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Considering a 10 yr anny trip

Discussion in 'Disney Weddings and Honeymoons' started by Gooshy, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Gooshy

    Gooshy Member

    in August.:cool1:

    What to do? Where to stay? Spill:yay:

    Idea's on dates for Star Wars weekends for 2013?
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  3. katrina1122

    katrina1122 <font color=blue>Just another Blonde moment in my

    We just did our 10 year anniv Nov 2 -14th 2012. :cool1:

    We stayed in a king bed room at POFQ which was perfect. It's a small and romantic resort.

    We had 8 day hoppers and made a few adr's, but kept our plan pretty loose. We had tix to MNSSHP and MVMCP which make things extra special. We ate at Fulton's Crab House, Kona Cafe, Boma for breakfast and dinner, Crystal Palace, Raglan Road, 1900 Park Faire, Yak and Yeti, Biergarten and did "dine with an imagineer" at Brown Derby as our adr's.

    Dine with an imagineer is soooo worth the price. Lunch is amazing with tons of food and getting to talk to an imagineer was the coolest thing. Ours was in charge of all the painting in New Fantasyland. We had gotten in as a sneak peak the night before so it was amazing to talk to her and really know what she was talking about.

    We also did the behind the steam trains tour as dh is into trains. I;m not, but I thought it was amazing anyway. Lots of really cool disney history. You get in the mk before it opens and even get to sit in the cab of the engine!

    Since we were there 10 days we just skipped any line that seemed to long, be it 10 mins or 30 mins, depending on what felt like too long that day. This gave us time to see 'the small stuff' that we tend to skip. We saw all sort of side shows, chatted with cm's, spent tons of time pin trading, etc. This is what made it the most special actually...not being park commando or pushing to make sure we hit a ride. If we got back great, if not oh well.

    We had our anniv and my birthday on every adr, and many places gave us a card, special dessert, etc...but not all, so don't expect it. We also got a picture/card from Mickey and Minnie and a call from Mickey in our room.
  4. Gooshy

    Gooshy Member

    Were doing it!! Im so excited. Room and flights booked! Going to the World 1st weekend in June!!! Sans the kids. What ever will we do with ourselves??

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