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Celebs at 2012 Disney Christmas Parade

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by Laurasw1977, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. Applemomma

    Applemomma New Member

    My kid thinks there's something fishy with those tours dates...you're not able to purchase tickets for them and the guys have been tweeting about how they can't wait to start the tour off in Madison Square Garden...which is the 2nd I think.....she's not willing to take a chance they won't be there so we'll be hitting the park at opening :)
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  3. Krystalynn

    Krystalynn New Member

    Wow, I hope it's true.. we would love to see One Direction while we are there! Lol :)
  4. cousinorville3

    cousinorville3 New Member

    Like I said, I really can't say for sure. This is just the rumor going around amongst cast members in entertainment. Keep in mind in 2007 the Jonas Brothers taped their performance in the morning and performed a show in Little Rock, AR that night, so it is possible that One Direction could do both.
  5. doombuqqy

    doombuqqy New Member

    It's amazing to me here it is two days before taping:confused3 and we still dont know
  6. 4parks

    4parks New Member

    ONE D OR not !!!!!!!!!! ?????????

    WE ARE PACKING OUR BAGS RIGHT NOW. still don't know who it will be !!!
    this is terrible !!!! We HOPE HOPE HOPE it's 1D !!!!!!!!

    my 14 yo dd will DIE

    ***fingers crossed and *** toes crossed !!!:yay:
  7. dizprincess77

    dizprincess77 New Member

    Disney Channel just posted that The girl from Shake It Up Bella Thorne & from Austin & Ally Ross Lynch are in Disney Land for parade. No news on DW though.
  8. Applemomma

    Applemomma New Member

    Just came from the park...on of the cast members doing the up front crowd organizing told us it's Caleb Calent (spelling?) and someone I didn't recognize today and Lady Antebellum and Phillip Phillps tomorrow...saw Nick Canon!
  9. Krystalynn

    Krystalynn New Member

    DH was in line at Space Mountain today and heard a young girl saying she heard that One Direction got there at 4 in the morning... Lol. The rumors have even spread into the park now I guess. Don't know who Caleb Calent is? What time do the performers usually start? We have an ADR for CRT at 8:15am!
  10. JohnMouse

    JohnMouse Belle, Anna and Rapunzel are my princesses, and St

    I think Applemomma means Colbie Caillat:flower3: You know, the girl who sings Brighter Than the Sun.:goodvibes
  11. The things people do to see a singer makes me laugh .:rotfl2:
  12. cousinorville3

    cousinorville3 New Member

    Looks like one direction isn't there, but the boyband The Wanted are.
  13. Mousetrooper

    Mousetrooper New Member

    Well I'm no celebrity but we (501st Legion Florida Garrison) marched in the parade for taping on the 30th of November. :cool1:

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