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(CLOSED) Disney's WILDERNESS LODGE and VILLAS Information Thread ~2012~

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by WDWKOOK, Aug 3, 2012.

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  1. tinkerbellybutton

    tinkerbellybutton Mouseketeer

    Just wanted to see about getting added to the "lodgers log". We will be at the lodge feb. 9-14! Can't wait to see my beloved lodge, and spend time in "our livingroom" on the 4th floor. Hope it's just as we left it! Lol!
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  3. mslhb

    mslhb Member

    Just back from our wonderful stay at the WL. A few thoughts...

    Room: We were in a Deluxe Room. It was halfway down the south wing on the 3rd floor. Room was awesome. Loved being close to the CL lounge vs. the ones at the end of the wings. View was good. If it would have only been a few floors higher it would have been great. The trees blocked a portion of the lake. Could still see the electrical water parade which my DH suprisingly loved. No room complaints at all.

    Food: WCC, ate lunch here our 1st day. It was okay but definitely not our best meal of the trip. They now are offering the all you can eat platter at lunch even though it isn't on the menu. We just split some appetizers since we had an early dinner planned. Roaring Forks was great. Love the flat bread pizza! Artist Point, ended up cancelling our ADR here since DH wanted more park time. Territory Lounge, got one of the appetizers to go one night. Was really really good!

    Transportation: I don't know if we just had extremely good luck but it was awesome! We never waited more then 5 minutes tops and often the bus or boat was there waiting when we walked up. Never had to stand on a bus. No transportation complaints at all.

    CL Lounge: This was awesome and we used it way more then I expected. Love the view of the lobby and the windows off the back. We got breakfast there every morning. Loved the cappucino from the machine. In the evenings we would grab a glass of wine and some dessert on the way back to the room. All of the CM's there were super nice and friendly. This was our 1st time ever staying on-site and I worry DH is now hooked on CL for good!

    Overall we had a great trip. Weather was perfect and the crowds were low. December is a great time to stay at the lodge. The decorations were beautiful. They had a photopass photographer in the lobby taking pics by the tree every night which was nice. Really loved the WL and hope to be back!
  4. twinmom108

    twinmom108 Mouseketeer

    We were Flag Family on Dec. 4th with Ranger Jack. They do book up very fast. We checked in on Nov. 24th & couldn't get it till 1 1/2 weeks later.
  5. Meredisney

    Meredisney Mouseketeer

  6. summerrluvv

    summerrluvv <font color=darkorchid>Work Hard. Have Fun.<br><f

    We checked in Friday, love it here, our first time. We did online check in, got here at 5pm, and our room had a sign on the door saying it was being made up, went in, beds made, but messy,had someone else's post it note still on the mirror with a personal note for them. The room smelled like urine, crumbs all over carpet right outside door. Called to the desk and asked if we were assigned the wrong room. Was told it was ours, but we could come back down for new one, which we did. Was really disappointed to be honest. For $350 a night, I kept thinking that should not have happened. New room is great. Tons of towel critters! Saw MK xmas fireworks from the beach tonight, very pretty!
  7. teheber


    Thanks for the wine advice! We are going Mardi Gras week so I'll bring the CM's plenty of mardi gras beads.

    So glad we won't have to pack a high chair with 2 adults and 5 kids crammed in our vehicle on our lonnnnng drive![/QUOTE]

    We will be traveling in for Mardi Gras as well with split resorts Boardwalk to start and Wilderness Lodge to finish.


    WDWKOOK <marquee><font color=purple>Lawyered-Up and Shovel

    Thanks for your live TR! How were the OL and MVMCP? Crowded?

    I hate connecting doors, too and always request a room without one. However, since the Deluxe rooms have never been discounted for us, I've never stayed n one, but from what I gather from a past thread, they all have connecting doors. But all you have to do to verify is email the IPO and ask them to find out.

    The rooms that are at the ends of the wings can have a partially obstructed view of Bay Lake due to the trees. The rooms that are at the ends of the shorter wing, where the two suites are, do not have an obstructed view, but are further from Bay Lake and have the pool in the foreground. The higher floors have amazing views and would be considered a "Bear Face " room if the rooms were directly below the CL lounge area and not off to the sides.

    So you are at WL the whole time or the extra night? Either way - congratulations and welcome home, E-P-C-O-T!

    Thanks for describing your view and room location. I know we're all looking forward to your photos:hyper:

    Yippee for your Bear Face room! It's perfect for watching the EWP, isn't it? Looking forward to your next report:)

    I would be happy to add you, tinkerbellybutton! Your living room has new furniture:rolleyes:

    Thanks for your TR, mshlb! And, thank you for letting others know that there was a PP photographer in the lobby. I hope you get to return soon:)

    Thanks for letting everyone know. Don't you just love Jack's hat?!

    That is not a nice greeting to walk into a dirty room - ugh. We all know that rooms are messy before they clean them, but guests don't want to see others' filth. I'm glad though that you are happy with your current room - these things sometimes happen. We were once given a KTTW card at the CR for an occupied room. That poor family and poor dad who was in the bathroom got the shock of their life (and so did I) when we opened that door:sad2:
  9. jpdeg99

    jpdeg99 Member

    Just got back from a great stay. We were booked in a standard view. Asked for and got a bunk bed room. We were in 5097, which is over the main lobby, almost directly above the front desk. Couldn't have asked for a better room. Sure, it was a bit noisy, but walking out into the lobby added a lot of atmosphere that seems would be missing if we were down one of the wings. Of course, the view was terrible, but we didn't go out on the balcony much anyway. I think the ideal rooms would be the court yard vie rooms over the lobby, I think there are maybe 2 or 4 on each floor.
  10. goofynut41

    goofynut41 Disney Veteran

    It shows Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday... Not sure about Friday or Saturday :confused3.... Probably less crowded during the week anyway..:santa:
    We are staying the whole trip at WL... I dont like to move once I get there..:banana:
    Only 363 days ...:yay:
  11. goofynut41

    goofynut41 Disney Veteran

    Go to DIS info and look under Christmas.. It give the dates for this year..
    Sun, tues, thurs and fri... are the days of the week looks like..
  12. tinkerbellybutton

    tinkerbellybutton Mouseketeer

    Cool, can't wait to see all the new stuff they've done!

    WDWKOOK <marquee><font color=purple>Lawyered-Up and Shovel

    So glad you had a great stay at WL and got the bunks. Did your kids fight over who got the top?

    The courtyard view rooms you mentioned would be ideal are called Bear Face rooms by DISers. These rooms are located on the 4th and 5th floors and are odd numbered from 4067-4079 and 5067-5069:goodvibes
  14. crznut

    crznut Member


    I would like to bring extra coffee to enjoy on our balcony. What kind of pots do the rooms have. Husband says we can just ask for extra. What do ya'll think?
    We will be ther in Jan for 3 nights. Very excited.


  15. crznut

    crznut Member

    Are most rooms updated as of this time? I like the new light colored bedding!

  16. looking 4 the mouse

    looking 4 the mouse Earning My Ears

    Arriving 12/16-12/21. Can't wait. Looking foward to a relaxing resort tour. Doing the 12/18 MVMCP, catching the candle light procession, and hopefully a sleigh ride or boat rental. Plan on catching the Boardwalk one evening and finishing up Downtown Disney to cap off the night. This will be my wife and I's first real trip without our kids in 20 years. We have a standard view, so what floor or rooms would make a good request?
    Have a magical Holiday all...
  17. CynBeth

    CynBeth Mouseketeer

    Thanks! We will probably pick a weeknight. 363 sounds so much better than 499 doesn't it? I feel like we are so much closer somehow.
  18. CynBeth

    CynBeth Mouseketeer

  19. Mousemommy1

    Mousemommy1 DIS Veteran

    They are all done! :goodvibes

    WDWKOOK <marquee><font color=purple>Lawyered-Up and Shovel

    :wave2: and welcome, crznut!

    From the first page:


    All rooms were completed in September - there's a rehab update on the first page, post #1.

    Welcome! The Std. View rooms on the higher floors in the North Wing have a partial Wishes/Castle/CR View.

    Congratulations on your first trip w/o the kids and I hope you have a magical holiday, toopixiedust:
  21. crznut

    crznut Member

    Thanks! Newer is always nice.
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