Cape May Cafe and Cinderella's Royal Table

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by disneygal6568, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. disneygal6568

    disneygal6568 making dreams come true

    Jun 13, 2011
    I know these 2 restaurants are a weird combo, but does anyone know who appears at these meals?:confused3 I know princesses appear at CRT and "original characters" :-):MickeyMo, ::MinnieMo, etc.) appear at the Cape May Cafe in beachwear, but does anybody know who SPECIFICALLY appears (Aurora, Goofy, etc.) ???:confused3
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  3. Chellymouse

    Chellymouse DIS Veteran

    Oct 30, 2007
    CRT for breakfast is Cinderella, and can include Aurora, Belle, Tiana, Ariel, Snow White, but is usually depends.

    Cape May is Goffy, Donald, Daisy and Minnie.

    If you are going for characters....the princess breakfast (not any other meal though) is much better at Akershouse at Epcot and costs way less (same food) than CRT unless you absolutely HAVE to eat at CRT. Cape May is a buffet and I have to say, we were very pleasantly suprised at how good it was!
  4. summerskye

    summerskye Ears Earned, What's Next

    Aug 30, 2009
    We are doing both Cape May and CRT plus Tusker for our Thanksgiving trip. Cape May Cafe is wonderful and usually has Minney, Goofy, and I believe Chip and Dale. This will be the first time at CRT. We have done Akershus for both breakfast and lunch. We enjoyed the breakfast more. Tusker (Donald, Daisy, Mickey, Goofy) is also a first for us although we did the old version at AK years ago. The interactions were great and the food was good (breakfast).
  5. Disney Jen

    Disney Jen Mouseketeer

    Aug 18, 2010
    Never eaten at CRT but have done almost all other character meals. My mom STILL gushes over Cape May as her favorite character meal (character interaction, actual food, resort). Her second favorite is Chef Mickey!
  6. ses1230

    ses1230 DIS Veteran

    Aug 10, 2006
    I have never seen or heard of Tiana at at character meal. Is this new news, because my girls would LOVE that (ok I would too, lol!)

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