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Crystal Palace Bkfast Times

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reservations' started by PrincessTiannaLove, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. PrincessTiannaLove

    PrincessTiannaLove New Member

    Anyone have any idea how early Crystal Palace opens end of March?
    And how early can you get into the park if you have a bkfast ressie?
    IE We have 8:20am, so if we arrive at 8am will they let us in then?
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  3. ses1230

    ses1230 New Member

    The earliest reservation time is usually 8:05 and they start letting people with ADRs in the park at 7:45. So yes, you should be able to enter at 8 if your ADR is 8:20.
  4. gorjus121

    gorjus121 New Member

    Yes last year, we had at 8:20 am reservation and they will let you into the park early since it does't open till 9 am. Be sure to bring your reservation confirmation number with you. They did check ours. It great to go before the park opens becasue there are far less people and you will get a better picture in front of the castle!!:yay:
  5. starsweeper

    starsweeper New Member

    We had an 8:30am ressie on our last trip with park open at 9am. We were allowed in at 7:45am. We took our time walking down Main Street USA, took castle pics, reported to CP by 8:10am, and seated by 8:15am.

    We start every trip this way since we enjoyed it so much in 2009 (first trip with the kids). So nice having MK practically to yourself and not having to rush to Fantasyland to be first on rides.
  6. Kmcgbf

    Kmcgbf New Member

    Total newbie here, I will be visiting Disney from the uk in march and have made some dining reservations the first being on the morning after I land in Orlando. I am staying off site at Windsor hills and will be driving to an 8:25 am breakfast at the crystal palace. What time do I need to leave? Having never been to Disney as an adult I wondered how long it takes to park, get to magic kingdom and find the crystal palace ( with 4 kids in tow- we are not super fast!)
    All advise great fully received
    Tanks again
  7. jojomoore

    jojomoore New Member

    8:05 is the earliest reservation. they will allow you to enter park about 7:45 through an early breakfast reservation turnstile. You can leisurely walk down main street and get some pictures. There will be many other families doing the same. This is a family tradition. One thing to consider though is whether or not the day you are planning on making the reservation is an EMH morning or not. Its best to make the reservation on a non EMH morning. If the park opens at 8 instead of 9 then you will not quit have the same experience.
  8. honkytonkmama

    honkytonkmama New Member

    Anyone know if photopass people are out at that point or not? I would like a family pic in front of the castle with few people, but then someone will be missing from the photo to take the photo, ykwim.
  9. gorjus121

    gorjus121 New Member

    Last May we arrived around 8 am and there was a few photographers equipped with photo passes, and we got our beautiful family photo in front of the castle (minus less people in the background)
  10. honkytonkmama

    honkytonkmama New Member

    yay! Thanks so much
  11. itradehilton

    itradehilton New Member

    We took our picture and had no one in the background.

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