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Coronado Springs Resort - New Unofficial FAQ Thread - November 2011

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by StitchandPooh'sMom, Nov 4, 2011.

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  1. GoofySon'sMom

    GoofySon'sMom New Member

    So happy to be joining this thread! :goodvibes Booked bounceback free dining 8/24 thru 9/2 at Coronado next year! :cool1: First time for us staying there. We did go by to see the resort and it is absolutely beautiful! :cloud9:

    I was a bit nervous about there being no regular rooms available during our week due to the conventions but I checked on the WDW site and there are rooms available thru 8/31. Seem that the 31st and the 1st are the only days a regular room isn't available. We can deal with that,

    Thank you for all the pics and info in this thread! :worship: Going to read the previous thread now!
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  3. richkorn

    richkorn New Member

    Paste it into your signature. Top screen click 'User CP'.

    Then under 'Control Panel' click on 'Edit Signature' :)
  4. Dismamx2

    Dismamx2 Member

    I think I've got it now??
  5. Dismamx2

    Dismamx2 Member

    Yay! thanks for your help richkorn :flower3:
  6. Celidh

    Celidh New Member

    Ok, all I have to say is YEAH!!!!:yay::yay::yay:

    I just booked our stay with fd for my partner and I at Coronado Springs next September, just her and I! I booked the last day of fd until the 6th off October. We both hoped to go in November when it might be a bit cooler but this will work better because we know we will get fd and it also works better with my ex's schedule. It is the week prior to our Thanksgiving and he usually books a week off around then so he can keep the kids.

    This will be our 2nd WDW vacation and first stay at CSR. It looks so beautiful. I requested a courtyard view in Casitas 4 or 5 or Cabanas and top floor.

    Can anyone tell me, is it any cooler the end of September compared to the beginning of September. We were at WDW with the kids this year from August 29-September 8. It was very hot!!! I love the heat but that was a bit warm even for me. Does it cool down over the month of September? I know it will still be quite hot but even a 5 degree drop would be good.

    Any other suggestions, other than be patient because it will be a long 10 and a half months? :rolleyes1
  7. FloridaDreaming

    FloridaDreaming New Member

    Congrats on booking your trip! It's exciting, isn't it?

    Honestly, it's still pretty darn warm at the end of September. Actually, it can get downright hot during that time still. It's not as humid as other months, at least it doesn't seem that way to me. I enjoy the evenings during that time of the year though. :)
  8. richkorn

    richkorn New Member

    You're welcome;)
  9. cheerbaybee

    cheerbaybee New Member

    I of course have another question... shocker

    The campfire starts at 5:15. Does it continue until the movie at 7 or does it end at 6? Or does it continue until no one is left?
  10. lovethattink

    lovethattink New Member

    The campfire stops before the movie. The cm put out the fire, then go set up for the movie. Not sure how long the campfire lasts, but there is a set time they stop.
  11. Disney Bunny

    Disney Bunny New Member

    Short answer: Not much. We were just there 8 to 15 October and except for the first 2 days when we had a sub tropical system dumping a lot of water on us, the temperatures were downright warm. Upper 80s.
  12. LBYC-19

    LBYC-19 New Member

    My daughter and I just returned from a two night stay-first visit to CSR, and it was fabulous. I had requested Casitas 4 or 5 over the phone (didn't do on line check in) and we were thrilled to be in Casitas 4. Due to the rain/fog in the East, our flight was delayed and we arrived at MCO at 1:30 a.m. Unbeknownst to us, we arrived at the opposite terminal of the Magical Express, and along with many other confused travelers on our flight, finally made our way to the bus by 1:45. It didn't leave MCO until almost 3 a.m. (in hindsight we should have called Mears taxi). We couldn't complain as there was a couple on the bus who were getting married later on that morning! There is always a worse situation.

    Check in was uneventful, but it was 3:30 a.m. by now. We had ordered some breakfast items, snacks and water from Garden Grocer which had arrived earlier that afternoon (they sent a text and voice message it had arrived). We were grateful for the shuttle that drove us, our luggage and groceries to our room. Mousekeeping was so sweet; she saw the "do not disturb" sign on our door, but when our curtains opened, she waved at us through the window asking if we needed anything. I opened the door to politely decline, and she said she knew we arrived late and sweetly reminded us to dress warm, as the temperature had dropped. Casitas 4 was perfect; we saw the bus stop out of our window (down the stairs and we were there in two minutes).

    After a long day at the MK, we took the bus back to the central building, where we ordered to go at the Pepper Market (to bring back to our rooms while getting ready to go back out for the night- it was delicious). If we weren't so crunched for time, would have eaten on the tables outside by the outdoor bar. On check-out day we walked our luggage over to bell services, who as promised, delivered it on time over to the Dolphin (we even got a text it was there). We would return to CSR in a heartbeat. Thanks to everyone on this thread for all of your help.
  13. PoeticMoe

    PoeticMoe New Member

    Hi everyone! I made my first reservation at CSR yesterday for me and my DS (11)! Took advantage of a room-only PIN discount. :woohoo: I booked CSR for 2-nights, for our pre-cruise stay in March. We're not planning on visiting any parks during these 2 nights; just want to relax and enjoy the resort. We may do Disney Quest one night, but our plan is to enjoy CSR and RELAX! :)

    My question is - what section of CSR should I request? We'd like to be near the main pool and also walking distance to the restaurants and gift shop. And since we'll be going to Downtown Disney at night, being not too far from a bus stop would be ideal too. Is there a location that's centrally located near the main pool, restaurants and the bus stop?

    Any advice is appreciated! :goodvibes Thanks!
  14. saskdw

    saskdw New Member

    The Cabanas section is basically in between the main pool and the food court/gift shop area. That would be best for what you are looking for.
  15. aubriee

    aubriee <font color=brown><marquee>Chocolate always makes

    Anywhere in the Cabanas, but especially Cabanas 8A would be perfect. I'll be there in eight days and that's the same building I'm hoping for. I've been in that building twice and was maybe 2 minutes from either the main pool or the Cabanas quiet pool, 2 minutes from the bus stop, and less than five minutes from the main building/food court
  16. PoeticMoe

    PoeticMoe New Member

    Thanks for the advice on which section to choose. I'll call in today to request Cabanas 8a. However, which number do I call to make the request? Do I contact the Disney Reservations 800-number, of should I call CSR directly to make the request? We're not travelling to CSR till March, so should I make the request now or closer to our travel dates? :confused3
  17. lovethattink

    lovethattink New Member

    Call disney reservations. They'll need your confirmation number. 1-407-W-DISNEY.
  18. PoeticMoe

    PoeticMoe New Member

    Thanks! :thumbsup2
  19. DisneyEsther

    DisneyEsther New Member

    Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question. Our vacation is getting closer and I wondered, since this is our first disney trip, if we should do online check in or not. I am not sure what the benefits are online vs regular check in. If someone can please help me with this, I would really appriciate it:worship:. So nervous :eek: since this is a surprise and I am trying to get everything together without my DS(10) knowing. Thanks in advance :goodvibes
  20. saskdw

    saskdw New Member

    If you do on-line check-in there is a seperate line that is generally shorter and they already have your room assigned, keys made, park passes, and everything else ready to go. It's usually very quick. We don't use on-line check-in because we are particular about our room assignment. When using on-line because everything is already made-up it's a long procedure to change everything to a different room. Where as without they just need to find an available room if there is one because they have to make the KTTW cards anyway.

    Downside for us is we might have to wait in a longer line and check-in takes longer. But we go for 14 days we don't want to be stuck in a room we don't like.
  21. StitchandPooh'sMom

    StitchandPooh'sMom <font color=magenta>Now if only I could think of s

    Thanks Kathy for the the new CSR pictures! :goodvibes
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