Ding Fare Blues...come sing with me

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by nuttylawprofessor, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. nuttylawprofessor

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    Aug 27, 2005
    I hate it when airfare drops after you've bought the non-refund tix.

    In September, bought 3 tix on American for Chicago to Orlando - $583
    Today the ding for better flight times for 3 tix is - $286

    :badpc: :badpc: :badpc: :badpc: :badpc: :badpc:

    That's a lot of mickey bars, and ears, and shirts, and bags, and pins, and, and, and...

    So, what bargains have you cursing the keyboard?
  2. cats mom

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    Oct 25, 2000
    I need to copy and paste this post to the 'I hate Southwest, why would you ever fly them?' thread. ;)

    So sorry about the airfare woes. I can definitely sympathize.

    I had to book a $218 one way fare on Delta for both my DD & DH when SW had flights the same day for $99.
    Why couldn't I just book SW you ask? :confused3
    Because they both needed the darn red-eye and SW doesn't offer one.

    Can we say overscheduled?
  3. CathrynRose

    CathrynRose <font color=brown>R.I.P. Possibly Un-PC Tag, R.I.P

    Oct 5, 2005
    My advice?

    Dont look anymore.

    Once I booked - I stopped looking. I dont wanna see it went down. I dont wanna know.

    I booked 2 r/t's on United from Chicago to Orlando at a total of $406 (with taxes, etc)

    Theyre the exact times I wanted (early departure going, late departure returning)

    So - no more looking. I dont wanna be: :furious: :badpc: :sick: :sad: :headache: :sad2:

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