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Cruise on the January 17th from Galveston

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Pre-Trip Reports' started by chrissybean, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. chrissybean

    chrissybean New Member

    Hi is anyone going to be on this cruise? This is our second cruise and we are really excited!!! Any tips for this cruise?
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  3. BinkleyVS

    BinkleyVS New Member

    We're heading out of Galveston on January 26th. So, shortly after you. Very curious about the six night cruises since they're new. Wondering what the entertainment offerings will be on board and what will be different than the seven and four night cruises. This will be our second cruise as well!
  4. kriswin1

    kriswin1 New Member

    We are sailing on the 18th out of galveston...
  5. chrissybean

    chrissybean New Member

    sorry:rotfl:yes the 18th of January, I'm arriving on the 17th.
    I have to start packing!!!

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