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DCL Confessions

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by molly mouse, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. jen-n-greg

    jen-n-greg New Member

    Here is my confession. I am not normally a rule breaker, but... on disembarkation day, we went to Topsiders for the breakfast buffet and only 1 side was open and they did not have any chocolate croissants ( which is my fave!). And then I spotted them on the side that was closed... I have to admit, I snuck over there and grabbed 2 of them :blush: Whew, I feel better :)
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  3. MrsB919

    MrsB919 New Member

    OMG reading this made me realize I do have something to confess. :sad2:

    Dh and I went on the Dream for our honeymoon. We were married at WDW. I had 2 bouquets. One for our wedding (which was preserved) and a second one for our bridal portraits at MK & Epcot. I am very sentimental and can't part with certain things. I brought the 2nd bouquet on the ship with us because I did not want to leave it behind or throw it out at the resort.
    As you see it was displayed in our room. At the end of the cruise I knew I would have to throw it out or leave it behind. I became so emotional that I started to cry. I didn't want to part with it even though it had already started to wilt. DH suggested we give it a burial at sea. We stood on our balcony and spoke about our wedding and how perfect it was and at the end DH threw it in the ocean. I know it's wrong and I feel bad admitting it but at the time it seemed almost poetic. :sad2:

    I hope a nice fish family came upon it and they used to as food or to decorate their own fishy apartment. :p
  4. fantasybound

    fantasybound New Member

    This is the best thread by far. And while I'm generally a rule follower, I leave on our next Disney cruise in four days and now am having daydreams about hoarding H2O products, wearing flip flops and shorts to dinner, and buying a chocolate Mickey to watch him walk the plank.
  5. cquick

    cquick New Member

    We have been on the Dream and the Fantasy a couple of times, and I have to confess, I LOVED being on the Wonder to Hawaii last year....I know the new ships are beautiful, but I still love the Wonder and the Magic.
  6. cquick

    cquick New Member

    You are joking, right? An iron? such as one would use to press clothing? really?
  7. Luv2Diz

    Luv2Diz We love the Wonder and Magic of Disney cruising!

  8. PizzieDuster

    PizzieDuster New Member

    Yes, GoHabsGo is joking. She's referring to my post (page 3, post#39). Just a joke. ;) Cracked me up GoHabs.

    I just joked that I brought an iron and it caught on fire so I threw it overboard. :scared1:
  9. Plaid Princess

    Plaid Princess Recovering CM, Pilot in Training

    Wow, I literally just laughed for about 10 minutes there! I love that you incorporated the red pillow under the bed. 5 gold stars!
  10. mazz1

    mazz1 New Member

    Love this thread so we've had a fire, theft, drink and a confession of murder :eek:

    well we might as well go the whole hog and add seduction to the list ;)

    so ok i here goes ......

    i confess

    pre cruise i really fancied a suite ~ dh didn't and no matter how many sweet nothings i whispered about free pre dinner cocktails he just wasn't taking the bait, i whispered lovely things like suite darling, jaccuzi tub pre dinner drinkies and he replied something along the lines of double dip recession and the car needs servicing :crazy2:

    so i resorted to underhand tactics

    i cooked that special man of mine a gorgeous steak dinner, topped up his beer like a good wife does and changed from my usual jeans and tees into the shortest sexiest dress i own and with some killer heels what can i say the man was putty :lmao:
  11. chris31997

    chris31997 Disney Kid at Heart

  12. ALMinVA

    ALMinVA New Member

    THIS!!! :dance3::dance3::dance3::cheer2::cheer2::cheer2:
  13. VS85

    VS85 New Member

    HA! You go, girl :) Love it!
  14. Kendal

    Kendal New Member

    That really doesn't work on all men I can tell you...but it sure does help lol:)

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  15. mindy327

    mindy327 New Member

    I ummm.. 1. Got a DCL logo tattooed on my ancle. :D 2. go to guest services and load up on DCL pens and luggage tags.
  16. jjgarv

    jjgarv Gotta get away to where the boat leaves from...

    It would work on this man.:rolleyes1
  17. OMD13

    OMD13 New Member

    I am crying from laughing so hard!
  18. tweis

    tweis New Member

    EPIC!! :lmao::rotfl2::rotfl:
  19. firsttimemom

    firsttimemom New Member

    we did this- totally by accident though. DD was probably 6 and brought a little purse with her on CC. She was collecting shells and I told her she'd have to leave them at the end of the day. Turns out she left the purse, too. A nice CM brought it to back to the ship and it was in lost and found. But by that point the ship had sailed. Yes, we probably could have brought them back during subsequent cruises. But we havent...;)
  20. It worked pretty well too to help me score a second disney and cruise vacation about 3 weeks after my first disney vacation and cruise...


    I was grateful and excited to both go to Disney again and surprise my parents for their anniversary...

    :lovestruc He even opened a new line of credit so we could go!

    (As a funny side point, one morning a week or two after the second trip, we relaxed with coffee and he brought up a bunch of YouTube WDW parades people had posted. I'm not a parade person, but I did fall back in love with the electrical parade, so him bringing up the videos had the same amorous affect actually! It's no wonder he said
    "Honey! The Disney Cruise Special is on the TV!" and called me downstairs when Destination America started playing it... clever clever man...)

  21. Moxin

    Moxin New Member


    Ummm, I have the Doubloon (excursion in St Thomas) flag tattooed on my left shoulder!


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