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Childfree (by choice) Disney Lovers!

Discussion in 'Disney for Adults and Solo Travelers' started by maddhatir, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. maddhatir

    maddhatir Disney lovin' Harley gal....or is that Harley lovi

    Anyone else out there??!

    I am childfree by choice and a Disney FREAK!!

    If anyone asks, "how you can enjoy Disney without kids?" I tell them, "obviously YOU are not doing it right!":sad2:

    I have been to Disney about 16 times. 11 times it was just DH and I, and the other 5 were with BIL, SIL and the kids. I am SO looking forward to our next trip- ALONE!:woohoo:

    All I have to say is, Disney is MUCH more enjoyable without kids- hands DOWN! Not only is it the "Happiest" place on earth- it is also the most "ROMANTIC"!:thumbsup2
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  3. TKDizneyluver

    TKDizneyluver <i><font color=blue>Formerly TKDisneylover</i><br>

    I'm here!!!

    DH and I are also childfree by choice and we LOVE Disney!!!

    We have been to WDW 8 times now and cannot wait to go back again! We have no future trips planned at this time, yet!!! LOL!!!:rolleyes1 You never know with the specials that Disney throws out there, we could always book a last minute trip somewhere down the line!!

    I agree with Madd, Disney is VERY romantic without kids!! DH & I especially love EPCOT!!! World Showcase is the epitomy of romantic at WDW, JMO!:)

    Anyone have plans to visit Disney this year?!
  4. PammieJ

    PammieJ Earning My Ears

    LOL at this thread. although we're not "child free", we're free of the children, because they're now all adults! Hooray!

    DH and I have a blast at Disney, and you're right.....it's very romantic.

    Had only one bad experience at Artists Point restaurant with a toddler meltdown. Won't go back, b/c the staff was not concerned about our frustration.

    However, every other WDW experience has been awesome. Headed back in September, which is a very child-free time to gp. All the kids are in school, (except the homeschooled ones, or the ones whose parents pull them out of school), but overall very, very quiet and uncrowded. I'ts hurricaine season, but we've been lucky, going the end of the month. And it's very warm, which I love, being from New England.
  5. maddhatir

    maddhatir Disney lovin' Harley gal....or is that Harley lovi

    Hi Pammie! ITA agree- if the kids are adults, you are now considered, at least, "free":rotfl2:

    DH and I did Disney in Sept 06. ITA- the crowds were very low, but the heat was insane. The low crowds made the heat more tolerable though.

    OT- is anyone else having problems posting? I can't seem to edit my posts and sometimes all the words are underlined. :confused3
  6. Shyvioletisme

    Shyvioletisme <font color=green>So I have a doppleganger running


    I'm here! childfree...and oh so happy!!! :grouphug:
  7. TKDizneyluver

    TKDizneyluver <i><font color=blue>Formerly TKDisneylover</i><br>

    Hi Pammie!

    We had the same experience at Bongo's in Downtown Disney! We purposely made ressies for a late dinner after seeing LaNouba, thinking all the families would have the kiddies in bed by then! Just after we were served our meal they seated a family next to us with a 2 year old and an about 6 mos. old baby. The baby cried throughout our entire meal!!!:sad2: The family just ignored the baby as if it wasn't there!! We never ate a meal so fast, but how sad......

    We also like going during the fall but we prefer October because we love the Food & Wine Festival.

    No problems posting here Madd.
  8. maddhatir

    maddhatir Disney lovin' Harley gal....or is that Harley lovi

    I posted my problem on the Tech forum. Of course, I had the problem posting there too. :sad2: It is not all the time.

    Hi Tiffany!!!:cutie:
  9. TKDizneyluver

    TKDizneyluver <i><font color=blue>Formerly TKDisneylover</i><br>

    Hola Tiffany!!!:wave2:

    Have you tried to log out and log back in? That's odd that your all of sudden having that problem! Is it only on this thread or is it happening when you post on other threads?
  10. maddhatir

    maddhatir Disney lovin' Harley gal....or is that Harley lovi

    It just started today here on this thread. But I did have a problem when I just posted the problem on the tech board.

    I will try and log out and see what happens! Thanks for the suggestion:hug:

  11. jeankeri

    jeankeri <font color=darkorchid>I threw cartons of milk at

    Hello Madd!
    Well, I am not child free, but my oldest has outgrown going while I continue my downward spiral into Disney bliss. Have to get my fix at least once a year. Really wanting to hear about the child free fun everyone is having, and will be living vicariously through you all for the next few years... :worship:
  12. maddhatir

    maddhatir Disney lovin' Harley gal....or is that Harley lovi

    Hey JK!!!!!!!

    Some people might think child-free people party like celebs b/c we do not have kids, but we are just like everyone else :lmao::rotfl2:

  13. SanFranciscan

    SanFranciscan Mouseketeer

    My husband thinks that we would fight more if we had children. We have been together long enough that children we had in the beginning of our relationship could be starting adult lives of their own now, but he is probably right that we would have fought more.

    I think that Disney World has a great deal of charm, but I am not sure whether I would describe it as "romantic." Maybe. What is your definition of romantic? I do think that trains and riverboats are romantic though, and Disney World has those. Yeah, maybe it would fit my definition of romantic. I have only been there once, but we are planning to return in September. Let's see how that shapes my opinion of its romance factor.
  14. JennMouse32

    JennMouse32 Still Looking for my Prince Charming

    from my exprience september is the best time to go.. its really very empty in disney standards.. everyone is back at school and back at work after the summer break and the"normal" vacation period...

    I went that time last year with my best friend(without her 2 year old son), and other than once(for soarin' in the late afternoon) we didnt have to wait in line for more than 10 mins.. which was great.. we were able to do more things and more quickly with that kind of wait time
  15. Alesia

    Alesia DIS Veteran

  16. maddhatir

    maddhatir Disney lovin' Harley gal....or is that Harley lovi

    My idea of romantic is more of a "feeling". Not necessarily, "things". It is the feeling you get just being able to walk leisurely together, taking it easy not rushing, strolling through the World Showcase having a drink in each country, sitting on a bench and people watching...............instead of rushing to the bus after the parks close with everyone else, walk to the back of the park and enjoy the peace and quiet. Wander off on the trails in the AK.............................

    Hope you can feel it in September:woohoo:
  17. maddhatir

    maddhatir Disney lovin' Harley gal....or is that Harley lovi

    Hey Alesia!!!!:hug:

    I can't see your pic :guilty:
  18. JennMouse32

    JennMouse32 Still Looking for my Prince Charming

    this trip in Septemeber, will be my cousins first trip without the kids.. she has 3 kids, ds12, ds5, and dd1.. her husband and my mom will be babysitting for her while we are down there.. She is sooo excited it about it, the 12year old is jealous that he doesnt get to go..​
  19. Tinker_

    Tinker_ Mouseketeer

    "I'm watching you Wazowski.. always watching you..."
    Just sneakin in to say HI! Not CF- just love my peeps!
  20. maddhatir

    maddhatir Disney lovin' Harley gal....or is that Harley lovi

    Hey sweetie!:laughing:

  21. pizzachica

    pizzachica I have my own ears, TYVM

    Hey! Who started the CF stuff without me???

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