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Did I find an unknown Hidden Mickey on our Disney Dream cruise?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Phil'sFrontier, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Phil'sFrontier

    Phil'sFrontier New Member

    When i was going through the pictures from the cruise using Lightroom, I found this picture I took of the chandelier.

    This is the original picture taken with my Nikon D7000 @18mm focal length. I bet everybody has a picture like this. I thought I would do a tight crop of it to get a little different perspective. I cropped the photo to what would be one hundred percent zoom on the image on the computer screen...if that makes any sense. The D7000 is a 16.something megapixel camera so you can get a very tight crop.

    Here is the cropped image...
    Is this a known hidden Mickey or did I stumble upon it? I thought it was pretty cool to accidentally take this photo.
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  3. Thumper_Man

    Thumper_Man <font color=red>DDC 684<br><font color=purple>Do w

    I wouldn't be able to answer your question, but that sure is one hidden Mickey. Good job spotting that if you are the first to find it. :thumbsup2
  4. AndyR

    AndyR New Member

    I'll need to go back to see if I caught it - nice find.
  5. Who's your Mickey?

    Who's your Mickey? Ruler of the Disney Universe

    It may be an unintentional hidden mickey. It looks like it might be a piece of mickey head confetti that somehow got into the light fixture.
  6. queenreen

    queenreen New Member

    Hope it's not a fire hazard!

    Great Pic!
  7. ImDMous

    ImDMous New Member

    The one on the first hanging tier does look like a piece of mickey confetti. Maybe we can use it to track how often they dust out the chandelier?
  8. MTmomma

    MTmomma New Member

    Wrong area. Right half of the photo, cream area between the tiers, flat on the ceiling. Ears pointing to the right. I don't think this is confetti.
  9. jfahome

    jfahome New Member

    It's an interesting find! I see the confetti and also the design. I believe it is a design, but not one many people would see! Great details!
  10. *TheWigs*

    *TheWigs* New Member

    I see the confetti piece..oops! :lmao: I can see the "real" hidden mickey you are talking about, tho. I remember seeing those gold mickeys on every other panel on the chandelier...I have a pic too! I just LOVE how they are able to artfully incorporate our favorite mouse in to the decor! :lovestruc Thanks for sharing!!
  11. Nette

    Nette New Member


    Ok, I see the confetti thingy. I also see the evenly spaced gold mickeys. Is there something else?
  12. Phil'sFrontier

    Phil'sFrontier New Member

    So some do and some dont think it is confetti.
    If it is confetti, how did it get there? Do they fire it on new years eve? Can it reach up that far? That has got to be at least thirty feet in the air if not more.
    Does anyone have insight into this? This was my first cruise so I did not know about mickey confetti.

    Here is an even tighter crop of the image. If it is confetti, then the confetti is exactly colour matched to the gold plate on the chandelier. To my eye the colours look the same.
  13. dreamsail

    dreamsail New Member

    Very cool...I had noticed the one at the top of the blue sides before (my FE is based off of this chandelier), but never saw the little gold one. Nice catch (even if it confetti)
  14. lbgraves

    lbgraves <font color=darkcoral>Little Cinderella's Mommy<br

    They shoot off the Mickey head confetti at the end of Til We Meet Again on the last night of the cruise. It can go all over the place and you can find it for days later. LOL! Those are silver, but if it is on the other side of the glass it would just show the outline and not the color.
  15. holie

    holie New Member

    it kind of looks like it's painted on...like the trim
  16. ChrizJen

    ChrizJen <font color=green>I am not a Koala Bear at the zoo

    Nice catch!! I'd venture to say that it's not documented anywhere. You're likely the first person to catch that one. If it is confetti, I hope they never remove it! It could become the legendary hidden Mickey that you have to break out the "good camera" for!! :thumbsup2
  17. AndyR

    AndyR New Member

    What was your orientation when taking the pic? - looking towards....? Elavators, shore exit, staircase.......?
  18. Phil'sFrontier

    Phil'sFrontier New Member

    Good point. I don't think the colour would show through that opaque glass there. It could be glued to the outside of the glass.
    I only took this picture at 18mm focal length. I guess you could go in with a tripod, zoom in and take a little sharper image. Mine was handheld at 1/60& ISO400.
  19. Brumbie13

    Brumbie13 Mr. Mickeybars

    I'm gonna try to clear this up.
    There are two Mickeys I see in this picture, I have labeled them.


    1) Good eye! You found a nice, classy hidden Mickey. They seem to be on every other panel.

    2) This is obviously confetti. It is out of place, there are no others like it, there is no reason Disney would design such a beautiful chandelier and then put such a small, cockeyed Mickey like that on it. That's not the point of the hidden Mickeys. The hidden Mickeys are about having a Mickey naturally blend in to the point where you have to be focused on it to see it. This doesn't blend in, it sticks out. This is obviously just a piece of confetti.
  20. QuiltTeddy

    QuiltTeddy New Member

    Are you talking about the border? If so, there are Mickey's going around the entire tier....that I see. You can see two on the left side too.
  21. Phil'sFrontier

    Phil'sFrontier New Member

    Ok, just to clear this up, do you know they use that colour of confetti? It seems to be a match to the gold on the chandelier. I agree it is likely a piece of confetti, but if it was sitting on that piece of glass would you see it that clearly through the opaque glass? It sort of looks like it is on the underside of the glass.

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