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Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reviews' started by jabead, Sep 25, 2012.

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  1. RyMacJ

    RyMacJ DIS Veteran

    Nov 24, 2010
    I will volunteer for May, as long as I have good WiFi from AoA, so that I can send updates in at night! (I've read it can be spotty) I would have to do e-mail updates, as my phone is junk. LOL.

    Our Trip is May 4th-11th, and here are our dining plans:

    5-4 QS dinner

    5-5 QS lunch, 50's Prime Time dinner

    5-6 QS lunch, Cape May dinner

    5-7 QS lunch, Cinderella's Royal Table dinner

    5-8 QS lunch, San Angel dinner

    5-9 Tusker House b'fast, QS lunch (if we're hungry!) and QS dinner

    5-10 QS lunch, Crystal Palace dinner

    5-11 maybe a QS b'fast or lunch, not sure what time we'll leave the World (we drive)

    I know these are popular places that get reviews all the time though. I will have 6 in my party, 4 adults and 2 children.
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  3. budafam

    budafam DIS Veteran

    Feb 23, 2009
    Come on people! Volunteer! Keep this going!!! I'll be happy to volunteer for December but that's a bit of a way off :rotfl2: Unless anyone wants to pay my way, I'd happiy go sooner :confused3

    :love: this thread!!!
  4. tammilynne

    tammilynne Mouseketeer

    Jul 19, 2011
    we will be there June 1-10 and i would love to do it!

    this is my favorite thread and I find myself checking for updates all the time :)
  5. SRiley1985

    SRiley1985 Mouseketeer

    Apr 29, 2011
    I've been going through withdrawal since there have been so few live reporters:sad1: This is my favorite thread on the whole Dis so it makes me sad :sad1:
  6. Kathymford

    Kathymford A little obsessed is ok....right?

    Jan 3, 2011
    Ok, we are 13 days out from our trip. I'm feeling fairly confident that my ADRs are set...except one maybe. hahaha. We have the DDP. Here we go:

    2/24 arrival, CS probably at Intermission at ASMu
    2/25 AK, CS lunch, 'Ohana dinner
    2/26 MK, Crystal Palace lunch, BOG dinner
    2/27 off-day, Kona Cafe breakfast, DTD evening Raglan Road dinner (iffy)
    2/28 Epcot, CS lunch, Garden Grill dinner
    3/1 MK, CS BOG lunch, CS dinner, Wishes dessert party
    3/2 departure, CS probably at one of the AS resorts

    Yay. I know not much new to this thread, but I'm excited anyway. Especially about 'Ohana and Kona which are new to us!
  7. debrapagliasotti

    debrapagliasotti DIS Veteran

    Jul 3, 2011
    Ha ha, I know what you mean! Someone can pay for me to go too and I would be happy to do some more live updates :lmao: Otherwise, its still a while until we get to Oct for my trips.

    I love this thread :goodvibes

  8. wdwpirates

    wdwpirates Don't lose ya soul cuz it's all ya got. - DH

    Feb 5, 2005
    Best thread on the DIS!!!! Awesome DLP and Tutto updates!!! Can't wait to get down there!
  9. Couchy

    Couchy DIS Veteran

    Nov 8, 2011
    DH and I are going on the Wonder for a 5 day cruise on Sat... We can do a not so live report. I can send pics on the 16th before we leave port and the rest on the 21st when we get back. :)

    DH is trying to convince me we should then head to WDW for the rest of the weekend when we get off the boat, but we will see if I can get our air and hotel points to line up to make that a reality. If we do we will happily send some pics along
  10. tstidm1

    tstidm1 DIS Veteran

    Oct 30, 2011
    I am doing a Live from on 2/28-3/4 and got what ADR's and other food thing set. Here they are:

    2/28-EPCOT for Birthday Dinner at Chefs De France
    3/1-MK-Lunch at Wave. Dinner at Columbia Harbor House
    3/2-AK -Doing the one for the DIS and doing Planet Hollywood for dinner. If I chicken out, I'll do AMC Dine In Theater and a movie.
    3/3-DHS-May slip in Hurricane Hannah's for a nice lunch on Boardwalk.
    3/4-May make a Breakfast ADR (Chef Mickey or Tusker House), a last rideand then home.
  11. autumnpalm

    autumnpalm DIS Veteran

    Feb 5, 2008
    We won't be there until August... but I am looking forward to new updates soon, I also hadn't realized how much I look forward to reading them! I feel like something is missing from my "DIS day!":rotfl:

    Would be thrilled to join the August reporting team if this thread is still going on at that point- but I realize it's quite a ways away!
  12. AlohaAnnie

    AlohaAnnie DIS Veteran

    Jul 10, 2006

    I will volunteer for June!

    We will be there from June 15 - June 28

    Here is what we have scheduled and we will be eating plenty of CS and snacks.

    6/15 - nothing scheduled
    6/16 - Breakfast Cape May Cafe
    6/17 - Lunch Via Napoli
    6/18 - Dinner Cape May Cafe
    6/19 - Dinner Crystal Palace
    6/20 - Dinner Raglan Road
    6/21 - Dinner Yachtsman
    6/22 - Breakfast Chef Mickeys
    6/22 - Garden View Tea - Just the Girls
    6/23 - Dinner Be Our Guest
    6/24 - Dinner Trails End Buffet
    6/25 - Dinner Ohana
    6/26 - Lunch Liberty Tree Tavern
    6/27 - Lunch Rose & Crown
    6/28 - Breakfast Crystal Palace

  13. Angebee

    Angebee Mouseketeer

    Aug 22, 2012
    :laughing: :guilty: Now I really feel bad for saying this, but we've had to cancel our trip due to a sudden family emergency. I'm SO SORRY because I was really looking forward to contributing. :sad1:

    On the plus side, as long as everything works out we're HOPING to only wait until early April, so I may be back (and will never stop reading!)

    MRYPPNS Practically Prefect in Every Way

    Jan 7, 2007

    I'll do it! We'll be there from 4/21 to 5/5 (two full weeks :cool1:) It will be me, DH, DS5 & DD3 so hopefully I can get some kid's meal photos because you don't see a lot of those.
  15. HoneyBeeM

    HoneyBeeM Earning My Ears

    Apr 10, 2012
    I had so much fun live reporting in November, and I LOVE this thread! I didn't want to volunteer until I was 100% sure about our dates. I am now 99.9% sure we are heading down April 1 - April 6! We'll be a POR for the entire trip.

    Our ADRs are totally up in the air right now. My Mom and I had this crazy idea to let each person on the trip pick a restaurant to eat at during our stay. :banana:

    The entire family is now suffering from can'tmakadecision syndrome. That is what you get by opening up the ADR list to everyone! :rotfl:

    But - we WILL be there, and I would LOVE to do another live report! If you're still looking for April reporters, count me in!
  16. jecskc

    jecskc DIS Veteran

    Apr 22, 2010
    If you need another March/April person, I will give it another shot. We are going March 31 - April 8.

  17. DaisyluvzGoofy

    DaisyluvzGoofy Earning My Ears

    Jan 20, 2013
    DH and I are going to DL tonight for our 1st wedding Anniversary! :love: We have reservations at Cafe Orleans for the "True Love Week" Prix Fix... I'll send photos/my review tonight or tomorrow morning!!! So excited to see the resort all Valentine-zy!!! :love2:

    We leave for WDW Saturday and I promise we'll be sending updates while we're there!!! I'll send an updated rezzies list soon!
  18. ginny_lynn

    ginny_lynn Mouseketeer

    Jun 26, 2010
    I love this thread! I check it daily and love the updates!

    A big THANK YOU!!! to JAbad for all th hard work she puts in to keep it running! We are not going until September, but if the thread is alive I will be happy to contribute!
  19. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000

    When I checked the thread tonight, I was hoping to have a volunteer or two. Imagine my surprise to see all of your offers (here on the thread, by PM, and even one by text from emmebear). Many of you are volunteering for a second or even third time. You guys are so great...:worship: I bow to your awesomeness! I'll get the list updated right away. Thanks so much everyone! :goodvibes

    I'll look forward to receiving your update from Cafe Orleans and then soon your updates from Disney World! :thumbsup2
  20. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000

    Thank you to all of you for your posts showing your support and encouragement. :goodvibes
  21. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000

    I look forward to soon having you both as live reporters. Thanks for posting your plans...they look great! :thumbsup2
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