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(CLOSED) Disney's BOARDWALK INN and VILLAS Information Thread ~2012~

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by WDWKOOK, Jan 14, 2012.

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  1. debrapagliasotti

    debrapagliasotti Active Member

    20 days from now we will be checking into BW for 10 nts!! Our first time staying there & we are booked in a Dlx CL room :santa:
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  3. jackemail

    jackemail Active Member

    Sounds heavenly...I can picture it now.
  4. jackemail

    jackemail Active Member

    The BEST rooms ever......wonderful views and so much room!
  5. CanadianAli

    CanadianAli Member

    Heading down in a couple of weeks and starting to think about packing. In an effort to save some suitcase space, I wondered what kind of hairdryers they have at the BWI. I could deal with a decent, but not my own one if it's one that it's in a bag and has some power. If it's a wall one, I'm doomed to find case space.

    Anyone know?

    WDWKOOK <marquee><font color=purple>Lawyered-Up and Shovel

    None of the Deluxes have the wall units - it's underneath the sink in a bag. My daughter and I have long hair and we've found they work well - no reason to bring your own.

  7. pixarmom

    pixarmom DIS Veteran

    I also have long hair and think the hair dryers at BWI are great - no need to pack one. Now the Disney Wonder is another matter . . . :)
  8. PolyndianPrincessJes

    PolyndianPrincessJes <font color=blue>Alias: TotalSnowWhite<br><font co

    So excited for our first BWI stay next month!! We're usually across the lake at BC when we stay in the Epcot area. We got a lagoon view room, and we're really excited to be able to look out onto the Boardwalk! We're just there for a weekend before we head "home" to the Poly, but I can't wait!!
  9. ttfn3

    ttfn3 Wish I were on Sanibel Island!!

    I am at the BWV now. The hair dryer is a Conair 1875. It has a nice attachment that helps to control the air flow/spot dry your hair. It is in a black bag so I assume it's the same hair dryer at the BWI. It is plenty strong so no need to bring one from home.
  10. jackemail

    jackemail Active Member

    Lucky you. I think the BWI/Poly split stay is perfect! My favorite as well.
  11. CanadianAli

    CanadianAli Member

    Thanks guys! I thought that's what they had, but just wanted to make sure. Thick, long hair has left me wary of any hotel hairdryers when you aren't sure what you're going to get.
  12. gogo

    gogo Active Member

    Hi All,

    I put a reservation on hold until next week for BWI standard club level room with deluxe dining. I'm going to book in a couple of days. I am curious because I received an email from the Beach Club planning department listing all the available CM's to help book whatever we need. I didn't recognize any of the names from the BWI club level. Does BWI use the BC CM's for this.

    We stayed last year at BWI standard club level and we didn't receive any emails. I wonder if it is because this is a hold and not an actual reservation yet??? I know they have the correct resort because it was identified in their email.

    On a side note, I'm really looking forward to our second stay at the BWI. Last January was our first time at BWI after being to Disney many, many times and we loved it.
  13. gwynne

    gwynne Active Member

    Hi GoGo,
    There is one Itinerary Planning Office that helps club level guests at all three Epcot resorts, Beach Club, Yacht Club, and Boardwalk Inn. The folks that work there are IPO, only. They don't work at the various club levels. There are different CM's that work on the Club level floors.
    I don't always receive an email from the IPO when I book. When I don't I just send them an introductory email with our name, reservation # and any other details.
    I really like working with the IPO, they are very helpful. They are available to you both by email and by phone. Congrats on your upcoming stay, and happy planning!:goodvibes
  14. gogo

    gogo Active Member

    Thanks Gwynne for the quick reply. I've stayed club level several times and haven't seen this before so it's nice to know.:)
  15. PolyndianPrincessJes

    PolyndianPrincessJes <font color=blue>Alias: TotalSnowWhite<br><font co

    We're really looking forward to it!
  16. TigrLvsPooh

    TigrLvsPooh <font color=purple>Disney's Ultimate Fan, and our

    I'm looking for some advice on room requests! :)
    We will be arriving at BWI CL in just 37 days! :cloud9:
    It has been several years since we've last stayed there, we are booked for standard CL and I believe last time we had a view of the rose garden area and the backside of the WS. We could see the high fireworks from our balcony. :) Could someone give me a quick run down on the possible locations for CL standard... and what request I should make. Last time we were pretty close to the lounge which was nice. It's been so long it's hard to remember a lot about it. Does anyone know an approximate percentage of rooms that have daybeds? I was counting on disneyzone for a room map but sadly they are all gone. Thanks for any info you can share! :) :thumbsup2 :goodvibes
  17. debrapagliasotti

    debrapagliasotti Active Member

    AHHHH, I am so excited to hear that! Cant wait to get there!!
  18. gogo

    gogo Active Member

    We stayed at BWI last January in a standard CL room. I requested a boardwalk view and as a second choice a pool view. We were given a boardwalk view, the CM checking us in said because it was not busy during that time we would be getting the boardwalk view. It was wonderful. Although the balcony was small it was still very enjoyable. The room was not very far from the club lounge or the elevators or maybe in comparison to other resorts we've stayed at the walk didn't appear as far:laughing:

    We're planning another visit this coming January and I requested the same locations, boardwalk view and second choice pool. Hopefully, we will get the boardwalk view but I understand it is just a request.
  19. snowwite

    snowwite Active Member

    We just got back from a Thanksgiving trip. We had Rm 4057 which is a Deluxe Studio with daybed, Q pull out sofa and Q bed. we had a fridge,microwave,toaster and coffee pot. The balcony overlooks the surrey rental and faces the spaceship earth at epcot, the greens with a large xmas tree and the veranda. We had a clear view of both MK and Epcot fireworks. The stairs to right of room come out by the pool/arcade area. The elevator comes out in lobby by the gift shop. We saw a couple getting into Cinderellas coach to go to the gazebo for a wedding. It was a great room. :cool2:
  20. psac

    psac Active Member

    It sounds fantastic, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  21. SUSIEQ

    SUSIEQ Active Member

    Did you check in on Thanksgiving Day? That's the day we checked out of this room. It was a great room!
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