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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by eandgsmom, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. lucyem

    lucyem New Member

    We were told by guest services "shorts are no problem" "you don't need to change" for MDR's on the Dream when I mentioned we had to go change for dinner. We all wore shorts and t-shirts for dinner that night and were one of many.
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  3. Sir William

    Sir William Member

    Same here. I take two pairs of pants and two shirts (aloha in the Caribbean, polo for other destinations) to wear at dinner. I alternate them each evening, but on one occasion I was glad for the second pair as one was damaged beyond repair. After dinner, I often shift back into shorts.

    I really don't understand the reluctance of some to dress even semi-nicely for dinner. Yes, they are on vacation but then so am I. Their "me first" attitude demonstrates a lack of respect for themselves and their fellow passengers. :(
  4. mbrocker

    mbrocker New Member

    Be careful, you don't want to break the rules now. According to the website, under Topsiders:

    Dress Code
    The dress code for dinner is cruise casual. However, you are requested to not wear tank tops, swim wear or shorts for dinner.

    So, per the rules, no shorts even at the "non MDR" sit down location.

    I do think this is a major failing of DCL. I may want "Saturday casual" dress for a sit down meal. I'm willing to go outside the MDRs .. but I don't want pizza/hot dogs/deli every night for dinner. :crazy2:
  5. tajz90

    tajz90 Mama D

    Maybe it's not a lack of respect. Maybe dressing in a pair of decent shorts is considered acceptable where they are from.
  6. Justacruiser

    Justacruiser Military Veteran

    There is another option for you and that would be topsider. Very night, you wouldn't wear a wet bathing suit but you can dress and pretty much get the same food you do in the MDR.
  7. mbrocker

    mbrocker New Member

    Please read again. The actual rules for TOPSIDER say no shorts. Just like in the MDRs.

    I think that DCL chooses to treat their Dress code as a guideline and not a requirement (except Palo/Remy) .. but some people are really really sticklers for the "rules of dress".
  8. tmclanton

    tmclanton New Member

    This is just for dinner, correct? We can wear shorts for breakfast and lunch???
  9. PrincessShmoo

    PrincessShmoo New Member

  10. EastYorkDisneyFan

    EastYorkDisneyFan New Member

    I'm not sure how someone wearing a nice par of shorts is not dressing semi - nicely. Not everyone wants to wear pants when they are on a cruise.I just don't see why people seem so judgmental about it here on the Dis. If one of my table mates came to dinner in short one night I wouldn't care, heck I've gone to dinner in shorts and a polo shirt. As for saying this is part of a me first attitude and a lack of respect for other passengers I really don't get that. :confused3
  11. Snurk71

    Snurk71 New Member

    I didn't dress up for dinner because I didn't have room in my luggage for a couple extra pair of pants, another pair of shoes, dress socks, etc. There's only so much room in my carry-on bag - no checked bags for me.

    I did wear jeans every night, by the way. I was too scared off to wear shorts. I won't be afraid to wear them next time.
  12. tajz90

    tajz90 Mama D

    We HAD to wear shorts on our Med cruise 07 because we lost ALL of our luggage and we could only find/purchase so many things before the cruise took off. We either had to shop or sight see.
  13. cieslack

    cieslack New Member

    The whole Atmosphere of a cruise is supposed to be relaxing. I have to wear a tie every day to work and I take a vacation to dress in comfort. I don't see that wearing nice shorts is disrespectful of others. I don't care one bit if someone wears their "NASCAR hat" to dinner. I would hope that nobody takes offense at what I wear, but someone who would let the way I dress ruin their dinner would probably find something else to be offended by.
  14. EastYorkDisneyFan

    EastYorkDisneyFan New Member

    I agree with everything in your post. I would never wear a hat in the MDR's even when I would go into one at lunch, I'd take it off and stick it in one of the pockets in my shorts.
  15. ericw

    ericw New Member

    I can vouch for that......
    I've posted this before but I showed up at dress up night on the Dream , Enchanted Garden in shorts, sneakers and an "Outlaw Apparel" tee shirt from "Storage Wars" No one said a thing. Not my first choice but we were running late. We've got Palo reservations coming up in april on the fantasy so I'll have to plan a little better.
  16. over50visits

    over50visits New Member

    All of the clothing threads seem to come down to two topics. First is whether shorts are okay for dinner. Lots of differing opinions, kind of a discussion on what the policy should be.

    But the policy exists and is clear, so...

    The second is whether to follow DCL policy. Some think you should, others think since it is not enforced you don't need to.

    The first topic is an interesting insight into the varied opinions on appropriate dress in the MDR setting. The second is an interesting insight into our views of when to follow rules.

    In the end it's an easy topic to discuss, but the discussion won't change much of what happens on the ship. But fun as long as its civil. I think aqua duck strategies are more fun to read!

    Now lets see...how much should I tip?
  17. dbarker

    dbarker Mouseketeer<br><font color=blue>You can't miss my

    This is what I am doing for both DH and DS. Plus throw in 1 nice dress shirt and 2 different ties for each of them (for formal and semi-formal nights). Voila!!! Dinner clothes for the men is DONE.
  18. carissa1970

    carissa1970 New Member

    A policy is only as good as its enforcement. There is no point in having it posted anywhere if they do not make people abide by it.

    The nice shorts and polo shirt is what we here call "desert attire" and it is what you will see in almost every restaurant around this golf resort town in the Coachella Valley. Everyone looks very nice and appropriate. Of course, our typical late Spring, Summer, early Fall temps are around 110 degrees so it makes sense. Probably not that hot on the ship. Either way, I think I will wear pants, most likely jeans, and nice tops and shoes. Had to force myself to buy a skirt for formal night...never wear them, but will abide by the code.


    BEYONCE New Member

    My first disney cruise I wore shorts to almost every dinner because I didn't do any planning or even look at disneys website, I was invited by someone and didnt really do any planning I just paid and went!

    I didn't even know what the navigator was for until the last day when I sat down at cc and read it!

    Now I know and I have read disneys website I follow the rules and I have been on 3 cruises since then. And now I know I would never feel comfortable wearing shorts to dinner again mostly because its so cold to me in the mdrs!

    I wouldn't mind someone wearing shorts, the way I see it they're not bothering anyone, Also your legs are mostly under the table!
  20. disneylover2170

    disneylover2170 New Member

    I wore a short dress not very fancy and the boys wore polo and kacky
  21. jjje

    jjje One time I saw a guy wear cut-off jean shorts to d

    My husband brought two pairs of pants for dinner. One khaki pair for most dinners and black pair for formal and semi-formal night. (I think he might have worn jeans on the pirate night.) He didn't have to pack two outfits for each day, just a couple of extra pieces of clothing he mixed and matched.

    I actually don't care much what other people wear to dinner in most cases. On the semi-formal night though I saw a man dressed in cut off jean shorts and a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off. I don't begrudge him trying to be comfortable on his vacation but I was glad I wasn't one of his tablemates, trying to enjoy my lobster while his underarm hair waved around in my face.

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