Dan and Jackie Day 4 EE Animal Kingdom and a busy MK

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  1. danandjackie

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    Nov 3, 2003
    Day 4

    So we are up nice and early again for the hotel bus at 6.30 for Early Entry to Animal Kingdom,and arrived at the park for 7.00am. It's our first visit here (it was probably just a thought in an Imagineers head in 1991) and we're blown away. It's SO beautiful and tropical. Hat scarf and gloves this morning for Jackie but not for that long, it's sunny today.. Yippee!.(Crikes a bit of sun in Florida who would have guessed). But it's not quite warm enough for Kali river rapids!


    Got Fast Passes first for the safari as the cast members explained it would open later, so we then strolled over to Dinoland and rode Dinosaur. I enjoyed this though I`m slightly confused as in the Brits guide it says its been tamed down, did the jeep bounce so much it threw you out of your seat before. Great theming here especially the actual loading area.Primeval whirl was next and re rode both PW and Dinosaur (not by choice the CMs playfully wouldn’t let us off as we were the only people in Dinoland)OMG( good tip to do these before breakfast!).


    Went to see It's tough to be a bug, our first 3d show of the holidays, I enjoyed this,good interaction and effects and such a great setting under the tree of life.Next we had a good breakfast at Tusker House. Park still quite empty so no Qs yet.

    Time now for the Kilimanjaro safari, still early 8.30 ish so very lucky to see most of the animals inc: cheetahs,elephants, giraffes, apes, hippos, alligators, zebras and white rhino.



    The care and attention to detail is amazing in the design of this habitat. Fantastic surroundings and we were so near to the animals at some points. Just started to notice now that as the sun has appeared its actually quite warm when your in it, though still rather chilly when your not, probably not unlike the real serengeti plain.


    We then took the train to Rafiki's planet watch area. On the way you pass the safari animal's overnight quarters, they rotate the animals so that they all get a turn! Visited petting zoo and brushed the very placid goats and sheep then saw white cotton top monkeys.

    Straight over to Tarzan Rocks, sat at front. An excellent show with singing, dancing, rollerskating, acrobats and loads more. Dan was very taken with Jane. (Dan—“I was wondering every time she went behind the sheet how much more of her outfit she would loose”) But wouldn’t you believe it the camera or rather the batteries decided to have a bad day today.


    After stocking up on some standard batteries we walked over to The Flights of wonder bird show, very well done we loved the crane named Frasier!

    The Park is noticeably busying up now so we make a sharp exit thro' Rainforest cafe, this would be a nice way to enter the Park if there are Queues at the main turnstiles as nobody is entering this way. Some characters about inc Rafiki? the blue monkey.

    We loved this park, one of our favourites but the narrow alleys soon fill up. Loved the parrots in the trees which just seem to stare down at you, its almost like there thinking, what are all these people doing in my jungle.

    Caught bus to TTC then ferry to mk. Sheer madness as parade had started! Need to get to back of castle for PS at 1.00pm for Cinderella's,so a dash through the shops on the right of mainstreet is called for. Finally arrived at the restaurant at 1.20 but no probs and seated in 5 mins.(Dan-“On reflection this PS was a bit of a mistake, for starters the first sign of sun meant everyone had flocked to the Magic Kingdom today, in Fantasy land you could not see your feet and it was Stroller Hell.)


    Went on P of C after lengthy Q, not used to this, though its quite a fast loader and we probably only Q'd for 30 mins. I remember our first trip to Universal Studios in 1991 and Qing for King Kong for 3hrs, yikes. Had Fast Pass for Philharmagic 4.05 so had saunter round on TTA the only thing without a sizeable queue, thank goodness we had been in the park already on early entry. Then it was time for Philarmagic, without doubt my favourite of the 3D type shows; all your favourite songs and music, quite an emotional high. After philharmagic we returned to the hotel to change and have a rest and freshen up.

    Got bus to Flying Fish from the DTD terminal and arrived at boardwalk about 8.35 and were seated in 20 mins but v. cold outside and no waiting area inside. I think I managed to get in one photo of the interior of the restaurant which I will include in the food link as the batteries were still causing problems tonight. If anything this actually felt like the coldest night possibly because we had had some clear sky and sun this afternoon which left it a cloudless night.
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  3. pooky_uk

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    Sep 20, 2004
    Jut sat and read you trip reports so far - great reading.......love the detail you supply about the parks and attractions!.....can't wait for the rest!
  4. KayleeUK

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    Oct 9, 1999
    Great pictures Dan :) different views that I haven't seen before :)
  5. Disney owl

    Disney owl DIS Veteran

    Apr 28, 2001
    glad to hear the sun came out for you.
  6. MazdaUK

    MazdaUK <font color=green>Curse this time difference!<br><

    Sep 17, 2004
    Let me tell you its no trouble gettin 5 year olds up for 6.15 - its getting them to stay in bed/asleep later than 5.00am with the time difference that's the problem :rotfl:

    Takes a good week before they hit their usual wake-up time of 6-6.30!! :earseek:
  7. Minniespal

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    Jan 14, 2003
    Great report ~ Thanx for sharing.
  8. wicket2005

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    Mar 31, 2005
    Many thanks. :)

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