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    Updates are in red.

    (Link to original threads that are now locked -
    http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2201826 and
    http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2293787 and

    As many of you know, last year was the first time the DIS/DISUnplugged/Dreams Unlimited Travel participated in Mousefest. We had such a great time that we immediately committed to participating in future Mousefest events.

    Sadly the organizers of Mousefest have decided not to host their annual event this year.

    Since the DIS/DISUnplugged/Dreams already committed to participating and holding a party/event this year we are going forward with those plans for December 2009.

    I know many of you have been waiting for details on our event/party in December. We still have many of the details to work out but we have identified the dates of 12/11, 12/12 and 12/13 for DIS related events.

    Please understand that this is not a replacement for Mousefest. We look forward to the return of Mousefest in the future and working with the organizers when they decide to have it again.

    I understand many of you are already planning meets and events on your own for that weekend. I think that is awesome. Please know that we have no interest in organizing any of these individual events. I am really pleased to see these have taken on a ‘grass roots’ feel and that individuals have taken it upon themselves to organize these and work out the details.

    We do plan on having a couple of DIS/DISUnplugged/Dreams sponsored/organized events. Again, specifics are in the works but here is what we know so far:

    Main Party/Event – the evening of Saturday 12/12/2009
    Toy Story Mania Party - Disney Hollywood Studios - 9:30PM - Midnight**

    UPDATED 10/29/2009 - **Slight change in event start time. If this negatively affects you please email me at John@DreamsUnlimitedTravel.com

    UPDATE 10/28/2009 - We are no longer taking registrations for this event. We will begin registering people for the seminar (see below). Once that is complete we will start to mail out credentials. You will receive an email letting you know when your credentials have been mailed.


    - We are not ready to take waitlist/sign-ups for our main event/party – so please don’t ask. Once we have some specifics worked out we will put up a sign-up form. Until then please be patient.
    - We understand that many people will want to attend this year’s party so we are working to ensure we can accommodate as many people as possible so no one is left out.
    - We will be charging a small fee to attend this event ($25 per person). This fee is to offset administrative costs and to help ensure everyone who signed up for the party attends. Last year we had some people sign-up who didn’t attend – and since Disney charges us ‘per head’ for these events we wound up wasting money and, worst yet, those were spaces others could have taken.
    - We have not worked out the exact fee yet, but plan on keeping it as reasonable as possible so that as many folks who want to attend are able – more details to come.
    - Folks who book 2 or more nights with Dreams Unlimited Travel for that weekend will get a priority space on the list for the party as well as have the fee waived.

    UPDATE 10/21/2009
    We will begin taking 'open registrations' for this event beginning 10/21/2009 at 9PM Eastern Time. The link to the registration form is below. For those of you who are impatient and tried the link you will find that form is not turned on yet - you must wait until 9PM Eastern Time on 10/21.

    Kevin and John will be in chat that night beginning at 8:45PM to deal with any questions or issues that may come up during the process.


    UPDATE 10/14/2009 - Menu at the event:

    Cooked to order Grilled Sausages and Peppers with Rolls
    Mini Corn Dogs with Mustard
    Tortilla Chips with Nacho Cheese and Jalapenos
    Green Apple Slices with Caramel Dip
    Sugar Dusted Funnel Cakes
    Bags of Cotton Candy
    Peanuts in the Shell
    Buttered Popcorn

    There will be a cash bar for beer, wine, soda and bottled water

    Friday 12/11/2009 – Seminar

    UPDATE 11/01/2009 - We are no longer accepting registrations for the seminar.

    UPDATE 10/28/2009 - Event details:

    December 11, 2009 at 9AM at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel - Convention Center Conference Room Northern E. Please arrive at least 30 minutes early to venue as we will not allow anyone to be seated once the seminar begins. No park admission media is required to attend this event - just your seminar credentials. If choose to drive to the hotel, regular parking fees will apply.

    The cost for this event is $59 per person.

    We anticipate the seminar lasting approximately 3 - 4 hours.

    Anyone who indicated they may be interested in attending the seminar through the TSM party sign-up process will receive an email from us instructing you how to sign-up for the seminar. You are under no obligation to have anyone in your party attend the seminar. The forms are self explanatory and easy to use.

    Registrations for the seminar will close at midnight 10/31/2009 to allow us time to have all credentials printed, processed and mailed.

    Update 10/21/2009
    If you have listened to this weeks podcast you will know that we have announced the speakers at our Seminar. They will be:

    Lee Cockerell - Executive Vice President, Operations (Retired) Walt Disney World Resort
    Topic: You Can Create Magic Too! Examples of how Disney Cast Members create magic for guests and for each other.

    Marty Sklar - Executive Vice President and Walt Disney Imagineering Ambassador (Retired)
    Topic: JUST DO SOMETHING PEOPLE WILL LIKE! During 30 years as the creative leader of Walt Disney Imagineering, MARTY SKLAR was often asked, “What do you want me to do?” by the Imagineers. In response, he frequently remembered the answer Walt Disney gave when the great Disney artist, Herb Ryman (who drew the first overall illustration of Disneyland and the castles for Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom ) asked the question that brought forth Walt’s classic response: “Just do something people will like!” Easy to say, but as the Imagineers created nine of the eleven Disney parks around the world under Marty Sklar’s creative leadership, there were often no simple answers. Join us as the only Disney cast member who was “there” at the opening of all the Disney parks tells the stories – on stage and backstage – from those magic places in Anaheim, Orlando, Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong.


    We are very excited and honored to have both gentlemen come and speak with us.

    There will be a separate enrollment and fee for this event. Those details have not been finalized yet. With the TSM event sign-up we are asking people to let us know if they are interested in the seminar. We will be contacting those individuals separately to sign-up for the event and announce a price at that time.

    As I said details have not been finalized but the seminar will most likely be in the morning of 12/11/2009 lasting about 4 hours and will take place at the WDW Swan or Dolphin convention center.

    You MUST be signed up for the TSM Party to be able to attend this event on Friday. There will be no way to sign-up for this event if you aren't already signed up for the party.

    Update 10/14/09 - We are in the final discussions to put something together. We are looking at a Friday mid-morning event that will last half a day (4 hours). There will be a fee for this to cover the cost of the speaker(s) and the venue. It will most likely be on Disney property at a hotel with convention space. More details to come.

    And we are very close to securing one speaker that has us all VERY EXCITED!!!!

    Original ideas with Disney Institute Fell Through - We are working on alternate plans

    - We are in talks with the Disney Institute folks to put together some kind of event this day. Most likely this will be some kind of lecture series with multiple speakers. This is all very preliminary but we have thrown out our ‘pie in the sky’ ideas to see what they come back with. I believe I actually heard their heads explode during the conference call when I told them what I wanted to do.
    - There will be a charge for this event, however attendees of this event will get priority space on the list for 12/12 party as well as have the fee waived.
    - Depending on what we do and the interest from you all this could be a half or full day event and could include meals.
    - I am sorry to be so cryptic, but none of the details have been worked out yet.

    Sunday 12/13/2009 – Live Podcast Recording

    UPDATE 10/28/2009 - Event details:

    December 13, 2009 at 2PM at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort - Convention Center Conference Southern IV and V. Please arrive at least 30 minutes early to venue as we will not allow anyone to be seated once the recording begins. No park admission media is required to attend this event - just your party credentials. If choose to drive to the hotel, regular parking fees will apply.

    There is no cost to attend this event.

    You must be wearing your party credentials to attend the live taping.

    We anticipate the podcast taping will last approximately 90 minutes.

    Update 10/21/2009
    Specifics have not been finalized but we are still looking at doing this at 2PM at either the Swan or Dolphin. You will need your party credentials to attend this event.


    Update 10/14 - this will most likely be held mid-afternoon (2PMish) at the Swan/Dolphin. More details to follow.

    - Again, no details have been worked out but we are hoping to secure a venue large enough to have a live show this day. This would be a free event.
    - More details to come as the time gets closer.

    Again, I am sorry that I don’t have any details for you. I do know that many of you were looking to make your travel plans for this so I wanted to at least get the dates out there.

    As I said, once we have more details I will be releasing them to everyone. Also, once we have some specifics worked out we will be putting up a sign-up form for all events.

    My goal this year is to make sure everyone who wants to attend the party has the opportunity. I know some were disappointed last year because we had to cut-off the number of attendees to the party. Hopefully this year we will be able to host everyone who wants to attend.


    PS Anyone who writes, emails, PMs or calls about being put on the waitlist will be subject to public humiliation

    UPDATE 10/15/2009 - Dreams Unlimited Travel clients will be receiving an email somtime today/tomorrow with a link to sign-up for the event. Please use the link provided in the email to sign-up and do not share the link with anyone else - not because we do not want anyone else to see it - but becuase each form is coded based on the type of reservation you booked. The form you get will not work for everyone.

    We will give DU clients a day or two to sign-up and then we are going to publish the sign-up form for the general public. Based on interest in this event so far we do not anticipate turning anyone away, however if we underestimated the attendance we may have to turn off sign-ups at some point.

    Everyone else will be allowed to sign-up afterwards. We will link to the sign-up form from this page as well as announce it on the podcast AND have a page on the DIS linking to it.

    UPDATE 10/14/2009 - We are finalizing some of the plans and once we have that in place we will start to take sign-ups. Dreams Unlimited Travel clients will get first priority and will be contacted by their agents on how to sign-up.

    Everyone else will be allowed to sign-up afterwards. We will link to the sign-up form from this page as well as announce it on the podcast AND have a page on the DIS linking to it.

    UPDATE 10/09/2009 - Concerning D23 Event on Same Night as TSM Party

    We had a conference call with the event services team helping us with the TSM party this past week and I am really surprised they didn't mention this to us.

    We have received some questions if it will be possible to attend both the D23 event on the night of 12/12 at DHS as well as our event.

    If you want to attend TSM you will need to be at the entrance to MGM prior to the party (9PM) and escorted back to the party. No one will be permitted into the TSM party from other areas of the park - only those escorted from the front of the park will be allowed in the party.

    We will have some more details soon but you should know you won't have to have park admission for our party as it is after the park closes. We will be sending out credentials to the party. Please don't ask for details as I don't have them yet.
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    There are other meet ups and events that are being organized by DIS'ers, but not official DIS Events. Some of these include:
    •DVC Merry Mixer Meet on Thursday 12/10 @ 3pm-5pm. Cost: Membership in or Guest of a DVC owner.
    •Social viewing of Osborne Lights at Disney's Hollywood Studios on Thurday 12/10 @ 6pm. Cost: Park admission.
    •7th Annual Jellyroll Meet at Jellyrolls on the Boardwalk on Thursday 12/10 @ 8pm. Cost: $10 cover, plus your food and drink.
    •Yeehaw Bob @ Port Orleans Riverside on Thursday, 12/10 @ 8:30pm. Cost: Free admission. Buy your own food and drink.
    •Lunch @ Fulton's at Downtown Disney, Friday, 12/11 @ 2pm. Cost: Your food, drink and tip.
    •Pre-DATW "Make sure they don't run out of Slushies!!!" Meet in France, Friday, 12/11 @ 4:45ish. Cost: Park Admission and slushie, if you choose.
    •Kathy's Peeps ride "Journey Into Imagination" on Friday, 12/11, around 5pm. Cost: Park admission.
    •Drink Around the World, Version DAP '09. Starting in Canada, World Showcase, Epcot @ 5:30. Cost: Park admission. Buy your own food and drink.
    •Give Kids the World voluntourist experience. Donate a couple hours at Give Kids the World on Saturday 12/12 @ 8am. Cost: Transportation to/from GKTW~see thread about this, people are looking to share a taxi or rental car.
    •Utilitarian viewing of the Osborne Lights at Disney's Hollywood Studios on Saturday 12/12 @ 7:30pm. Cost: Park admission.
    •Tonga Toast Breakfast at Kona Café/Captain Cook's at the Polynesian on Sunday 12/13 @ 9am. Cost: Price of food and drink.
    •Brunch at House of Blues on Sunday 12/13 @ 10:30am (tentative). Cost: Price of brunch + tax & tip.
    •Dole Whip for Bawb at Captain Cook's at the Polynesian on Sunday 12/13 @ 4pm (following the podcast taping). Cost: Price of Dole Whip.
    •Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party on Sunday 12/13 (entry begins @ 4pm). Cost: Price of MVMCP ticket.

    These are just some of the things that will be going on over the course of the weekend. I know for a fact at least two other major Disney fan groups are having events throughout the weekend as well.

    If anyone has anything to add or edit about the above list, please let me know.

    Hope that helps!!
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