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Castaway Cay for adults

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Siliobear, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Siliobear

    Siliobear Member

    I'm sure there are posts on this already, but is there stuff to do on CC without paying for excursions? I can probably lay in the sun for a short while, but then what?
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  3. Mackie Mouse

    Mackie Mouse Even my dog loves Disney

    I've never paid for an excursion on CC! We do pay for bike rentals and float/snorkel rentals, though. None of this needs to be reserved in advance.

    The snorkel lagoon can take a good amount of time, as many things are hidden below the water to attract sea life for you.

    The bike paths are relatively short, but make getting around quite fun. There is an observation tower you can bike to.

    Throughout the day there are plenty of events going on, there's the awesome BBQ lunch at Serenity Bay...I honestly have never felt like I wanted to leave! It is the most relaxing, perfect beach day ever. And this is coming from someone who is all about "go-go-go" on vacations.
  4. caribear

    caribear I love WDW!

    I never plan anything on CC day.......as Serenity Bay is pure heaven to me. I cannot lay in the hot sun too long, but there are umbrellas at every 2 chairs.....so plenty of shade. Plus my favorite thing to do is to take one of the chairs down to the water's edge and stick my feet in the water......time flies by and before I know it.....it is time to get back onboard. I do bring my iPod and a book too.....and I am never bored. The view is just gorgeous.....and I wish the day was longer!

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