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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by WDWKOOK, Jan 17, 2013.

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  1. Gryhndmom

    Gryhndmom Coast to Coast 2013....PHM and DL Half

    Kook...assume you are military too ? DH retired AF so good to know there is still a military discount for other WDW resorts if we don't stay at shades of green and/or have used up our DVC points . (since they have indeed done away with the 40% airline discount)

    I will have to say after staying at CR on the CL...I really, really, really like BLT and the 1BD villa...so nice to have washer/dryer and...two bathrooms !:)
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  3. honeymo78

    honeymo78 Don't dream it, be it

    Even when using a company you are still renting from an owner. Disney can't see the difference whether I rent to my best friend or someone from DAvid's. There is zero difference in the reservation.

    Technically anyone other than an owner or guests of the owner (all rented/gifted reservations) should not have DVC on the key card. What I think actually happens is that the front desk sees a points reservation and issues the card with DVC on it. There should be a notation that the reservation is for someone other than the member but I don't know if that always appears or even if the front desk looks at it when making keys.

    I think this is why the member card is being asked for more often since non members get the DVC notation on their KTTW card. For the record, TOWTL is only for members and any guests accompanying them. DVC on your room key shouldn't be enough to get you access but not every CM asks for the blue member card in addition.
  4. marybogue

    marybogue New Member

    Kook, You are a Contemporary master! Thank you for the DVC info, and such a fabulous thread. :thumbsup2

    Danielle and AirGoofy, thank you so much! I understand the distinction now. We have a Garden Wing/Garden View room booked for May, but after checking out Dave's website, I am thinking a MK BLT studio would be pretty cool!
  5. AirGoofy

    AirGoofy <font color=red>DIS Dad#341<br><font color=darkorc

    Welcome, and glad to help. Do keep in mind that the CR rooms are bigger than the BLT studio rooms, but the 1 BRs and above at BLT are amazing.
  6. ::danielle::

    ::danielle:: New Member

    You're welcome! We're all just paying it forward!

    Makes you wonder how the Magic Band will change this practice.
  7. Annie78

    Annie78 New Member

    I have a super-specific CR food question - for those who have been recently, do Contemporary Cafe's grab-and-go selections include hummus and/or yogurt? Those are the two foods 3 yo DS will most reliably eat even in unfamiliar form, so it would be great to grab some to eat later in the parks.
  8. babyberger

    babyberger Active Member

    I am almost 100% that I saw yogurt in the grab and go, but I can't recall any hummus, but I wasn't looking for it either.

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  9. MrsBlovesDisney

    MrsBlovesDisney New Member

    Another CR food specific question.....

    Does anyone know if the food store on the 4th floor sells Oscar Mayer Hotdogs? I thought I saw them last year but not positive. Prob going to order some thru GG but was curious....although they're prob a lot more expensive at the CR. :)

    WDWKOOK <marquee><font color=purple>Lawyered-Up and Shovel

    Yes, there is yogurt, but I've not seen hummus either, except at club level.

    Yes, here it is:

    WDWKOOK <marquee><font color=purple>Lawyered-Up and Shovel

    DH is retired USAF, too:). Yes, the interline discount is no more this year, but for several years now they keep renewing the military discount:worship:. Also, when SOG is booked (you can plug your dates in online to see if they're booked), you can book an overflow rate for a WDW resort. The discount is 20% off, with no blackouts, unlike the military rate which is blacked-out during holidays.

    I agree with you that the one bedroom villas at BLT are amazing. We've pretty much given up CL in favor of the one bedroom instead, though split stays makes them both possible;). It's a tough choice, but the villa really makes the vacation extra relaxing and comfortable and we can still enjoy CR and the walkway:thumbsup2

    :blush: Master KOOK is blushing - thank you, marybogue, I'm glad you're enjoying the thread.

  12. MrsBlovesDisney

    MrsBlovesDisney New Member

    THANK YOU (as always) WDWKOOK!!!;)

    WDWKOOK <marquee><font color=purple>Lawyered-Up and Shovel

    You're welcome. Your trip is coming up soon! Hope you'll report back to us and include a few room view photos perhaps?
  14. MrsBlovesDisney

    MrsBlovesDisney New Member

    Just thought I'd say "I agree 100%"!!! Tho we ADORE the CR, there's just so much space in the 1BDRM's + !

    We have a Res for CR TPV for April using the Disney Visa discount. I keep calling HOPING that a 1 Bdrm TPV at the BLT will open up in the meantime.
    I doubt it will but you NEVER KNOW! ;)

    Either way we are TOTALLY PUMPED!!!:cool1:
  15. quandrea

    quandrea New Member

    Heading to BLT in a week. Booked a standard view. What should I request. Also, dd is severely allergic. Will the front desk note a special clean of the room if I call direct? What should I request for lake view? We have one night booked in a lake view.
  16. Kanga1

    Kanga1 New Member

    My DH wants to celebrate his 50th birthday in 2014 by staying at the Contemporary. Of course a TPV would be the best. We would be there over July 4th. I LOVE a balcony and am out on it a LOT. Aren't the TPV balconies unbearable and basically unuseable in mid-summer from about 11:00am until 7:00pm due to directly facing the sun?
  17. familygoboston

    familygoboston New Member

    quandrea- What size unit?
    We were able to see the MK park and distant castle from our 1 BR Lake view by requesting the North Building level 6 or higher, even numbered unit (numbers ending in 4, 10, 12) it seems if you have a studio if you requested North tower, level 6 or higher (lower is considered standard view anyway) units ending in 08, or 08 you would have a left looking peek at the park as well as a lovely view of the Bay Lake. If you want to see the contemporary and the electric water parade on Bay Lake, and be a bit closer to the walkway on level 5, consider the South building. Hope that helps! The odd numbered Villas all seem to over look the pool area with the lake beyond...many of the upper level ones are lake view, but you will not be able to see the MK park from the odd numbered units.

    Good luck!!

    I'm going to post photos of 7710 later today...DH finally finished processing them!
  18. I cannot speak for summer as I never travel to Disney then. However, at Christmas, I look forward to sitting out there to warm up!! :lmao: So, I guess it must be really hot in the summer!!
  19. familygoboston

    familygoboston New Member

    Hi everyone,
    First...Doesn't your heart just jump for joy when you see this:

    Here is a recent review of our stay at BLT.



    Room Selection: we chose a lake view one BR for our family of 4, DH and I (we are not telling!;)) and DD's 16 and 18. We chose the 1 BR for the kitchen, but mainly for the 2 bathrooms and the sleeper couch and sleeper chair. DD 2 is 5 foot 10 and needs a little more space than sharing a single sofa bed! And with teen girls you can see why we wanted the second bath:rolleyes:

    We read this thread in its entirety (love this thread!) and determined by looking at the wonderful chart that is linked here that we could score a MK view in a Lake View unit if we requested a unit in the North Tower with an even number (this means asking for units ending in 04, 10, 12). We wanted to be on a floor closer to the "bridge" between Contemporary and BLT on level 5 (goes to level 4 at the Contemporary) so we could walk the stairs rather than always have to wait for the elevator. Requesting the North tower meant we were accepting a longer walk (all the way through the center tower) to get to the walk way, but this seemed worth it to get the MK view. The Lake View is also lovely!!

    We paid rack rates because my DH's father was ill and we could not rent points like we usually do, we needed fully refunable. As it turned out he passed in December, but there was so much going on, I was not about to cancel and then search for a last minute rental. The rate was doable because we only stayed 4 nights, splitting the week with 4 days on the west coast visiting my parents (at a rate $o ) in their home.

    Photo Tour of the 7710:
    The view from our balcony:

    This unit is the middle of the 3 1 BR that have a view; the o4 unit will have a much better view of MK, the 12 unit will be much like this but a little further away. You can see the fireworks pretty well, but the castle is far to the naked eye. My DH got some better photos with his telephoto. We could not see the Electric Water parade from this location. While there is a parking lot, tennis court and service area right below us, we did not notice any noise from inside the unit, on the balcony you could hear folks playing tennis, but not their conversations and the occasional car in the parking lot. Over all extremely quiet- especially indoors!!

    Panorama of our view:


    This gives you a sense of what the "straight on" view is from this unit, it is a lake...thus lakeview, but if you are sitting on the couch or on the balcony you can easily see the castle!!


    Now we will make our way around the unit counter clockwise from the kitchen area...

    This is the kitchen and living area:


    The kitchen is well equipped with everything you would need including consumables...such as coffee, dishwashing liquid, paper towels etc. Whether these are offered to folks in their own or rented DVC units, I can't say.

    This is the pull out double couch. Note that all of those "ottomans" and benches open for storage...it was great my DD1's roller bag actually could fit inside that ottoman and she could live out of her case without stuff laying around the living room all week.


    The other side of the living area and the sleeper chair closed:


    I will show it open in the next post;

    Behind that shade is the door to the balcony. The wall unit also has several drawers, and DD 2 was able to unpack (which she likes to do) and there was plenty of room for her stuff.

    This is the dining area:


    That ottoman also opens for storage

    Here is the main bedroom with the king:


    View of the balcony and office area (yes, DH was working...but just a little bit!!)


    This is the bath in the main king room:

    Can you spot the hidden Mickey?? Hint: we brought it with us!

    Shower in the main king bath:


    This is the living area full bath:


    Across from that bath is the entry and laundry:


    The door you see next to the entry is a closet, perpendicular to that is the connecting door to the other unit- you can see how it is tucked well out of the main living areas, thus we never heard a peep. Additionally, there is a ventilation unit on the wall opposite the closet that runs continuously and this creates some white noise in that area, which would further mask any potential sounds...very well designed!

    next up...some views around the BLT and Contemporary and a review (the opinion part!)
  20. macemc12

    macemc12 New Member

    Thanks for the great review and pics! We will be at BLT in a 1BR in 4 days!

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  21. bigAWL

    bigAWL New Member

    I believe the 04 units are farther down the hall and farther away from the MK than the 10 and 12 units. So 04 would look more towards the Lake and 12 would have the slightly better view of the MK.
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