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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by WDWKOOK, May 14, 2013.

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  1. Wood Nymph

    Wood Nymph DIS Veteran

    You just call the reservation number and talk to any CM. They will mark your request on your reservation so that the room assigners will see it when they make the room assignments. there isn't a direct line to any resort for room preferences. They handle everything through a call center, even calls to housekeeping.
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  3. Zippa D Doodah

    Zippa D Doodah <font color=red>Suffering from Fairy Alienation.

    Your response reminds me of an etiquette question I have been meaning to ask... After 15+ WDW trips at resorts of all levels I don't recall ever asking for an upgrade or even so much as a change in room. We were given an upgrade from Pop to CSR one time which was a wonderful surprise which we are very grateful for.
    We are booked for 5 nights Woods View (last week of September). My family and I will be delighted to stay at WL with that view. Is it rude to ask if any upgrades are available at the time of check-in? This will be a bout the slowest season we have visited WDW and I was wondering if something would be more likely available and if it would not be considered bad Disney manners to ask.

    WDWKOOK <marquee><font color=purple>Lawyered-Up and Shovel

    I'm re-quoting you as a way to revise my now obsolete reply to you yesterday:rolleyes1. I discovered last night that you changed from WL/CL so ignore my comments about the lounge and instead enjoy the Riverside Mill and Boatwright's:goodvibes (And those beignets next door;)). The kids are going to love Ol' Man Island:)

    It's never a problem asking questions here:). Wood Nymph is correct that your call "to the resort" never actually goes to the resort. A Call Center in another part of FL answers and if they don't know the answer, they will put you on-hold and call the resort.

    For any requests, make sure that you always call the WDTC: (407) W-DISNEY or if you're staying Club Level, just email or call the IPO. In the latter case, your call will actually go directly to the onsite IPO, which in the case of WL is located at the Poly.

    I see you arrive in 4 days? Your reservation is usually dropped into the resort's system about 3-5 days prior to arrival. The Room Assignor, as Wood Nymph mentioned, will then see it and assign your room prior to arrival. When you check-in, even if your room isn't ready, the CM will know where it's located and can tell you if your request was able to be met.

    Good luck and hava a great vacation! Will you be able to post here?


    Ah, WDW etiquette - the subject of many a closed thread:stir:

    The WL Room Assignors are very generous with upgrades. Having said that, the tactful way to ask to be upgraded, IMHO, is to mention that you think you and your family would just love a (WL) Courtyard View room and you are wondering what the cost difference would be. From what I've read on the DIS, CMs rarely upgrade a guest simply because they have asked. Upgrades are generally made by the Room Assignor 3-5 days prior to arrival. In fact, many front desk CMs don't even realize when a guest has been upgraded by the RA and you often won't even know until you step foot in your room and look out the balcony.

    So I would first ask about your room location and if you haven't already been upgraded, ask what the cost difference would be. You can always say, "No, thank you" or it may be a nominal difference and you can upgrade you family as a surprise:goodvibes
  5. Buntington

    Buntington Member

    We've been upgraded every time we've stayed at WL. We have never directly asked, though. The first couple of times we didn't even put any requests in our reservation! The last time we stayed there, in 2011, we asked for a room near the elevator because my mom is disabled and my grandma was 83, so walking long distances wasn't great for her even though she was mobile. We ended up with a courtyard view instead of standard and we were right next to the elevators. :banana: A poster upthread mentioned that it is unlikely to happen at peak times, but one of our previous upgrades was the week before xmas. That being said, I definitely wouldn't expect or count on an upgrade.
  6. GrandCalifornian

    GrandCalifornian Can't Wait To Go Back

    I totally agree. We also have been upgraded every time, and never asked. I assume the room assignors will do the best they can for us, and we have always been happy.

    With that being said, we book Standard view because we would be fine with any WL room. If we get anything nicer it is a plus, but we don't expect an upgrade and therefore won't be disappointed if we don't get one.

    WDWKOOK <marquee><font color=purple>Lawyered-Up and Shovel

    I've been told that the in-room coffee has been changed from the Cuisinart pods to Joffrey's. Also, recently the CL cobbler has been peach and berry, mixed berry and apple and some evenings they are serving two different cobblers. Hail, to the Cobbler!:worship:

    WDWKOOK <marquee><font color=purple>Lawyered-Up and Shovel

    I've added shipping information to the Guest Services section of the first page.
  9. CuteAsMinnie

    CuteAsMinnie Active Member

    OMGosh! OMGosh! OMGosh!!!!!!

  10. CuteAsMinnie

    CuteAsMinnie Active Member

    :worship: to you, Kook!
  11. jackemail

    jackemail Active Member

    Just a couple of quick thoughts about our recent WL stay.
    Have stayed at WL previously, twice in the Lodge and once in the villas.

    This time, booked a deluxe club level room, because I had 3 teenage girls and a 10 year old girl with me. I wanted the teens to have a room to themselves for a while before we moved to Boardwalk as part of a split stay.

    I do love the theming and the location of WL....perfect for trips to the MK, and so easy to get to HDDR. Teens loved the pool and slide.

    Like the set up of the Old Faithful Club, and the seating. Good food offerings, nice CM's.

    Pros and cons as to the room. Room 2000 is about as far away from the OFC as one can get, so we probably didn't make as many trips to the lounge as we would have. (We spent a LOT of time in the lounge at Boardwalk.) Of course, it is also close to the pool, and not far from the boat dock, which is convenient. And the noisy teens didn't disturb anyone at night, because it is the corner room. It is a nice sized room for 5.

    Balconies are rather a waste--nothing to see, and couldn't see over the rails if there was something besides a dense wood. No big deal, as we were looking forward to the balcony at BWI anyway.

    Will look forward to returning to WL in the future....maybe not with 5 people this time, so I can get a room closer to the OFC!
  12. Funky Chicken

    Funky Chicken misses the Citrus Swirl at Sunshine Tree Terrace!

    We stayed one night following a week on the Fantasy at WL. The standard room we were in (5064) was enough to make me never book standard there again.
  13. GrandCalifornian

    GrandCalifornian Can't Wait To Go Back

    Yep, I agree that you should book the minimum category you would be happy with or higher rather than expecting an upgrade.

    For us we will take the gamble and would still be happy to be in a standard room at WL over booking a moderate.
  14. red712371

    red712371 Member

    I'm so excited!! Going to stay at WL for the first time since 1999 in December. I was worried that we wouldn't be able to afford it, but we managed to do it. Now, the trip seems so real. We can't wait! :cool1:

    We have booked a woods view and we like quiet peaceful rooms that have a little soemthing to look at. I have requested a view of the otter pond, upper floors. Do you think that this will give us the best chance of a room that fits that?

    Thanks everyone!
  15. vinotinto

    vinotinto Just Keep Swimming

    I'm piggy-backing on this discussion about room requests. I originally considered booking Standard since we're going in the winter and will likely not sit out in the balcony. But, all the talk about Standard rooms is making me a little nervous, so I'm now considering booking Woods View. If we book a Woods view, what kind of room request is recommended for a nice view?
  16. Raya

    Raya Member

    The only room available with our offer was a queen bed w/ 2 bunk beds. We don't need the bunk beds. I feel slightly guilty taking that room if it meant someone's kids had to sleep on the floor. Is there any way to let the room assignment people know that we're fine with switching? Should we call that week before hand or mention it at check in?
  17. GrandCalifornian

    GrandCalifornian Can't Wait To Go Back

    I would think your room requests could be the same for either Woods or Standard view. Either way you could ask for a high floor in the North wing and have a chance at seeing Wishes and be relatively close to Roaring Fork for QS food.

    Another factor in room requests though is whether you prefer to have a room that opens to the lobby. We really enjoyed this, but can see how others might prefer a quieter location or not be fond of the open hallways due to a fear of heights. You might want to use a room request to specify whether you would like a room that opens to the lobby or not. It is worth noting that on the map, all of the Standard View rooms in the South Wing do open to the lobby.

    No matter what you will be in a beautiful resort and under the same roof as everyone. It really is nice that WL is compact compared to larger WDW resorts.
  18. ToyStory3

    ToyStory3 Active Member

    What are the locations of the club level rooms at WL? Are they all on a certain floor? What will the view be if you pick CL standard view?

  19. dansdad

    dansdad DIS Veteran


    WDWKOOK <marquee><font color=purple>Lawyered-Up and Shovel

    You're so cute - as Minnie::MinnieMo

    Thanks for posting about your Deluxe room stay. It does make for a trek when you're not staying on the CL floor at any resort. The Deluxe room seems to be a nice compromise between booking two CL rooms, unless you can get a discount on the two CL rooms Vs. the Deluxe, which rarely has discounts. Did you have a Deluxe room at BWI? Five of those rooms are on the CL floor, which makes it much more convenient.

    Welcome! Your bolded comment made me think of a line from Seinfeld when Kramer reports that he "Spent a week there one night!"

    Welcome and congratulations on booking WL! I think you've made a request that would fit your desire to have a quieter location. The North Wing or near the Otter Pond and a high floor, will give you a peaceful view and even the chance of seeing some of Wishes. Have you booked your ADRs yet?

    I wouldn't be too worried about booking a SV. You'll still have woods in the distance and even the chance of seeing some of Wishes from the higher North Wing rooms. The only difference with a WV room in the North Wing would be that it wouldn't be above the Service Area and Smokehouse - the WV rooms are further toward the dock and away from the parking area and only overlook woods and the Otter Pond. But, for a WV room, I would request 5th floor, North Wing. The 5th is the highest floor that doesn't have any solid balcony railings.

    Welcome and that is very thoughtful of you. But, since you've paid for a bunk room, I would keep checking for non-bunk availability. Rooms open up all the time and you can even ask at check-in and they would refund the difference if they move you to a non-bunk room.

    Nicely put, as always.

    There are two possible CL views and all WL CL rooms are referred to as "Standard":

    Woods: Looking toward MK/CR (North Wing) or looking toward VWL (South Wing).

    Courtyard: Looking toward the WL courtyard, Bay Lake, pool and geyser.

    All are on the 7th floor, with the exception of the 25 Deluxe rooms located on floors 1-6.

    Thank you for posting the links.
  21. jackemail

    jackemail Active Member

    I did have a deluxe room at BWI, but on the 3rd floor instead of the CL floor. We were close to the "secret" stairs, though, so it only took a minute to get up to the 4th floor....and the balconies are larger on the 3rd floor, so it all worked out well.
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