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Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reviews' started by jabead, Sep 25, 2012.

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  1. jabead

    jabead New Member

    Stephanie (HNT2419) & DH visited a couple of the Food & Wine Festival booths today.


    From Hawaii: Kona Brewing Company Pipeline Porter


    From Cheese: Cheese Fondue with Sourdough Bread
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  3. partyof2

    partyof2 Colette

    I'm so happy to see some pictures of Akershus lunch.

    I was thinking I'd prefer to do lunch there over the more popular breakfast but I could find many pictures or reviews so ditched it. Now it's back in the running!
  4. jabead

    jabead New Member

    Vicki & friends were at the Polynesian Resort last night and had dinner at...



    'Ohana Welcome Bread - Pineapple-Coconut Bread


    Mixed Greens with Honey-Lime dressing

    Vicki said, "This was sooo good, it was the only thing we asked for seconds of."


    Lo Mein Noodles & Broccoli

    Vicki said, "Noodles were really good, broccoli was a little overcooked."


    Pork fried dumplings & Honey Corriander chicken wings

    Vicki said, "Both were yummy!"


    Dipping Sauces - House Made Peanut Sauce, Chimichurri Sauce, and Pineapple Sweet and Sour Sauce

    Vicki said, "The sweet and sour was our favorite."


    Their table full of food

    Vicki said, "I forgot to take a picture of the dessert, but for those wondering, it was amazing!"
  5. jabead

    jabead New Member

    Vicki and friends were at DHS today and had lunch at...

    Mama Melrose's


    Crispy Calamari topped with Grilled Peppers and Onions
    Served with Dipping Sauces (marinara, pesto, and sweet and sour)


    Oak-fired Mussels
    Cooked in a spicy Tomato Butter with Grilled Onions and Herb Croutons

    Vicki said, "I didn't think this was great. It had a strong spicy tomato flavoring that I didn't think complemented the mussels at all.
    I wouldn't recommend this. The calamari was much better."


    Oven-baked Chicken alla Parmigiana
    Breaded Chicken Breast with Marinara Sauce, topped with Melted Mozzarella
    and served over Spaghetti

    Vicki said, "My friend liked this, but I preferred the one from Tony's."


    Charred Strip Steak with Five-Cheese Baked Macaroni, Aged Balsamic-Shallot Butter, and Chianti Wine Reduction

    Vicki said, "This was really good too, but it was ordered as well done and came out more medium."


    Shrimp Campanelle
    Shrimp and Campanelle Pasta tossed in a Four-Cheese Sauce with Broccoflower, Sun-dried Tomatoes, fresh Spinach

    Vicki said, "Really good sauce and wonderful pasta and shrimp."


    (Half-eaten) Dessert Platter

    Vicki said, "The round ball in the back was amaretto flavored cheesecake. It was ok. In the middle was the tiramisu, this was the best of all. In the cup was custard with blueberry something on top. This was inedible. And the square in front was chocolate cannoli with a mandarin on top. This was just alright. These were probably the worst desserts so far this trip."

  6. jabead

    jabead New Member

    Paula & Hunter went to Jiko's Wine & Cheese Tasting this afternoon at Animal Kingdom.
    And although Paula sent me a picture of Jiko's menu, they did not have dinner there.


    Jiko's Dinner Menu - Oct. 24, 2012

    Instead Paula and Hunter went to the Grand Floridian to have dinner again at...


    However, Paula only sent this one picture from their dinner there... :lmao:


    Bread Basket with 10-grain bread and kalamata olive bread
  7. DonaldDoleWhip

    DonaldDoleWhip New Member

    All three of Jiko's flatbreads are new since August...and they all sound fantastic! Between the flatbreads and the braai-style wahoo/pork belly app, I know which signature I'd want to have dinner at tonight. :cloud9:
  8. Rarity

    Rarity I don't trust wheels.

    :deep breath: I'd like to volunteer for December 9 - 15, if you don't mind a total newbie (both to the boards and to dining reports). I've lurked around the boards since July, only very occasionally posting. Maybe this will finally break me out of my shell :wave2:
  9. jabead

    jabead New Member

    Hi Rarity! :wave2: Thanks so much for coming forth and volunteering to do updates. I'll add you to the December trip list in Post #2 right away. Then I plan to send out a PM to all the live reporters going in December probably in late November. This will have all my necessary info to send updates. Thanks again! :goodvibes
  10. Rarity

    Rarity I don't trust wheels.

    Awesome! I look forward to serving my DISly duty. Even my sister, who will be my traveling companion, is excited about this.
  11. BlovesC

    BlovesC <font color=blue>home is where the Yeti is!<br><fo

    Can I just say once again that I greatly appreciate all of Barb's hard work in this thread? I really can't imagine how she deals with her phone buzzing all day long with photos of Disney food! :lmao: But it is SO fun to share pics with her and have her be part of the experience, and then reading everyone's updates here keeps us all so informed! Barb you're simply amazing! :worship:
  12. jabead

    jabead New Member

    Aww....thanks so much, Becky. :blush: But much of the credit for this thread goes to the live reporters like you. I have been pleasantly surprised by all the people who have volunteered to do updates. You guys are awesome! :goodvibes

    As for me, I am truly enjoying this. I'm getting to know so many great DISers, like you Becky. Plus of course, I love never knowing what Disney food is going to pop up on my phone next. ;)
  13. jabead

    jabead New Member

    Nikki (DancingDaisyDuck) was at Magic Kingdom today and had a snack from...

    Sunshine Tree Terrace


    Citrus Swirl - Orange slush with vanilla soft serve ice cream

    Nikki said, "Refreshing!" :thumbsup2
  14. jabead

    jabead New Member

    And then for lunch, Nikki went to...



    Colony Salad
    Washington apples, sweet pecans, applewood smoked cheddar cheese, and grilled chicken tossed with field greens in a honey-shallot vinaigrette

    Nikki said, "Best salad ever!"


    Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake
    Vanilla cake with a gooey toffee filling, caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream

    Nikki said, "Ooey and gooey as promised."
  15. jabead

    jabead New Member

    Dinner for Nikki (DancingDaisyDuck) was then at...

    Cosmic Ray's


    Half Rotisserie Chicken - Served with mashed potatoes and a seasonal vegetable
    & Chocolate Gelato for dessert

    Nikki said, "Loved the mashed potatoes! Everything I ate today was very good!" :thumbsup2
  16. DancinDaisyDuck

    DancinDaisyDuck Nothing left for me to do but dance

    It's so weird seeing my pictures up here, lol. I just got back from hanging at the AoA pool bar with some friends. No pics, but the Nemo pool is so cute. Enjoyed my pina colada too! Tomorrow I'll be nibbling around the WS and then dinner at 'Ohana! Thanks for sharing my reviews Barb!!!!
  17. GoofySon'sMom

    GoofySon'sMom New Member

    I agree! I love this thread! I can't wait until I can contribute again in two weeks! And just maybe I have changed around our plans because of some of the live reviews! ; )
  18. jabead

    jabead New Member

    Chris (dvc4life) was at Downtown Disney last night and had dinner at...

    Cuban Cafe

    She started the meal with a Margarita.



    Cuban Style Skirt Steak
    Grilled Tenderized Skirt Steak served with Fried Green Plantains, White Rice, & Black Beans

    Chris said, "This was my DH's dinner. He loved it!"


    Cuban Style Steak
    Thin Tenderized Steak seasoned with Onion and Parsley
    Served with Fried Green Plantains, White Rice, & Black Beans

    Chris said, "This was my dinner. I really liked it. We will definitely go back there again." :thumbsup2
  19. one2admire

    one2admire New Member

    Dropping in to leave our details as I'm sure I'll be busy the next couple of days.

    We, Me (Tarah), DH, MIL, DS (5) and DD (1), will be staying at POFQ 10/27-11/3 arriving late Saturday morning.

    Our ADRs:
    Ohana dinner
    Ohana breakfast
    50's PTC
    Cali Grill
    Crystal Palace breakfast
    Tusker House breakfast
    Akershus breakfast
    Sanaa (may change)
    T-Rex (may change)
    Fulton's (may change)
    Teppan Edo (may change)
    Kona breakfast (may change)

    Since I changed some things around yesterday, we don't have anything planned for our last two nights. I'm serioulsy considering just winging those days.

    :woohoo:2 more days!!:woohoo:
  20. Tracerr00

    Tracerr00 New Member

    I couldn't agree more!! I love this thread and appreciate all of Barb's hard work. She is amazeballs!!
  21. jabead

    jabead New Member

    Your plans look great, Tarah! Thanks for posting them here. Talk to you very soon! :thumbsup2

    Thanks Tracy! :goodvibes Amazeballs! :rotfl:
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