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Cars Land coming to DHS

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by lsulindy, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Dr.Girlfriend

    Dr.Girlfriend New Member

    While still a rumor, The DIS has confirmed from multiple sources that Disney will officially announce this week that they are bringing Cars Land to Disney's Hollywood Studios. Lights, Motors, Action! and the Backlot Tour will be leveled to make room for an expansion of Pixar Place to include the new land.

    So now the DIS is getting confirmation from bus drivers and Mousekeepers? :)
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  3. larryz

    larryz A few of my favorite turrets...

    And a cruise director... ;)
  4. Pixie Princess

    Pixie Princess New Member

    I have mixed emotions. It would be a desperately needed shot in the arm for DHS, and Carsland seems amazing. It will be nice to be able to experience it without the price tag of a trip to CA.

    However, I feel Carsland is better suited for DCA- thematically. The whole idea of the trip on Route 66 just fits so well in a state in the western half of the country. I also like the idea of unique attractions at both parks. If I'm being totally honest, I'd be happier with an expansion of Star Wars at the park closest to me.

    Regardless of what they do with the area, we will miss LMA. We really love that show. Sounds like a trip to France is in order. ;)
  5. DizCaptain

    DizCaptain °o° Disney Enthusiast

    No. I don't even want this to be a rumor, its way too soon to take the one thing that's boosted California Adventure's popularity and shove it in somewhere else. I'd personally never like to see it in WDW. How about we get creative and start coming up with different areas/rides for different parks. Oh wait, I totally forgot, that'd cost more money and Disney can't afford ideas much these days, they buy them for 4 billion dollars (see Star Wars).
  6. seacrestpromo

    seacrestpromo Dole Whips are comfort food.

    DHS definitely needs help. But Cars Land is still not the answer.

    Maybe build something using the Star Wars or Marvel franchise, or even maybe a Monsters Inc. University area.

    Check this site out and think of possibilities:


    And then there is all the classic Disney characters and their stories that rarely get their own attractions.

    There is so much more that can be done.
  7. mrsksomeday

    mrsksomeday My Prince uses a power wheelchair!

    Disney can not build Marvel attractions in WDW due to Universal having theme park rights east of the Mississippi. This is why the Avenger monorail could only run on the MK line. They couldn't run it on the Epcot line because that loop goes inside the park.
  8. nyck

    nyck New Member

    Well get over it because it will happen. My relative works at Sci Fi diner and it is true.

    Besides, why can't it be at both? The same could be said of Universal HP. Both California and Florida will have Harry Potter and no one cares or thinks they won't be successful. There is a lot of people that only visit one park, Disneyland or WDW so it will do fine.
  9. seacrestpromo

    seacrestpromo Dole Whips are comfort food.

    Isn't it interesting I can give you a name, time and place of my source - yet some people have a difficulty believing it is true.

    The "Dis" give only gives you "multiple sources" and still claim it is a rumor and some of you believe that Cars Land a done deal at WDW.
  10. lsulindy

    lsulindy New Member

    I was hoping more for a Pixar Land myself with rides/areas/restaurants for different movies. But, I understand that the visual impact of walking into Radiator Springs is much greater.
  11. jlwhitney

    jlwhitney New Member

    yes ride system is same, but people judge whether they like a ride based on experience.

    Look at all the dark rides...they are the same basic ride system too.

    Plus, if you haven't noticed Disney has been trending on repeating things in both parks. While yes it annoying and cheap in a way for the vast majority of people they like it since they know they can see it no matter what.

    I have been to DL 3 times and it amazes me how surprised CM and other guests are that I have been to both DL and WDW.
  12. seacrestpromo

    seacrestpromo Dole Whips are comfort food.

    This is true, but Disney could buy back the Marvel rights to the US theme parks from Universal at anytime. Other than theme park attractions and park merchandise, they are pretty much limited what they can do with the license. They have no control over the movies, their content, budgets, and talent. Sony could grind Spiderman into the ground and that could hurt Universal. Still a possibility.

  13. seacrestpromo

    seacrestpromo Dole Whips are comfort food.

    Oh right, another unnamed source. I better believe it!

    I already explain why it shouldn't be at both coasts.

    I think Universal is unwise building HP out here in California. Focus more on expanding the HP franchise in FL instead, more land and opportunity there. Also, they would do much better by dusting off a few of their more popular IP and franchises and build a unique quality attractions.
  14. seacrestpromo

    seacrestpromo Dole Whips are comfort food.

    I understand your point, but you have to look at the whole picture.

    Try to think about it from an operational standpoint.

    Right now, FP's for RSR have been exhausted by 9:00 a.m. for the entire day. Stand by wait times can be up to 2.5 to 3 hours, in the outdoors. This could be same scenario AND then add the weather factor if RSR is built in Florida.

    Weather can and does affect the operation of this ride and heavy rainfall or lightening could close down the ride for many hours. As you know, it rains a lot in Florida in the afternoons.

    It won't matter how great the "experience" RSR will be - if Disney can't safely operate ride and handle the massive crowds. Plain and simple, Florida is the wrong environment for this ride.

    Can you imagine the level of disappointment and weariness by guests if they have this kind of "experience" on their vacation?

    As for Disney "repeating things" yes, I have been aware this for the last 20 years. And it is annoying and disappointing to see this trend happening.

    Glad you are able to visit both coasts - but why are people amazed at this accomplishment?

  15. jlwhitney

    jlwhitney New Member

    its not that they are amazed at the accomplishment..its more of a why would you bother is what I get. Since many people see them as disney parks and it doesnt matter where you go, go to the one closer.

    Well DL's RSR breaks down all the time, so it won't be then much different.

    Yes weather wil be an issue, but i doubt disney really cares since they know it will draw people in. plus it has been years since they built test track so who knows if they have figured a better way of doing that rain won't mess it up so bad.

    In the end, if they put it in the vast majority of people will be excited for it and it will be very popular. Disney doesn't care if you are happy with them or not.

    Plus, it is cheaper for them to repeat rides and this economy stinks, and it is even affecting them.
  16. disneyworld1977

    disneyworld1977 New Member

    Rumors are rumors! I don't care who says they heard this that and the other from someone working at WDW. No offense to those who have relatives or friends working there, but rumors spread like wildfire and one word can change the whole meaning. They could have said "Cars is coming to DHS" and someone added the "Land" :rotfl:

    But let's just wait and see what Disney says, then we will see how accurate it is. In the end, we are happy to see some expansion possibly and some freshening up.
  17. johnGorski

    johnGorski New Member

    Good Point! A year ago rumors were Cars Land DHS, Frontier land or tommrow land expansion, tron, WoC, monsters inc then out of no where disney announced Avatar land.
  18. ASteelersMidget

    ASteelersMidget New Member



    It is horrible cannibalizing of the one thing that made reasonable attendance numbers at DCA.

    So unbelievably depressed.
  19. minnie mum

    minnie mum Unapologetic Disney Fan(atic)

    I really can't see why people are upset at the thought of building a replica of Carsland in Florida. Who is cannibalizing anything? They won't tear apart the California Carsland. They aren't stealing guests away from DL. Just how many bicoastal guests do you think there are every year. Miniscule compared to the total number of park guests on either coast.

    Building copies or variations of a ride in a different park is hardly a new concept. Look at all of the Disney parks and then check out how many attractions are clones or sisters of the original in either DL or WDW. Carsland would just be one more added to the list.

    As to whether or not the Racers will be built (and I do understand the concerns of one of the PPs over the practicality of this ride when it is so susceptible to rain) we'll just have to wait until Disney actually makes an official announcement. In the mean time it's all idle speculation- although that in and of itself can be fun.
  20. LunarDistortion

    LunarDistortion New Member

    There is some kind of evidence for all the rumors at DHS...

    First, The Red Tram System, which is backed up by the sign when you enter the park saying "Ride the Big Red Cars!",which might be decoration, but would explain the rumor.

    Cars Land, of course we have the travel agent meeting saying that CL would be at DHS.

    The Monster Inc. rollercoaster, I doubt that Cars and Toy Story will be the only ones included,and Monsters University is coming out soon.

    The Star Wars expansion, well, George sold Star Wars to Disney as we all know, but before he did that he put SW in everything from Cartoon Network, Legoland, Angry Birds, Orlando Science Center,Etc. What if that was purposed, and Lucas wanted Disney to use the money from those company's and products on SW 7 and expansions at WDW.
  21. ASteelersMidget

    ASteelersMidget New Member

    Here's the thing.

    Carsland was built because DCA's attendance numbers were ****.

    By building it somewhere else it makes the entire reason it was originally built moot. I don't care if it's good or not or what the theme is.

    That's my largest issue

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