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Costume Quality at BBB

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by carandem, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. carandem

    carandem New Member

    Can anyone tell me is the quality at BBB for the costumes available the same as in store, I find at halloween in the stores they make them thinner whereas throughout the year they tend to be better quality

    I was going to get the castle package which includes full outfit hair etc, but I am wondering will i be paying a higher price for the lower quality dress?

    Should i pick it up here, get the step down and then have her get the hair makeup from BBB

    We will be there for Oct 27-Nov 3 so I am guessing they may have costumes for halloween but my daughter just wants to be Ariel
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  3. Girimama33

    Girimama33 "I've disgraced the forces of evil."

    The Resort dresses (sold at DLR and WDW) are better quality than the dresses you can buy at the Disney Store. If you do the Castle package, your DD would be choosing a Resort dress.
    It is up to you if you opt to purchase a dress before the trip, but the dress at BBB will be higher quality.
  4. Here4mydisneyfix

    Here4mydisneyfix Andrew Sutton, you genious man, you! She will reme

    meh. actually, we brought our own dresses after reading that the dresses at BBB were overpriced and not very well made. When we arrived, that is exactly what we discovered. Not great quality, pretty darn pricey! They one thing I will say though, is that the dresses and accessories are all laid out in such a way that it is like every little girl's DREAM shopping day, and my kids were a teeny bit bummed that they didn't get to go pick out their stuff in the shop, but that was only for a sliver of a second, because once they saw the dresses I smuggled in for them (Hid in a garbage bag in the bottom of my stroller so they wouldn't see!) and started the stuff with the FGMIT's, they were in HEAVEN! :)
  5. Aussie Princess

    Aussie Princess New Member

    I've bought a couple of dresses for my nieces at BBB and have had no issues with quality and they have been very well worn

    Am on my next trip buying one for my youngest niece it's a bit of a tradition I have with them
  6. aliceindisneyland

    aliceindisneyland New Member

    We have an array of princess dresses from DL, Disney Store, and Target/Walmart. The DL and Disney Store dresses are made from thicker/more quality materials and have more details, plus they "pouf out" more than the Target Halloween costume dresses.
    However, my DD has to wear a tank top under her Disneyland/Store dresses because they're "scratchy"; I've also had to sew satin onto straps and bodices so she will wear them. The lower quality fabric on the Target dresses is less stiff/scratchy.
    Just a heads up if your DD is sensitive/sensory issues. Maybe buy a few tanks in colors that match the dresses she may choose, or take some flesh colored first aid tape to put over the scratchy bits.
  7. DisneyMomma81

    DisneyMomma81 New Member

    I think Disney Store costumes and Disney Parks costumes are similar in quality *other stores - Target, Walmart... are not* My Parks costume lady is fantastsic ~ *check out this* ebay seller. She has the same dresses available at the Disney Parks her prices however are much lower, not sure how she does it but I don't mind at all.
  8. Heymy

    Heymy New Member

    Having a daughter that wore nothing but Disney Princess dresses for almost 2 years, I can say without a doubt that the resort dresses are fantastic. We purchased one for my oldest DD's birthday at BBB and it was worn by both of them. It was the only one that lasted through both kids. Yes, they are ridiculously expensive...but the experience and quality made it worthwhile. Enjoy!
  9. scoker

    scoker New Member

    I agree that in general the resort dresses are better quality than you will find elsewhere. I'm sure there are some exceptions to this rule. If you don't mind the resort prices than I would think your best option is to do the package for your daughter. I also agree with the itchy scratchy problem the pp had. My daughter picked out a sleeping beauty dress that she couldn't stand once she put in on. She returned it for Ariel.

    Hope your girl has a magical time.

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