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Discussion in 'UK DVC Discussion' started by feline figaro, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. feline figaro

    feline figaro WDW Bride May 2009 - WDW Vet

    Jul 13, 2006
    Hi everyone :wave2:

    We re newbies to DVC & are hoping to rent some points for 2 stays at both Beach Club & Wilderness villas next May

    We ve read a post which mentions "David's Vacation Club Rental's " to rent points from. We ve always been interested in renting points as we visit wdw frequently but in all honesty have never been 100% sure how it all works :confused3

    After looking at David's site it seems pretty straight forward to do :thumbsup2

    We were just wondering though if anyone on here has used David's Vacation Club Rental's to either rent out their points or to purchase points from ???

    What was your experience & would you recommend using them?

    We re wanting to finally experience staying at a dvc resort as we ve had a look a round a couple & they look amazing :lovestruc but just would like some reassurement before trying to rent points from the mentioned site ;)

    Thanks Guys :goodvibes
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  3. Elcheetah

    Elcheetah Earning My Ears

    Jun 22, 2011
    We rented from David's, everything went smoothly, great service, very professional, wouldn't hesitate to use his service again.
  4. wen-tom

    wen-tom spit spot!

    Sep 16, 2006
  5. Samaya

    Samaya DIS Veteran

    Aug 4, 2004
    Don't rule out renting direct from a DVC member rather than going through a third party such as David's Rental's.

    Renting from the Dis-Boards on the DVC Rent-Trade site is easy and can be a little more flexible and slightly cheaper when compared to renting from David.

    And if you do rent direct from a member, request feedback directly from their past renters.

    Check out the latest rentals at........
  6. feline figaro

    feline figaro WDW Bride May 2009 - WDW Vet

    Jul 13, 2006
    Thankyou everyone so being so helpful with your posts

    Am glad renting through David is very straight forward as I'm kinda clueless when it comes to understanding the points system etc

    Need 2 sweet talk my DH into us contacting David's site asap in hope of securing a stay. I ve always wanted to stay at the Wilderness Lodge so if it's possible it would be a total dream

    Fingers crossed

    Our holiday is booked for early May 2013, should that be enough time to secure 2 nights at W.L ??

    Thanks again
  7. DisneyBB

    DisneyBB DIS Veteran

    Mar 8, 2002
    We used them last year and this year to rent out our points. It was very straight forward and went smoothly. The familes that rented our points had their holiday and we got our money so all went well.

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