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  1. Masonmj84

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    Jul 28, 2011
    We're DxDP and split stay afficionados.

    On our last trip we split at Poly & BC (which I consider to be the mother of all split stays, altough any MK resort/EP resort split gets high marks in my book).

    Next time, we're thinking of doing something a little different and trying a lodge-themed split, specifically WL followed by AKL.

    On our previous DxDP split, we had dinners at 'Ohana, Citricos, Artist Point, Cali Grill, Yachtsman, HBD, Flying Fish and Jiko.

    Of those, we consider 'Ohana, Citricos, Artist Point, Cali Grill, Flying Fish, and Jiko as must-do's (while we liked Yachtsman and HBD, we didn't like them quite as much as the others).

    We had lunches at Les Chefs, 50's PT, and Via Napoli. We liked all of these, with Via Napoli rising to the level of must-do (the other two are close).

    We had breakfasts at Kona, CRT, Crystal Palace, Tusker House, and Cape May. Kona is awesome food-wise but, IMO, not worth going out of your way to use dining plan credits, unless you're staying at the Poly. And food-wise, we prefer the latter three buffets over CRT but, when on the DxDP, we like doing CRT because we need to burn credits and enjoy the overall experience.

    Anyway, here's the tenative plan for the next trip (first 4 nights at WL and last 4 nights at AKL):

    Arrival evening: HDDR (we've never done this before and I always like to start with a meal that is somewhat quantity over quality the first night because I figure we'll enjoy that earlier in the trip as opposed to later - plus, it's just a quick boat ride from WL)

    Day 1 (R&R day): Breakfast at Chef Mickey's and dinner at 'Ohana (we've backed out of CM's a couple of times because of the mixed reivews but the kids love the Fab 5 and we've never done it before - plus, it's just a quick boat ride from WL - however, as far as dinner is concerned, would we be better off switching our HDDR and 'Ohana nights? In that regard, I generally like the food quality of the meals to improve as the trip progresses)

    Day 2 (MK): Breakfast at CRT and dinner at Citricos (tried and true);

    Day 3 (MK): Breakfast at Crystal Palace and dinner at Artist Point (tried and true);

    Day 4 (EP): Lunch at Teppan Edo and dinner at Sanaa (these are both first time visits for us - Teppan Edo would be our last meal on the first dining plan and Saana the first meal on the second after transferring to AKL)

    Day 5 (HS): Luch at HBD and dinner at Flying Fish (while we'd be just about as happy to have lunch at 50's PT and find it more fun than HBD, we need to burn those DxDP credits, given Sanaa's dinner was only 1 TS)

    Day 6 (AK): Breakfast at Tusker and dinner at Jiko (tried and true);

    Day 7 (EP): Lunch at Via Napoli and dinner at Cali Grill (tried and true, plus we have a tradition of eating dinner at Cali Grill on our last night);

    Departure morning: breakfast at Boma (while we traditionally like Cape May on our departure day, we've never previously done Boma and it seems like a crime to stay at AKL and not try this)
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    Mar 14, 2005
    Awesome choices:) Enjoy your trip!!
  3. 3pletprincesses

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    Aug 25, 2010
    Lookes good to me .The only place I haven't tried is Boma.
  4. autumnpalm

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    Feb 5, 2008
    Looks good to me! I think you will really enjoy Teppan Edo and Sanaa if they are new to you.

    I know the food quality at Chef Mickey's can be hit or miss but I totally understanding wanting to eat there for the experience. We have done so before knowing the food wouldn't be great but ending up having a blast with the atmosphere, characters and napkin twirling. :goodvibes

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