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Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reviews' started by jabead, Sep 25, 2012.

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  1. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    Then we have morning snack update from marshallsmommy.

    She and her family were at DHS today and got some cookies from the...

    Writer's Stop


    Marshall & Mommy's Oatmeal Cookie


    Doug's Sugar Cookie

    "Just to show you how big they are, we held Doug's up next to Marshall's head. :lmao: They were huge and really, really good. Quite a deal at $4.00."

    Then later they had the Fantasmic! lunch package at...

    Mama Melrose

    "I was really impressed with this place considering all the bad reviews I've read. We started with antipasto platter..."


    Mama's Antipasto for Two - selection of Italian meats, cheeses, and marinated vegetables

    "The meat was good. One was really spicy. The cheeses were good, though I have never met a cheese I didn't like. ;) What was amazing was the pile of pistachios. OMG, they were ridiculously good for just being spiced nuts!"


    Charred Strip Steak with five-cheese baked macaroni, aged balsamic-shallot butter, and Chianti Wine Reduction

    "I had the steak with mac 'n cheese and while not the best steak ever, it was good. Doug had the chicken parm. He said it was good but could have used more sauce."


    Oven-baked Chicken alla Parmigiana with marinara sauce topped with melted mozzarella over spaghetti


    "The dessert platter was disappointing. The only really good thing was the cannoli pie thing (square in the corner). Our waitress gave us a complimentary glass of sparkling wine for our anniversary. She was so sweet, probably the best service we have had yet."

    4 January Game Points Earned + 1 Bonus Point for Marshall & cookie pic
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  3. ladyknight1

    ladyknight1 Earning My Ears

    Jan 22, 2013
    We will be visiting the Land at EPCOT tomorrow for a light lunch then reservations for Be our Guest at 9. I will take lots of pictures and post as soon as I can!
  4. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    Next we have a lunch update from disneybride96.

    She and her DH were at Epcot today and had lunch at...



    Tacos de Carne - smoked beef brisket tacos served on fresh handmade corn tortillas with Pico de Gallo, lime and corn tortilla chips


    Tacos de Pollo - grilled chicken served on fresh handmade corn tortillas with Pico de Gallo, lime and corn tortilla chips

    "Both were greasy and just okay flavor wise."


    Churritos with cajeta (Mexican milk caramel)

    Regarding La Cantina, disneybride said, "Honestly, I could take it or leave it. Definitely wouldn't go out of my way to eat here again."

    3 January Game Points Earned + 1 Bonus Point for menu pic
  5. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000

    Sounds good, ladyknight1! :thumbsup2 And Happy Birthday to you and your DH!
  6. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    This afternoon we had a quick snack update from CaliBear.


    Vegetable Egg Roll

    She said, "I got this from a snack cart outside of the Jungle Cruise ride at Magic Kingdom. You can see the little Kikkoman packet in between my fingers. This wasn't delicious. :worried: I had wanted a pork egg roll, but they were out. Maybe it would have been better. This one must have been sitting around too long because the vegetables were soft, not crisp."

    1 January Game Point Earned
  7. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    Then I received a surprise update today from tallen429. It was a surprise because I didn't expect her to arrive until tomorrow.

    She said, "HI Barb! Well, here we are!" :)


    "(blurry welcome sign shot!)"

    "We are staying our first night at PO French Quarter. Tomorrow we move to AKL Jambo.
    So, when we got here we decided to have something light at..."

    Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory


    "Logan (DS) had the kids chicken nugget meal. Nothing exciting. He ate it all."


    "Mom and I shared a Shrimp Po Boy sandwich with chips."

    "That sandwich is HUGE!! Even cut in half we were both stuffed! It's not the greatest thing I ever ate but the shrimp was plentiful and well cooked and the bread, lettuce and sauce were all very nice. We weren't crazy about the chips. They didn't have much crunch or flavor."

    3 January Game Points Earned
  8. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    Next we received an update from hulagirl87.

    She said, "We went to Magic Kingdom today and had a great time! It was pretty warm and it was busier than I thought it would be.
    We had lunch at..."

    Comic Ray's


    "I had the veggie burger with apple slices and a mango gelato for dessert. It was all very good. The mango gelato was super mango-ey (not a word, but not sure how else to describe it! haha) DH had a bacon cheeseburger, I don't think I got that in the picture, but he liked it and he had the carrot cake for dessert and it was a little too sweet for him."

    "We had dinner at..."

    Liberty Tree Tavern

    First a menu pic...



    "The rolls and salad came out first and the rolls and butter were awesome! The rolls were really warm and the butter was sweet, so they tasted excellent."


    "The rest of the dinner was good but the green beans were cold. There was a new dish from when we were there last, it was carrots, parsnips and turnips. I tried some and wish I hadn't. blech! :crazy2: Dessert was really good too."


    Johnny Appleseed's Cake

    "p.s. there's a picture of my daughter, Carys, with Rapunzel. She was so excited to meet her (ok, so was I! :goodvibes) and show her her Rapunzel shirt!"


    6 January Game Points Earned + 2 Bonus Points for menu pic and pic of Carys & Rapunzel
  9. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    Then disneybride96 sent us this dinner update.

    She said, "We hopped on over to Magic Kingdom for the afternoon and then stopped for dinner at the Contemporary's...

    Contempo Cafe

    "This is another of our favorite QS and again they did not disappoint. We have had good sandwiches there in the past, but they had just started their dinner menu for the evening."


    "DH was suffering pasta withdrawal, so he had Pasta with Marinara Sauce."


    "I had Pasta with Chicken Basil Crème Sauce. We skipped dessert, but I got two banana nut muffins for tomorrow's breakfast."

    3 January Game Points Earned
  10. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    Next in was another update from tallen429.

    She and her family had dinner tonight at Downtown Disney's...

    Wolfgang Puck Express


    "Mom and I split the bacon wrapped meatloaf. YUMMY! Sorry, the pic was taken after it was split."


    "Logan had the Mac and cheese and really liked it."


    "Also Logan created his own marshmallows at Goofy's Candy Co. He chose them covered in milk chocolate, dipped in white and dark chocolate chips, and drizzled in dark chocolate."

    3 January Game Points Earned + 1 Bonus Point for pic of Logan
  11. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    We have one last update for today and it's from marshallsmommy.

    She said, "We had a boring, uninspiring dinner at Fairfax Fare and Catalina Eddie's in Hollywood Studios while waiting for Fantasmic."

    Fairfax Fare


    Chicken and Spareribs served with baked beans and coleslaw

    Catalina Eddie's


    Pepperoni Pizza with Caesar Salad

    "I had the chicken and ribs combo and Doug had a pepperoni pizza and Caesar salad with the pre-packaged carrot cake and chocolate cake. We each ate 2 or 3 bites and then decided to switch meals and I ate the pizza (I kind of liked it. I guess I LIKE Disney pizza, but I wish we would have got it from Pizza Planet so I could have had a cappuccino cupcake though). Doug really liked the chicken and baked beans. Marshall's the only one who ate the cakes, and that was just while waiting for the show to start." ;)

    8 January Games Points Earned (includes 5 points earned for first "live update" from Catalina Eddie's)
  12. ladyknight1

    ladyknight1 Earning My Ears

    Jan 22, 2013

    Thank you. We had a problem with bank fraud that marred our Christmas, New Year's and birthday celebrations. It is nice to be out of that shadow! :cheer2:
  13. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    Below I have listed all the DISers who have generously offered to do "Live Reporter" duty during their February trips to Disney World. If I have forgotten anyone, please let me know. (Things were a little hectic here earlier this month and I may have forgotten to add someone to the list. :worried:) Also, if there is anyone else going in February and would like to give live reporting a try, please let me know by posting here or sending me a PM. I should be able to squeeze in a few more, depending on your trip dates.

    I am putting the finishing touches on the details for the February game. It will be very similar to the January one, with some minor tweaking to the point values. As soon as it is complete, I will add it to the next post. I will then be sending out a PM to the whole February team, which will give you my info for sending your updates. Once you have received this, I ask that you either post here on the thread or reply by PM to let me know that you have received it and are still on board. :thumbsup2

    Thanks so much February Team! I hope you all have great trips, filled with lots of delicious food...and don't forget to take those pics. ;)


    Ginamarie and her DSis will be there for a Sister's Weekend trip from 2/1 - 2/4. She has offered to again do live updates for us!

    elleavon will be at Disney World from 2/1 - 2/7 and has volunteered to do live updates for us while there!

    bigal'sdaughter and family will at staying at the Poly from 2/2 - 2/8 and will be celebrating her DH's 40th birthday while there. She has offered to do live updates for us!

    zy144622 and family will be at WDW from 2/3 - 2/9 and has volunteered to send us some live updates!

    nanhol and her DH & 3 kids (DS14, DD11 & DD9) will be staying at the Beach Club from 2/3 - 2/7. They will be on the Deluxe dining plan and have lots of table service reservations. Then they will be back at Disney World following a cruise on the Disney Dream from 2/7-2/10. This time they will be staying at the Contemporary from 2/10-2/11. nanhol has volunteered to do live updates for us while at WDW!

    alli817 will be at Disney World from 2/3 - 2/14 and has offered to do live updates for us while there!

    Linda67 will be at Disneyland Paris from 2/6 - 2/8 and will be doing live updates for us while there!

    LucyBC80 will there from 2/6 - 2/15 and has offered to do live updates for us!

    atisikitabasket will be at WDW from 2/9 - 2/15 and will try to do some live updates for us! Here are her Dining Plans.

    nicole0992 is traveling to Disney World to visit her daughter who is doing the Disney College Program. She will be there from 2/9 - 2/17 and has offered to do live updates for us!

    DaisyluvzGoofy will be there from 2/16 - 2/23 and she has volunteered to do live updates for us!

    IncredibleboysMom will be at the World with her family from 2/17-2/24 and has offered to help this week by doing live updates! She solemnly swears to do her best to keep her 3 hungry boys and DH from diving into their food before she captures the visual deliciousness. :thumbsup2

    pinkxray - Diane will be taking her first girls only trip to Disney World, along with her DD (Caitlin) and friend, Jenny. They will be there from 2/18 - 2/24 and Diane and Jen (aka Nermel9) will be taking part in the Princess Half Marathon. She has also offered to do live updates for us during their trip! Here is Diane's PTR.

    LumosQ102 and her best friend will be traveling from London to Disney World on 2/21 and will then be spending the next 14 nights at the WL and on the DxDP (thru 3/7). They have offered to do live updates for us during their 2 week trip!

    milmore104 is taking a "girls only" trip to Disney World with her DDs and DMom from 2/23-3/1. She has volunteered to do live updates for us!

    emmysmommy - Brenda and her DD (Emily) will be taking a girls only trip to Disney World from 2/23 - 3/4. They have volunteered to do live updates for us during their trip!

    LucyBC80 will be there again from 2/24 - 2/26 and has offered to do live updates for us!

    Angebee and her parents and sister will be be there from 2/24 - 3/2 and staying at AoA. They will be on the QS Dining Plan and have offered to do live updates for us!

    Kathymford will be at WDW from 2/24 - 3/2 and has volunteered to do live updates for us while there!

    Mariep26 will be going to Disney World again from 2/25 - 3/1, and has offered to do live updates for us!

    wdwpirates - Kerri and her DH, Jim, will be at WDW from 2/26 - 3/10 and she has volunteered to do live updates for us!


    I have decided to continue with the live update thread, at least through the completion of wdwpirates' trip on 3/10. So if there is anyone traveling to the World during the first 10 days of March and are interested in doing some live reporting, please let me know. I am now also going to take names of those interested in being reporters during trips from 3/11 - 6/30. Once I determine the level of interest, I will make a decision regarding the future of this thread after March 10th.

    I have already received offers to do live reporting from the following:

    #1eeyoregirl - 3/8 - 3/17
    MicRac - 3/16 - 3/22
    DannysMom - 3/20 - 3/27
    GoofySon'sMom - 3/22 - 3/26
    KMarston - 3/30 - 4/6

    mousiemom - 4/15 - 4/19
    Hannikins - 4/18 - 4/25
    aladdinsgirl - 4/30 - 5/10

    CalSea12 - 5/11 - 5/21
    AvasMommy526 - 5/21 - 6/1

    JennyWren - 6/24 - 7/1

    If I've forgotten anyone who has already expressed an interest, please let me know.
  14. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000


    February reporters will receive points for each and every update sent to me for posting on the Live Thread. The number of points which you will be awarded is based on how rare the featured location of your update is. For instance, those locations from which we haven't yet received an update, will receive 10 points. (Yes, I've upped the ante, folks! ;) )

    10 Point Update Locations
    Electric Umbrella
    Nine Dragons
    Monsieur Paul
    Big River Grille
    Captain's Grille Lunch
    Turf Club
    Cap 'n Jacks
    House of Blues (other than Sunday Gospel Brunch)
    Planet Hollywood
    Victoria & Albert's
    The Wave lunch
    Trail's End Breakfast or Lunch
    Whispering Canyon Cafe lunch

    5 Point Update Locations
    Le Cellier lunch/dinner (due to the recent changes)
    Les Halles (QS meal)
    Lotus Blossom Café
    Restaurant Marakesh
    Rose & Crown
    San Angel Inn
    Tokyo Dining
    Beach Club Marketplace
    Cape May (breakfast or dinner)
    Captain's Grille (breakfast or dinner)
    All Swan & Dolphin restaurants (except for Shula's, which is worth 10 pts.)
    Flying Fish Café
    ESPN Club
    ABC Commissary
    Backlot Express
    Catalina Eddie's
    Old Port Royale
    Maya Grill
    Pepper Market
    Café Rix
    Pollo Campero
    Wolfgang Puck Café (TS, DTD West side)
    Tomorrowland Terrace Breakfast
    Tony's Town Square
    1900 Park Fare breakfast
    Garden View Lounge Tea
    Gasparilla Island Grill
    Grand Floridian Café (any meal)
    Kona Café lunch
    Spirit of Aloha Dinner
    Chef Mickey's Dinner
    Artist Point
    Trail's End Dinner

    Worth only 2 Points due to their popularity
    Be our Guest (lunch and dinner)
    Cinderella's Royal Table breakfast
    Columbia Harbour House
    Cosmic Ray's
    Crystal Palace (all meals)
    Liberty Tree Tavern (lunch and dinner)
    Pecos Bill's
    Kona Café Breakfast
    'Ohana Dinner
    Chef Mickey's Breakfast
    Contempo Café lunch or dinner
    Akershus breakfast
    La Cantina de San Angel
    Sunshine Seasons
    Tangierine Café
    Via Napoli
    Yorkshire Fish Shop
    Mama Melrose
    Toy Story Pizza Planet
    Flame Tree Barbecue
    Tusker House (any meal)
    Yak & Yeti (both TS and QS)
    Boma breakfast or dinner
    Mara (any meal)
    Sanaa (lunch or dinner)
    Landscapes of Flavor
    Riverside Mill
    Sassagoula Floatworks
    Earl of Sandwich
    Raglan Road
    Wolfgang Puck Express (lunch or dinner)

    All other restaurant locations (both QS and Full service) not listed above are worth 3 points.

    Also, please remember that in order to receive full credit, you must include a pic of at least one entree in your update. If instead you send only a pic of your appetizer or dessert, etc. then it will be considered a snack update and will be awarded points accordingly.

    All snack updates will be worth 1 point per location (except for those from Les Halles Bakery, which are worth 2 points for one or two snacks or 3 pts. for 3 or more items.) Also, all food and beverage offerings from the Flower & Garden Festival kiosks will be worth 1 point per item.

    Also, Bonus Points will again be awarded for the following:
    - First Update of the Day - the first update which is sent (by text or email) after 7:30 a.m. (ET) each day will receive 1 point.
    - All menu pics will receive 1 pt. per menu
    - Including a pic of you in an update (update must also include at least one food item) - 1 pt./per update
    - Including a pic of another member of your travel party in an update (again update must also include food item) 1 pt./per person/per update
    - All food updates from Universal TS/QS restaurants will receive 3 pts. each
    - Including a pic of at least one character at any character meals 1 pt. per meal (including the Beast at Be our Guest and Chef Remy at Chefs de France)
    - All new cocktails/wine flights/beer flights (those not yet seen on this thread) will be awarded 1 pt. each. Here is the LINK to the list of what we have so far.

    Also, a new addition - Send a pic of the restaurant's exterior or interior sign to use as an intro to your update from that location and you will receive a bonus point. (I think it's a fun way to introduce an update and saves me some typing. ;) )

    Also Miscellaneous Bonus Points may be awarded at my discretion. :thumbsup2

    superchime - 177
    nicole0992 - 167
    Arielle71 - 159
    DaisyluvzGoofy -138
    MichelleWDWfan - 137
    AuroraMeansDawn - 115
    Incredibleboysmom - 114
    pinkxray - 111
    JustEmmy & emmysmommy - 102
    milmore104 - 87
    wdwpirates - 75
    hotcarib - 74
    emmebear - 72
    Angebee - 71
    tstidm1 - 68
    #1eeyoregirl - 65
    dvc4life - 61
    4HppyCamprs - 54
    Ginamarie - 52
    Linda67 - 52
    jimnlahaze - 48
    Kathymford - 39
    proudestmunkie - 38
    Stini228 - 38
    elleavon - 35
    GoofySon'sMom - 30
    atisikitabasket - 27
    Piglet54 - 23
    carmie3377 - 19
    woodleygrrl - 15
    smile4stamps - 12
    bigal'sdaughter - 6

    FEB. 2
    Ginamarie - 25
    elleavon - 10
    bigal'sdaughter - 6

    FEB. 3
    Ginamarie - 5
    elleavon - 5

    FEB. 4
    No updates received :sad2:

    FEB. 5
    Ginamarie - 22
    elleavon - 2

    FEB. 6
    Linda67 - 15
    elleavon - 7

    FEB. 7
    Linda67 - 19
    elleavon - 11

    FEB. 8
    Linda67 - 18

    FEB. 9
    nicole0992 - 9

    FEB. 10
    nicole0992 - 17

    FEB. 11
    nicole0992 - 17
    atisikitabasket - 6

    FEB. 12
    jimnlahaze - 26
    nicole0992 - 21
    DaisyluvzGoofy - 7

    FEB. 13
    jimnlahaze - 22
    atisikitabasket - 8
    nicole0992 - 6

    FEB. 14
    nicole0992 - 26

    FEB. 15
    nicole0992 - 6
    Kathymford - 6

    FEB. 16
    nicole0992 - 7
    Piglet54 - 4
    Couchy - 3

    FEB. 17
    nicole0992 - 23
    DaisyluvzGoofy - 15
    Incredibleboysmom - 9
    Piglet54 - 9

    FEB. 18
    nicole0992 - 35
    pinkxray - 14
    Incredibleboysmom - 6
    Piglet54 - 6

    FEB. 19
    Incredibleboysmom - 29
    pinkxray - 29
    DaisyluvzGoofy - 15
    Piglet54 - 4

    FEB. 20
    DaisyluvzGoofy - 26
    Incredibleboysmom - 10
    atisikitabasket - 8
    pinkxray - 7

    FEB. 21
    Incredibleboysmom - 23
    pinkxray - 23
    atisikitabasket - 9
    DaisyluvzGoofy - 7

    FEB. 22
    pinkxray - 10
    Incredibleboysmom - 6
    atisikitabasket - 5
    LumosQ102 - 3

    FEB. 23
    DaisyluvzGoofy - 19
    pinkxray - 5
    JustEmmy & emmysmommy - 3

    FEB. 24
    Incredibleboysmom - 31
    DaisyluvzGoofy - 25
    milmore104 - 20
    JustEmmy & emmysmommy - 14
    pinkxray - 4

    FEB. 25
    pinkxray - 19
    JustEmmy & emmysmommy - 16
    milmore104 - 11
    Angebee - 6
    hotcarib - 5
    Kathymford - 5

    FEB. 26
    milmore104 - 22
    hotcarib - 16
    superchime - 15
    wdwpirates - 13
    JustEmmy & emmysmommy - 11
    Kathymford - 2

    FEB. 27
    superchime - 23
    Angebee - 18
    hotcarib - 18
    wdwpirates - 14
    JustEmmy & emmysmommy - 8
    Kathymford - 5

    FEB. 28
    milmore104 - 20
    superchime - 16
    Kathymford - 15
    JustEmmy & emmysmommy - 9
    tstidm1 - 7
    smile4stamps - 6
    hotcarib - 4

    MARCH 1
    superchime - 22
    tstidm1 - 21
    hotcarib - 14
    JustEmmy & emmysmommy - 13
    milmore104 - 8
    Stini228 - 7
    smile4stamps - 6
    Kathymford - 3

    MARCH 2
    wdwpirates - 25
    superchime - 16
    tstidm1 - 14
    JustEmmy & emmysmommy - 13
    Stini228 - 11
    hotcarib - 8
    emmebear - 6
    milmore104 - 6

    MARCH 3
    tstidm1 - 19
    superchime - 13
    JustEmmy & emmysmommy - 10
    hotcarib - 9
    emmebear - 8

    MARCH 4
    superchime - 39
    wdwpirates - 19
    tstidm1 - 7
    JustEmmy & emmysmommy - 5

    MARCH 5
    superchime - 33
    Stini228 - 20

    MARCH 6
    DaisyluvzGoofy -24
    MichelleWDWfan - 16
    AuroraMeansDawn - 15
    woodleygrrl - 9
    wdwpirates - 4

    MARCH 7
    AuroraMeansDawn - 12
    woodleygrrl - 1

    MARCH 8
    MichelleWDWfan - 37
    emmebear - 27
    AuroraMeansDawn - 12
    #1eeyoregirl - 5

    MARCH 9
    AuroraMeansDawn - 33
    emmebear - 31
    MichelleWDWfan - 4
    #1eeyoregirl - 3
    Kathymford - 3

    MARCH 10
    MichelleWDWfan - 14
    AuroraMeansDawn - 9
    #1eeyoregirl - 8

    MARCH 11
    AuroraMeansDawn - 20
    4HppyCamprs - 18
    #1eeyoregirl - 10
    woodleygrrl - 5
    MichelleWDWfan - 4

    MARCH 12
    AuroraMeansDawn - 14
    #1eeyoregirl - 5
    4HppyCamprs - 5

    MARCH 13
    MichelleWDWfan - 23
    4HppyCamprs - 13
    #1eeyoregirl - 9

    MARCH 14
    MichelleWDWfan - 19
    #1eeyoregirl - 12
    4HppyCamprs - 9

    MARCH 15
    MichelleWDWfan - 20

    MARCH 16
    4HppyCamprs - 9
    #1eeyoregirl - 8
    proudestmunkie - 5

    MARCH 17
    proudestmunkie - 8
    #1eeyoregirl - 5
    dvc4life - 3

    MARCH 18
    Angebee - 12

    MARCH 20
    Angebee - 35

    MARCH 21
    carmie3377 - 19
    DannysMom - 13

    MARCH 22
    proudestmunkie - 25
    dvc4life - 20

    MARCH 23
    dvc4life - 7
    GoofySon'sMom - 6

    MARCH 24
    GoofySon'sMom - 12

    MARCH 25
    GoofySon'sMom - 12

    MARCH 26
    Arielle71 - 12

    MARCH 27
    Arielle71 - 15

    MARCH 28
    Arielle71 - 11

    MARCH 29
    dvc4life - 15

    MARCH 30
    dvc4life - 16
    Arielle71 - 13

    APRIL 1
    Arielle71 - 17

    APRIL 3
    Arielle71 - 22

    APRIL 4
    Arielle71 - 7
    podsnel - 4

    APRIL 5
    podsnel - 6

    APRIL 6
    Arielle71 - 25

    APRIL 7
    Arielle71 - 13

    APRIL 9
    Arielle71 - 9

    APRIL 10
    Arielle71 - 15
  15. MicRac

    MicRac Mouseketeer

    Nov 11, 2011
    My family and I will be spring breaking it in WDW March 16 through 22nd. And would do live reporting if you choose to continue the thread.
  16. rizzo0904

    rizzo0904 Mouseketeer

    Nov 10, 2007
    I'll do September if it's still going on...

  17. Ginamarie

    Ginamarie DIS Veteran

    Dec 15, 2005
    I can't wait! I need to start packing :)

    I so love checking in on this thread every day or two and seeing all of the goodies. It's actually shaping my decisions for August ADRs which I need to make in a couple of weeks.
  18. glasslipper

    glasslipper DIS Veteran

    Oct 11, 2007
    I'll do August if you are still running the thread. We'll have iphones, so it'll be easier than relying on the wifi at the resorts.
  19. LumosQ102

    LumosQ102 How many days left on the countdown?

    Oct 16, 2011
    Really excited to be on board - just 26 days to go before we gorge ourselves with more ADR's & signature restaurants than I can count


    Now we wil be there until 7th March, so thats another one taking you closer to that 10th March possible cut off.

    Really sad that you are considering the end of this, but can't imagine how much hard work you put into it, so thank you very much from me and my co-eater. Whether it finishes in 7 weeks or carries on, it has been fabulous.
  20. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    Thanks, MicRac! I'll add you to the potential list. :thumbsup2

    Wow, September...I can't think that far ahead. :lmao: But if this thread should still be going then I'd be happy to have you! :thumbsup2

    Looking forward to receiving updates from you again, GM! :goodvibes

    It's a deal, glasslipper! ;)

    Glad to hear it, LumosQ! Off to send my PM now. :)
  21. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    Ok, now that I have all my "threadkeeping" duties done in preparation for next month, how about some updates from our current live reporters. :cool1:

    Our First Update of the Day today was received from hulagirl87.

    She said, "We are at Tusker House this morning. It's loud!!!" :eek:



    "This is DH's plate. He loved the biscuits and the bacon."


    3 January Game Points Earned + 4 Bonus Points for menu pic, First Update of the Day, and pic of DD & Goofy
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