also in Orlando, the following morning (my cousin, Sheree was staying home with the kids, bless her!). Our delayed early morning flight FINALLY had the boarding call, and when we got to the gate, who did we see but...no- not Pods, but our dear friend Alex (also known as OWLEX) (also known as my son Tyler's Godfather) flying down a day early for some business before golf. What are the odds?


    Owlex, who was seated 3 rows in front of us, would be heading to a meeting as soon as we landed. But, always the gracious host (he and his wife Linder Bagel throw some incredible parties) he didn't miss a beat- when the drink cart came, there were two bloody mary's on it for Joanie & I. :drinking1 Oh- and they were doubles, no less. Thanks, Owlex- it sure made that in-flight movie a WHOLE lot more entertaining! (FWIW, we got off the plane with little absolute bottles- even I am not up for a double at 9 am. Well, at least not today.)

    Soon it was time for the first thrill rides of the trip-



    Followed by some patient waiting in the front of the DME line, followed by a front row seat on the DME!





    Uh-oh...looks like there's been a change to a familiar sign...


    A quick stop at-


    And then, it was our turn...




    Thanks for the ride, Mickey!!


    I had done online check-in, and a studio was actually ready for us- but we asked if we could have one a little closer, and so that was not a problem- but we would have to wait to see it. So we dropped our bags at bell services, had a little refreshing water-


    WE'RE HERE!!!!!


    Since we had only 2 days at WDW, we needed to strategically plan our tour. Lonnie & her friend, Pam, were already here and enjoying EPCOT. But we knew that we would be spending a TON of time in EPCOT tonight and tomorrow, so we broke all the rules and hopped on the boat to DHS.


    Because DHS has a couple of MUST-DOs for me. And the first one, well...they were out of on my last visit. So that made it even MORE of a must-do- a peanut butter cupcake from Starring Rolls!


    Cont'd next post-

  19. podsnel

    podsnel <font color=blue>just skippin' around, amusing mys

    Although, they DO have other tempting options in that case-


    But my heart belongs to-


    Although, I had to control myself- Joanie and I needed to split a turkey foccacia sandwich first-


    And WOW is that sandwich REALLY REALLY good! I was expecting slimy low-quality processed turkey, but it was great quality meat, and I absolutely LOVED the hot pepper relish that was on there- it was a delicious lunch!

    We had texted Joan's cousin who is a CM when we arrived at WDW, and to our great delight, Mark was actually not working but was IN the parks! So he joined us at Starring Rolls, and we got to catch up. While we ate, I had what my internet friend, Andrea, who writes a GREAT blog about Iberostar Grand Paraiso (called Iberostar Rocks!) calls a "Rockstar Moment"- it's when someone who reads your blog or TRs comes up to you and says, "Excuse me, are you _______?" Well, this lovely lurker at the next table said, "Excuse me, are you Podsnel?" SO COOL!!! Anyway, Connie & Kelly were very nice, and I LOVE when this happens- it really DOES make you feel like a rockstar! And it is always great to meet DISers, isn't it? Especially when they know everything about you and all your travel plans even though you just met! :rotfl:


    I hope if she is lurking right now, she says HELLO!!!! :) :wave2:

    So.....a turkey, a cupcake, a lurker, and a few ducks later


    and we were off to get our ride on- can you guess where? HMMMMM??????:scratchin

    Up next....

  20. jenseib

    jenseib Mommy to Claire

    That sandwich looks amazing!!!
  21. luvslikepi

    luvslikepi Mouseketeer

    Nom, nom, nom....pregnant belly wants that cupcake.

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