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Chef Mickey or Crystal Palace for Dinner?

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by twinone, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. twinone

    twinone Member

    I have an ADR for Crystal Palace confirmed but I'm thinking the food is better at Chef Mickey..thoughts? I'm hoping for a cancellation since were not going till Dec. This is for dinner not breakfast
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  3. mickeynut1

    mickeynut1 DIS Veteran

    My choice would be Chef Mickeys. Our first (and only) dinner at Crystal Palace was horrible. The food was luke warm and my DH cut into raw salmon :faint:. I know we could have hit a bad night as restaurants have an off night every now and then and even though our experience was back in 2004, every time I suggest trying it again my DH and both DSs are adamant that they will not go back. They remember that experience like it was yesterday and have no desire to try again. With that said, we have eaten at Chef Mickeys many times over the years and have always had a great experience. But you will also find others who love CP, but will never go back to CM. Good luck deciding.
  4. goofyintoronto

    goofyintoronto <font color=brown>Proud foot flusher<br><font colo

    Lol! My experience was opposite. I think that the food at Crystal Palace is far far better. The only good thing at Chef Mickeys, in my experience, were the characters/fab 5.
  5. Minniesgal

    Minniesgal Active Member

    We can't separate them and always have to do both. If pushed I'd say we prefer the food at Chef Mickeys.
  6. cbeeindisney

    cbeeindisney Active Member

    Chef Mickey, not a fan of the food at Crystal Palace.
  7. wiigirl

    wiigirl DIS Veteran

  8. mlayton14

    mlayton14 Member

    They also have alcoholic beverages at CM's if that is wanted :)
  9. disneywalkers

    disneywalkers Member

    Chef Mickey's.
  10. buzzrelly

    buzzrelly Active Member

    I prefer the food at CP, plus you wouldn't have to leave the MK which is a pain and time sucker, IMO. Even if it is only to go to the CR...say you have a 5 pm ADR. You'd have to leave the MK by 4:30 at the latest, walk or monorail to the CR (walking is faster, unless you get the monorail at the exact right time), eat your dinner and then go back to the MK by walking or monorail, get back in through security and the gates, etc. You probably wouldn't be back in the MK until 7:30 pm. If you had that that same 5 pm ADR at CP, you'd walk up to the hostess at 4:55 pm, and be back out in the park by 6-6:30 pm.

    If it were me personally, I always prefer to eat in the park I am in, rather than leave and eat at a resort. We have eaten dinner at CM because we stay at the CR and it's convenient, but we usually make this ADR on a 1/2 park day, and either go before or after.
  11. minnierocks

    minnierocks Active Member

    We had dinner at Chef Mickey's in March...it was horrible and we will never go back. Unless you really want to see the characters, there is no way I would waste park time to go there.
  12. Terk-1

    Terk-1 Cinderella's Castle is My 2nd Home!! Only 1,3

    Crystal Palace is my favorite restaurant at the Magic Kingdom. Food is always hot and fresh and there is a great selection. Have yet to have a bad meal there.

    Tried Chef Mickey's for dinner (Yuk) a few trips ago and never again. The food was cold and either overcooked (dry) or undercooked. Ended up getting sick after eating there. The service was the worst. Because I was dining solo, he apparently thought that I did not need anything to drink or to clear out any dirty plates or offer any drink refills (when I finally got a drink by asking another server for one) or when I waited 20 minutes for my check (and still had to flag down another server to get that too). Between the food & the service, won't go back here for dinner again.
  13. TravelMommy

    TravelMommy Member

    We have enjoyed both, but prefer CP for lunch. You can not beat the potatoes at Chef Mickeys! I swear that and the roast make the trip there worth it for us! Have a Great Trip whatever you decide:)
  14. Princess Katherine

    Princess Katherine The Yeti's Girlfriend

    Crystal Palace the food is piping hot and delicious!

  15. Don Disney

    Don Disney Active Member

    Same for us...CP food was good-salmon was great,characters were great.At CM,the food was not so good-pretty bad,and characters were ok.:confused3 Very easy for folks to have different experiences due to expectations and/or tastes,along with the consistency of the restaurants themselves.;)
  16. disneybliss2

    disneybliss2 Active Member

    While we prefer the characters and atmosphere at CM, the food at CP ismuch better. We HATED the food at CM (dinner)--and we're not picky.
  17. jhryb

    jhryb Active Member

    I would make my decision based on the characters that you want to see. The question about which restaurant has better food is a toss-up.

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