Discount Tix for DC?

Discussion in 'Sea World / Discovery Cove' started by LisaRex, May 4, 2001.

  1. LisaRex

    LisaRex Mouseketeer

    May 3, 2001
    Hey! I've already booked tickets for Discovery Cove for 8/16, however $199/person is quite steep.

    Has anyone seen discount coupons anywhere for this? Even $10 would be something!

    Thanks, Lisa
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  3. WebmasterBarry

    WebmasterBarry DIS Veteran

    Aug 20, 1999
    The only discounts that I know of are for Sea World AP holders. With the popularity and the limited amount of guests for DC, I think that discounts would be few and far between.
  4. WDWfan uk

    WDWfan uk <font color=red>.... but you can call me Shirley :

    Aug 21, 1999
    ..... when we were in SW in April, I picked up a card re DC that says - Receive a special rate for DC with today's SW admission, for more info and resv visit the DC Resv counter at SW.
    I didn't investigate further as we'd already been to DC - but it would be nice to know what the rate and the conditions were.
  5. lowen

    lowen Earning My Ears

    Jul 5, 2000
    If you intend going to Sea World as well, then you probably save more by going to DC and having the free pass for Sea World than by going to Sea World first and then getting discount DC admission.

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