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***Cruise Magnet Graphics and Links Part 7!***

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by milliepie, Mar 20, 2012.

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  1. WDW Princess 71

    WDW Princess 71 Mouseketeer

    I love this!! Would you be able to do one exactly the same except saying "I'm" instead of "We're"? I'd love to hang this on my office door while I'm away!
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  3. txaggie94gigem

    txaggie94gigem <font color="green">Cruisin' with Disney<br><font

    Getting ideas for my feb cruise!
  4. txaggie94gigem

    txaggie94gigem <font color="green">Cruisin' with Disney<br><font


    Anyone can help me please!!!!

    Looking for jake or Jacob with jake and neverland pirate theme ( he is named after them!)....looking for name fill or any other cute idea!!! Thanks so much!:worship:
  5. Lady Boadicea

    Lady Boadicea The Princess Of Quite Alot

    Sure :) Here you go.
  6. momoftwinadoes

    momoftwinadoes Earning My Ears

    That is beyond perfect! Thank you so very much!:banana:
  7. WDW Princess 71

    WDW Princess 71 Mouseketeer

    Thank you so much, this is awesome! Coworkers will be so jealous!
  8. Purplejewel

    Purplejewel Purplejewel

    Hello Milliepie,

    I have been perusing all the fantastic photos you have helped people with and I found two that I am interested in having for the Anniversary Cruise my husband and I are taking on the Fantasy in 5 weeks. One of the images is the one with Beauty and the Beast dancing on the deck of the ship. If you could put our names "Pam and Alden" and the year "2013" on this one, I would be very grateful. I also really like the one with Lady and the Tramp laying side by side on the beach. If you could put our names "Pam and Alden" in the sand on this one, I would really appreciate it. I tried to do it myself but my hand cramped after numerous attempts. I am not very good at doing computer graphics. Thank you for your time. I know, based on how long this thread is, that you are very busy all the time.
  9. jenn2002mom

    jenn2002mom jenn2002mom

    Hi Milliepie~

    Your graphics are amazing!!! I downloaded a couple for 2 of my kids, but under your "letter" folder there isn't one for my 3rd. Would you be willing to make a pirate mickey (the one where he is swinging from the rope) with the name CALLAN. I want to put them on the pillowcases to take on our trip in 3 weeks!!

    Thank you so much! I can't PM yet, so if you need my e-mail address let me know!!!

    You Rock!!
  10. fyermedik75

    fyermedik75 Earning My Ears

    Milliepie. I am looking for the name Dasha. I would like it incorporated with woody from toy story. Preferably the letters Dasha with woody, Jessie, rex....in each letter.

    I am also looking for a black Mickey head with red fire helmet that I saw somewhere. Would like the name Randy incorporated somehow.

    I would really appreciate this. Thanks.
  11. JackieO

    JackieO Member

    Hi, Our cruise is in 27 days. I know you're busy working on so many requests I'm just not sure how "bump" works and if that's something I should do. Maybe you would just get to them if I wait, I'm not sure where you are. My requests were #'s 2832 and 3200. I understand if you're too busy I just don't know the etiquette and I'd hate to find out I should have just asked again. Have a Happy New Year!!
  12. Purplejewel

    Purplejewel Purplejewel

    Hello Milliepie,

    I clicked on your link because I am interested in your blanks but Photobucket states you have to enter a password to access them. Can you give out the password or is there another way to access your blanks? Thanks!
  13. JackieO

    JackieO Member

    The password is in her signature. Look right above the link to photobucket. Hope this helps.
  14. Llges

    Llges Earning My Ears

    Help! Some of my awesome designs are gone!! The name ones are no longer there. I am trimming them getting them ready to laminate and realized I am missing Colby's, Grammie's and Papa's names (not their Mickey head but the other design. Grammie an Papa will be fine with only one if I can't get them back but Colby is my 7 yo nephew. Can you put it back for me? Thank you soo much!!
  15. Lady Boadicea

    Lady Boadicea The Princess Of Quite Alot

    Sorry about that! I was moving things around in Photo bucket. They are there now under a different folder. Here is the link:
    I also sent you a PM with the 3 you are missing but if you find you are missing more please use the link, the names are now all in sub folders by Alphabet.
  16. Llges

    Llges Earning My Ears

    Thank you! Got them!!
  17. campinggal

    campinggal Mouseketeer

    Happy New Year!

    I've always liked the below graphic which I saw after our last cruise and now I have an excuse to request it!!


    I don't need our family name but just the date changed to March 10, 2013 and keep the Disney Dream part.

    Also, my DD will be turning 16 on our cruise so would you be able to modify the below to just have 'Wyeth' (her name) and in the circle 'Happy 16th Birthday!!'. I don't need the WDW/date on the bottom.


    Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us Dis-ers!!

  18. kristinedaae

    kristinedaae Earning My Ears

    I'm still very new to the boards but I was wondering if you take requests to add names to your 4 share? If you do could you possibly add "Kyla" and "Jordin"? Thanks so much. :)
  19. kristinedaae

    kristinedaae Earning My Ears

    I am so graphically challenged it's scary.:bitelip: I was wondering and hoping someone could make a graphic for my DD. We are sailing on the Fantasy July 13 for her graduation present. I would love to have a magnet that has her name and a graduation cap on it. Maybe with the sailing date and ship name. Could someone do that for me? I would appreciate it so very much.
  20. Danjocass

    Danjocass Mousketeer

    Sorry to post/ask again...any chance you can do this one for me...making shirts and would really love to do a family photo in front of the castle....leaving real soon :hyper: Thanks again so very much :yay:
  21. WDWChloe

    WDWChloe WDW Annual Passholder

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