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Concierge/Club Level Information- Part IV, July 2012

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Scott MC, Jul 16, 2012.

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  1. Napria

    Napria It really *is* the Happiest Place!

    Thanks for everyone's replies! I hadn't even considered rain @.@

    I was going to plan on MK in the evening and the Cabana on the day of checkout in the morning. The CM at the IPO said we could use the lounge that entire day, so I thought we'd check out, store our luggage and swim till noon, grab a bite at Captain Cooks then head home, but if it's too hot we could duck into the lounge for a bit (with proper coverups and shoes on)
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  3. PolyndianPrincessJes

    PolyndianPrincessJes <font color=blue>Alias: TotalSnowWhite<br><font co

    Maybe we'll see ya in the lounge! We're headed to the Poly after spending the weekend at BWI.
  4. NicoleK1974

    NicoleK1974 Member

    We will be there each morning for breakfast for certain and most evenings for the fireworks!

    Don't be afraid to say HI!

    I'll be the one with the 4 year blonde haired, blue eyed little princess! :)
    (And I carry an obnoxiously bright pink, large patent leather purse/bag)
  5. KerryCM

    KerryCM Active Member

    One week from today I will be at the BWI. Cannot wait to spend my BIG birthday with my children and grandchildren. So blessed that we can do it!
  6. PolyndianPrincessJes

    PolyndianPrincessJes <font color=blue>Alias: TotalSnowWhite<br><font co

    I'll have a little brown curly-haired 7 year old Prince Charming (literally! At least for 1900 on Monday evening). I'm the tallest in my signature pics, and I'll be there with my mom, gma and the little prince. Probably be there for breakfast a lot, too. We have a TPV room, so we usually watch fireworks from there but always pop in for sweets. ;)
  7. sfbank

    sfbank Active Member

    KerryCM-Have a great trip! I am jealous:)
  8. mickeyluv'r

    mickeyluv'r DIS Veteran

    Napria- I LIKE July.

    I just posted a LONG answer in another thread about the trade off of different seasons/pricing/crowds/weather. I'm fairly heat tolerant, so I LOVED July. I hate being cold. Ugh! I'll take July over Jan any day!

    The bonus of July is that the nights are fantastic! Afternoons are hot, but nights are PERFECT- and you get LONG park hours to enjoy them! After dark the crowds drop off because most folks try to endure the afternoon heat. Pop-up storms also clear the park! Actually, one night this past August, we actually found it cold enough for LONG pants! Luckily we had some! so it's not always hot. Daytime highs do typically go up to about 90.

    In April, we are 9am to midnight in the park folks. In Summer, the key to enjoying yourself is to take an afternoon break. (2pm-4:30pm at a minimum) It also helps greatly to take advantage of early mornings.

    And that's where club level is IDEAL. The IDEAL way to take advantage of club level is to BE IN THE LOUNGE at 5pm. Luckily, that also happens to be what we call, 'thunderstorm o'clock' in my family. While the masses are getting soggy/melty, YOU are sipping chardonnay and eating lobster salad. It's almost evil how well it works. Staying club level also means that you are at the resorts with the best park transportation! So you can stay late at MK, knowing your resort is a short monorail ride away.

    Though...I should confess...of all the club level resorts...Poly has, IMO, a significant convenience flaw come July- you have to go outdoors and out from under cover to do almost anything. At CR- you can go from your room to almost all monorail restaurants/shopping without getting rained upon/sun exposure/sweaty. In July, getting to/from Poly CL means trudging out in the heat/rain. If you are dressed for a nice dinner, it's a bummer. If the weather is nice, then walking outdoors is great, it's only when the weather is marginal that Poly's layout is a bit of an issue. Otherwise the place is fabulous, and you get the big advantage of being next door to the TTC. All food at Poly is among the very best: CL, dining, even the QS.
  9. houstonmama

    houstonmama Member

    In just 11 short days we'll be checking into GF CL RPC!! :cool1: We will be staying there 5 nights and then switching to AKL CL for the last 3 nights of our stay. I'm a little worried about our AKL stay because of the distance (I have a 3 yr. old and 14 month old) but my DD4 LOVES animals so we're going to tough it out ;). We were originally staying GF CL SL because being a newbie I was unaware of how the pin codes worked but Disney fixed it for me and allowed me to stay RPC!!! :goodvibes Everything I have read about Disney's great customer service has been spot on!! :worship:

    So for my room request I asked for a view of the FW. My children are very early risers, great for RD, but they go to sleep very early, bad for FW. I understand those rooms are premium so more than likely my request won't be granted. Should I put in a second option? I can see from the maps that the main building is a U. The rooms facing MK are in the north part of the U? Sorry, I'm not good with maps! :confused3 Can you see the beach pool area from the main building? I'd like to avoid the construction if possible. What do the experts think? :)

  10. Steph H

    Steph H That Loud Redhead

    I haven't been posting on this thread, but I subscribe to daily emails and have read them (okay, most of them, lol!). I just want to say how excited I am to be staying at YC CL in just THREE days! EEEE!!!! :cool1:

    I've been emailing back and forth with IPO this week because we had some last minute ADR changes, and Gloria at the YC IPO has been fantastic--found us Rose & Crown ressies next week that even my (awesome) travel agent couldn't find. LOVE the perks of club level!! :lovestruc

    Thank you all for this great thread and all the great information! Can't wait to be whisked upstairs to the fifth floor on Saturday. :thumbsup2
  11. NicoleK1974

    NicoleK1974 Member

    Has anyone recently stayed club level at Poly?

    We are leaving in 5 days and would love any reviews, opinions, names of outstanding CM's we should keep an eye out for, etc.

  12. PolyndianPrincessJes

    PolyndianPrincessJes <font color=blue>Alias: TotalSnowWhite<br><font co

    Our May CL stay was at BC, but we were Poly CL last year, and we'll also be there next week!! We leave BWI and head to Hawaii next Monday!! We LOVE Poly CL. Lawrence and Barbie are fantastic!
  13. disneydreamin247

    disneydreamin247 DIS Veteran

    We were there in August. My DS adores Lawrence and looks forward to seeing him each year. We love Jon as well, and chef Eugene.
  14. tinkermommyof3

    tinkermommyof3 Active Member

    Stayed end of October beginninng of November this year. I agree that Lawrence (CM) and Eugene (Chef) are two of the most pleasant and agreeable people we encounter. We really miss Kathi. Don't feel uncomfortable knocking on the kitchen door if there is something you want/need and do not see it out. Yogurt, chocolate milk, beer and other items are always available but you have to ask sometimes. It is never a problem. Have a great trip!:goodvibes
  15. NicoleK1974

    NicoleK1974 Member

    Thanks so much!
    Getting sooooo excited!!
  16. letsgoreds

    letsgoreds Active Member

    Bumping this question to see if anyone has an answer...I am a Coke Zero addict, any chance they would offer some if I made a request?
  17. PolyndianPrincessJes

    PolyndianPrincessJes <font color=blue>Alias: TotalSnowWhite<br><font co

    YES! My kiddos are chocolate milk fiends, and they're always happy to indulge them. I, on the other hand, am always asking for apple juice. ;)

    We didn't make requests, per se, but simply inquired about whether or not certain beverages were available. They magically appeared in our room. On every trip since then, too. :goodvibes
  18. CynBeth

    CynBeth Active Member

    We are staying at CR CL as the second resort of a split stay. We have never stayed CL before. I paid both ressies with my Disney Visa and somehow with this being room only and paying in this manner I was told about a special deal with Atrium CL. I was so excited I missed if the rep said if it was a free upgrade or just a discount. My husband and I are going with my Mom. We have a year until our trip. How many is in your party and where are you from?
  19. uagirl

    uagirl Oh Toodles!

    We stayed Poly CL in September. We LOVED it. Sadly, I was too busy chasing a very active 2 year old to get names of the cast members, but we did have several great experiences.

    1) I completely forgot to bring swim diapers for DD. All they had in the gift shop were size small and large, and she needed a medium. CL staff sent someone to Publix to pick up a couple of packs of swim diapers for me.

    2) One night, we got back late and the lounge was closed. I had planned to get DD some milk, but figured I would have to head over to Capt. Cooks. The CL cast member overheard DD crying as we got off the elevator, called me over and told me she would get me some milk.

    3)We watched Wishes in the lounge one night. Alone. No one else was there. The CM brought a plate of cookies and gummies over to us without us even asking.
  20. pamkat1820

    pamkat1820 Member

    We are completely new to the CL experience. I personally can not wait! We r planning on staying August 25-sept 1 at the BC CL. I would love any advice. We r traveling in 2 rooms;room 1-me,DH DD7,DS2. Room 2-my mom &82 yr. Young grandmother. I would love to hear about anyone experiences CL at BC. The pics I have seen have not shown many of the offerings. To be honest it seems like other CL's are much better with the food selection. But the offer we have I can not pass up the price, so we decided to try it out. any info would be wonderful positive or negative
  21. NicoleK1974

    NicoleK1974 Member

    Just got back from our Club level stay at Poly.

    EVERYONE was so great!

    Especially Lawrence and Pam.

    There was not one thing that we asked for that couldn't be done.

    We had requested. 1st floor room and were originally put in a 3rd floor room, and with a quick call, we were booked in the best 1st floor room we could have asked for.

    Our room was ready when we got there at about 10:30am.

    Offering in the lounge were good and plentiful.

    We did have an issue with getting water later in the night, and refused to drink the tap water....it was a little odd smelling, and after I noticed my 4 year old was looking a little dehydrated from so much juice and pop I went upstairs and while they did not have any carafes left, y did give us 4 big cups to get us through the night.
    I honestly could not have asked for more.

    They have us hooked! :)
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