December 2013.

Discussion in 'Countdowns and Live Reports' started by Bethislucy, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. CynBeth

    CynBeth New Member

    We booked at 499 days out. When we reached the year mark it was a celebration for us. Around midnight we also mentioned our trip is this year. It feels great!
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  3. lindseywithane

    lindseywithane New Member

    We are going 12/6-12/12 staying at Pop again and I can't wait!!

    We went in October 2012 as a send off for my husband before he left for Afghanistan and now planning a welcome back vacation in December! I am SUPER excited to being going during Christmas!

    My dates are flexible and I am going to wait until the discounts come out military or regular to decided on the actual date since some have said Pop Warner may cause a lack of discounts. :cool1:
  4. GATORinaZ28

    GATORinaZ28 DIS Dad#764

    :) I would tell my wife, but she's a Disney I kept it to myself.
  5. GATORinaZ28

    GATORinaZ28 DIS Dad#764

    :banana: Yes it does!
  6. Ahenderson070911

    Ahenderson070911 New Member

    We had to move our trip from June 2013 to December 1-9! I am more excited now! I was bummed to push it back because I really want to get back to the world but so excited to go during Christmas!
  7. lestroismartins

    lestroismartins New Member

    I knew I'd find a thread already created for our upcoming trip to WDW in December 2013. I love Disney fans!!! We're staying at Fort Wilderness and would love to find other families staying with us. :wave2: We're already planning how to decorate our cabin and my parents, who are camping, have begun to collect decorations for their site. So fun. Have you seen the YouTube videos of some of the campsites during holiday times? Crazy. I love it.
  8. ktrask

    ktrask New Member

    I've been thinking I might start a secret stash at home to start storing things for our trip as I find them on sale etc. We are probably staying in a timeshare (brother is letting us use his, just have to pay transfer fee) as long as it's laundry tablets sound like a smart idea.

    I feel like budget wise it will be better if I pick up things along the way, rather than try and do it all in November. I say I have to have it as a secret stash because my husband will think I have lost my mind if he sees it. He'll like it in December when we have very little if anything to pick up pre trip...but if he found it now 11 months out he'd think about sending me off to the loony bin.

  9. MamaJessie

    MamaJessie New Member

    I am almost sure we are getting two rooms at AsMo, but then I see pictures of the Christmas decorations at Ft. W and I go back on the fence! It looks like so much fun. Have you stayed there during Christmas season before? Just curious when the people start setting up their personal Christmas decorations.
  10. disneydiva16

    disneydiva16 New Member

    I have also started a secret stash:goodvibes Well, maybe not so secret. My husband knows I have already bought stuff for December and he just rolls his eyes:rolleyes: He thinks I am crazy, but I say I am just being prepared! LOL
    Now is the time to get all the Christmasy stuff at a deal:thumbsup2
  11. serene56

    serene56 New Member

    we have three strollers coming-- I got 3 sets of battery operated lights to decorate the strollers for the Holiday party.

    I found glow rings-- so i stashed that stuff.

    Buying up disney outfits for the babies.

    I am looking for a tiara for myself ya know.

    nope- its never too early to be stashing
  12. ::danielle::

    ::danielle:: New Member

    I have a Disney box that I keep in an accessible place. I keep several things in there that we use just for Disney trips (battery operated stroller lights for example). I just spotted some adorable Princess shirts that I'm going to pick up in what I hope will be my daughter's size in 11 months!
  13. MamaJessie

    MamaJessie New Member


    My daughter's teacher went to WDW over Christmas break and brought back a map for the New Fantasyland. I just love her :goodvibes
  14. magicalmoments4

    magicalmoments4 New Member

    Going back to The World the week before Christmas, tough finding time as my son plays travel hockey!! But, my DH finally gave in as my DD (7) kept talking about the fact that this time she will be able to ride a lot of the rides. The last time we went she was 5 and my DS was 8. Still flip flopping on where to stay. We have always only gone to BC, but have been really thinking about POR. I love being close to Epcot, but I have heard so many good things about the Riverside Food Court!! Meeting with my wonderful friend who is also an outside Dis Travel agent to talk about our stay next week once the kids are back in school next week!! She is the one who turned me onto DisBoards, and wow is all I can say!! I can't get enough!!
  15. magicalmoments4

    magicalmoments4 New Member

    Just bought stickers and paper to make Disney Spending money banks for my DS and DD, AND myself and DH!!! Have to take her to DS's hockey practice tomorrow so now we have something to do!! Told my DH I am putting away $40 every two weeks until we leave to save up our spending money!! Reading the DisBoards is making me giddy!! But, still trying to decide where to stay POR or BC?!?!?
  16. MamaJessie

    MamaJessie New Member

    Have you always stayed at BC? Maybe show your kids the pics online and see if they have a preference?
  17. magicalmoments4

    magicalmoments4 New Member

    Yes, we have only stayed at BC. I asked my DS and DD tonight at dinner where they wanted to stay. They both said BC and their reasoning was because it's where we've always stayed. Interestingly enough, I priced out a vaca at BC GV CL for April 1-7, and the price is $2,300 less than our stay would be December 16-23. I'm really hoping that Dis will offer the discount on rooms again for the time when we plan on going. So, do I book our stay for BC GV and hope that a discount is offered and then upgrade to GV Cl or book POR assuming there will be no discount offered? I have already decided that if we go POR we are staying in a RR RV and then hope to get Oak Manor. I love the convenience of being able to walk to Epcot whenever and my DS LOVES the monorail!! I love the smell of gingerbread upon walking into BC, and as my DS said tonight, "It says home to me!" How do I argue with that?
  18. CynBeth

    CynBeth New Member

    We resort hopped our last trip during holiday time and saw the BC, YC, and BW. I liked the decorations a lot and of course bought some gingerbread to eat.
  19. MamaJessie

    MamaJessie New Member

    I want to do that. I am not sure my family would be into it but am hoping to get my oldest daughter to go around with me, maybe one day while DH and the other 3 can hang at the pool or something..

    OR I get the DDP and make reservations at every resort that has decorations I want to check out :thumbsup2
  20. WDWRocksMySocks

    WDWRocksMySocks <font color=darkorchid>maybe I just have mullets o

    We just booked BCV for 12/7-11 for a short trip. We'll be celebrating my birthday (12/10) and our baby girl's first trip! Can't wait!!!!!!!! :banana:
  21. winnieatepooh

    winnieatepooh New Member

    Count me in, yay! Hoping for a discount before booking, but I'm looking at December 4-14, either at AoA or POR/POFQ depending on what discounts come out. It will be my fiance's and my 10th anniversary so I'm hoping for a big discount for this big trip ;)

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