Days of Our Lives Watchers Part Two....

Discussion in 'Community Board' started by NAB, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. NAB

    NAB <font color=green>That first page just got too hea

    Geez I forgot about Theo....He must be a teenager or older by now. Look how grown up Claire is.

    He must be in room with all the other children no one is watching.
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  3. wvjules

    wvjules New Member

    I thought the scene with Shawn meeting Colleen was moving.

    What does an elevated biliruben (sp?) count mean?

    What does Victor have on Mr. Decker?
  4. Disneylover79

    Disneylover79 <font color=darkorchid>I'm a cheap date!<br><font

  5. Angelrose

    Angelrose <font color=CC99CC>Likes to dance in golden sun be

    On the previews for tomorrow, it looks like John wants to kill himself. I am glad that they are moving the stories along. Used to be that it would be years before the story concluded. I remember the early days of Days. There was some poor woman who died and she was dead on a couch in the Hortons living room for at least two weeks.
  6. Pollito916

    Pollito916 <font color=deeppink>Some day my Prince will come

    I don't get to watch more than once a week at most, but I think I know the answer to this - I believe it is like jaundice. Who were they talking about?
  7. NAB

    NAB <font color=green>That first page just got too hea

    I was going to say that too because that is what they also call the test they give babies for jaundice. Which mean they are checking your liver I think.

    It is Bo are testing.
  8. of the seas

    of the seas <font color=green>Of the ccccccccc<br><font color=

    I think I've heard Colleen is going to die. Why did they bring her in for such a short time, I wonder.

    Yea, soon Theo and Claire will be dating. Or maybe he will choose Ciara.

    I almost wish they ran out of scripts due to the writers strike so we could have seen some old Days episodes.
  9. TahoeMom

    TahoeMom New Member

    Not to mention that this means John is only about 6-8 years younger than Shawn?!? Remember, Shawn was a pretty young boy in the flashbacks to Colleen and Santo's love affair.
  10. NAB

    NAB <font color=green>That first page just got too hea

    Wow you are right, but age on soaps don't really matter...:lmao:

    Shawn is aging before our eyes like Alice. They seemed to have to help him up a lot and hold on to him when he was talking to Coleen today.

    I think my show was all about Coleen today...set your recorders because she dies on your show tomorrow.

    I think they should have brought E.J.and Sami to see her. Since he was the spitting image of Santo. But they didn't....:confused3
  11. haley's mom

    haley's mom New Member

    I am new to this thread also. I DVR Days and have finally caught up after being out of town for a week.

    I love the new John and Marlena - before he "died" they were disguisting, too lovey dovey. This game of love/hate has been great to watch.

    I really wonder what is wrong with Bo. And now other posts say Hope will be affected also? Really odd.....

    So where to do you guys think Brady is? Crystal told Belle he was gone, does that mean dead? And is Cloe responsible?
  12. Debbie6221

    Debbie6221 <font color=hotpink>I do believe hangers are again

    My SOD came today and it said on the cover Shawn and Bell are out? Didn't read yet but that doesn't sound good! Is this old news?
  13. happygirl

    happygirl New Member

    nope they aer out so is Billie and Kate
  14. haley's mom

    haley's mom New Member

    Wonder why Shawn and Belle
  15. TiggerPiglet

    TiggerPiglet <font color=CC33CC>Still stumped<br><font color=gr

    I didn't realize they were getting rid of Kate too, wow. I actually was thinking they were going to get her and Roman back together, because they seem to be getting along.
  16. NAB

    NAB <font color=green>That first page just got too hea

    I did know Shawn and Belle were going, I think I read in one of the magazines that they wanted to get the original Belle and Shawn back but couldn't. :confused3

    I also read that the old Brady will not be coming back either. So if they do find Brady he will have a new face....:rotfl:

    They got rid of Billie fast. Victor offers her a job and she jumps at it.

    Chelsea the other day said she couldn't stand to lose anyone else. So it must be Bo who is the sick one....even though they had Hope have problems with her back and being dizzy.
  17. KimmyDisneyNerd

    KimmyDisneyNerd <font color=blue>Pouting for tags doesn't work<fon

    glad I found you guys. Thanks for always keeping me up to date.
  18. LindsayDunn228

    LindsayDunn228 <font color=teal>Quite a hunk of man, isn't he???<

    Ok, I missed some of the episode the other day. What exactly is wrong with Bo? I saw Kayla talking to him saying they needed to go back home, his tests weren't good, get treatment, they were going to make it through, etc. So what was wrong with him?
  19. Disney Ron

    Disney Ron New Member

    Now that Colleen is dead, when they go back to Salem watch John get psycho on Sami...she looks just like Colleen remember. I just don't think him going to back to the old John is going to be a quick transition.

    Mrs. Disney Ron
  20. MomofKatie

    MomofKatie <font color="pink">Maybe if you leave some chocola

    They haven't said. Kayla told him his "billirubin levels were up" and some other nonsense. And, now they got word that whatever it is, Hope has it, too. I'm thinking it has something to do with kidneys, since they are saying their backs are sore. What they could have that struck them at the same time, I don't know- maybe their house is toxic or some silly thing...:laughing:
  21. NAB

    NAB <font color=green>That first page just got too hea

    Well their backs sure aren't sore from carrying Ciara around. :lmao:

    If anyones back should be sore it should be Belle carrying Claire around....

    I don't know they made Steve recover pretty fast and the way it ended yesterday I think the old John will be back fast too.
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