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Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by valandemmy, May 8, 2006.

  1. valandemmy

    valandemmy Mouseketeer

    Feb 8, 2005
    Day 1 - Counter Service - Cosmic Rays - first time eating here...LOVED IT
    wife and I both had the burger/fry combo...DD had corndog meal.
    **** note: why isnt there a burger/cheeseburger meal for kids?
    1900 Park Fare - great food as always, server did a great job, Character interaction was good.

    Day 2 - Counter Service - MEXICO - had the combo
    Whispering Canyon - had the skillet. NICE...loved everything except the chicken...had a weird flavor to it. LOVED THE TATERS and RIBS.. :teeth:

    Day 3 Counter Service - Back 2 MK....did Cosmic Rays again...haha..
    Crystal Palace - Buffet was very good as usual, character interaction was good, did seem a little hurried though

    Day 4. Counter Service - ABC comm. Breakfast - had the eggs platter. I didnt think it was anything to fall in love with, my wife said it was very good though...
    - THE MAYAN GRILL - WOW...this was HORRIBLE, Should have known somehting was up when we walked in and it was EMPTY. the table we were set down at was DIRTY. the SERVER TOOK 15 minutes before making it to the table. the servers that were standing around started at us our entire diner like it was fun to watch the fat people eat. Me, I dont care to say something, My wife however, didnt want me to make a scene so I had to keep my cool. My stake was ordered MED RARE.....it was WELL DONE. the server did ask if she wanted me to have them make another one. i didnt want my wife and daughter to be done with dinner while I set there and ate, so I ate the well done steak. The one highlight of the dinner was the dessert, which due to my wife not wanting to be started at anymore we ordered it togo, and had it in the room.

    Day 5 - CHEF MICKEY Breakfast -1st time - LOVED THIS PLACE...daughter loved it, great food, great character interaction. WORD OF WARNING - THEY WILL TAKE YOUR PICTURE HERE.. :rotfl2: we had blizzard beach planned this day, and were dressed relaxed to make an easy switch to beach wear....did not expect the have our picture taken.... SO, if you would like to have a good picture...dont have blizzard beach planned for this day... :teeth:
    Couner service - PEPPER MARKET - both had the taco salad... VERY GOOD....so large could not finish it

    thats it folks....ALSO....something I learned about snack credits....we had 10 left over from the parks...so we went down to the food court and you can buy LARGE BAGS of chips (DORITOS,LAYS, whatever), CHEESE DIPS, SALSA, everything....for your snack credits now....crazy... :cheer2:
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  3. chobie

    chobie <font color=teal>Fish are friends, not food<br><fo

    Feb 8, 2004
    So what was the highlight dessert from the Maya Grill?
  4. valandemmy

    valandemmy Mouseketeer

    Feb 8, 2005
    the deepfried cheese cake in coconut sauce...yumm.... :woohoo:
  5. tinkerbeth

    tinkerbeth Goin' back soon!!

    Apr 13, 2004
    Yikes. I'm glad I haven't planned the Mayan Grill as one of our TS. We're staying at CSR and I figure we'll eat at PM a few times instead. We might try the breakfast there one morning if we're really hungry but it sounds like not the best use of a TS, especially with so many other GREAT places to eat! :)

    THanks for the reviews!

    Beth :wave2:
  6. honeybee213

    honeybee213 Mouseketeer

    Sep 18, 2005
    Thanks for the reviews :thumbsup2 . And that cheesecake sounds heavenly.

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