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Canadians - where are you?

Discussion in 'Canadian Trip Planning & Community Board' started by Disney Addicted, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. Disney Addicted

    Disney Addicted New Member

    I'm curious if there are any DISers out my way. While I have a couple of friends planning trips to Disney and have asked for my help - I do not know anyone out this way who really loves Disney. Always nice to know you are not alone. :lmao:

    I'm in Bowmanville, Ontario. East of Toronto and Oshawa. Anyone else? :)
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  3. DutchsMommy

    DutchsMommy <font color=blue>I did the Pirate Name thing<br><f

    We're near you! Ashburn is the closest village - south of Uxbridge, north of Ajax...just off Lakeridge, neighbour to Dagmar Ski Hill and Hy-Hope Farms. :thumbsup2

    You do find that you become the de-facto Disney expert among friends and at work! I can't tell you how many people I have given advice to...as recently as Friday when I was extolling the virtues of DCL to our Auditor who has a young son. If I can make another family's trip Magical then I am more than willing to help. WDW is out Laughing Place. This year we are doing a split stay and experiencing Universal Orlando for the first time. I find there is always something 'new' to try and having a trip in the pipeline that I can plan makes me happy. :lovestruc
    So, nice to see you neighbour! :wave2:
  4. TheBig2na

    TheBig2na New Member

    I am in Bowmanville as well. I get complete strangers emailing me sometimes through friends asking for help. hahahaha I love it. Any Disney talk is good talk.
  5. stefanospops

    stefanospops New Member

    While I am in Toronto my Godparents used to own Ace Submarine on Hwy 115 just north of the 401. As a kid I would spend a fair bit of time there going to Orono, Jungle Cat World, Bowmanville zoo.
  6. Tower

    Tower New Member

    Hey! I was just there last week! I was on the tower across from the top of the chair lift and overlooking the Hy-Hope Golf Course. Had I known, I would have waved at you from the top of the tower! ;)
  7. roxysmum123

    roxysmum123 New Member

    Hamilton here
  8. RadioMom

    RadioMom There's no place like home...and Walt Disney World

    I'm in London, about 2 hours from you. :thumbsup2
  9. corster

    corster New Member

    Downtown Ottawa, or sometimes Vaughan.
  10. bdoyledimou

    bdoyledimou Pop Road Warrior -Travelling they way they did in

    Markham checking in. :cheer2:
  11. Susan2771

    Susan2771 New Member

    Etobicoke, ON!
  12. Gina-Gina-Bo-Bina

    Gina-Gina-Bo-Bina Active Member

    Belleville, ON :flower3: here!
  13. DutchsMommy

    DutchsMommy <font color=blue>I did the Pirate Name thing<br><f

    You mean the cell phone tower? If yes, then you would have driven right past our driveway - thats our road the tower is on!!! Small world! What does that tower do anyway?? It cant be internet because we had a heck of a time getting an internet provided. And our cell service still sucks so we;ve always wondered what the tower did!! :confused3
  14. Disney Addicted

    Disney Addicted New Member

    Nice to meet everyone! :wave2: :goodvibes

    Nice! I can hardly wait until we do Universal Studios, but it looks like it will not be for a few years. Right now we do not have definate plans.

    We currently have a Sept 2012 cruise booked. And since we will be flying to Florida, I would like to do 4-5 days at Disney before the cruise. :rolleyes1

    But, there is all these delicious rumours about a Hawaiian cruise opening for October 2012. I will switch in a hearbeat! IF we end up on this cruise, then I want to fly out 4 days early and spend 3 days at Disneyland. After all, I cannot see us ever flying to LA again so it makes sense to see Disneyland on the same trip & airfare, right? ;)

    And if we cruise, I promised hubby I would not talk about a trip anywhere anymore for at least 3 years, maybe 5. :rolleyes: But then it will be at least 2 weeks to do Universal Studios, Discovery Cove, SeaWorld, Aquatica. ;) Depending how long we (the kids & I) have to wait, that might extend into 3 weeks. :rotfl:

    Hi neighbour! I'm in the Waverly area. Maybe we will bump into each other one day.
  15. Gina-Gina-Bo-Bina

    Gina-Gina-Bo-Bina Active Member

    When is your trip, DutchsMommy? And where are you staying while offsite in Orlando? Our last (and only other) Florida vacation was a Disney-only experience. Like you, we wanted to try something different on our next getaway....its a great big world out there and there's so much to choose from!! Plans for our upcoming trip include a day at Discovery Cove, two days at SeaWorld, and three days at Universal and Islands of Adventure. If your visit preceeds mine, I would be grateful for any tips and advice you would be willing to share!!! :goodvibes
  16. Kazzy1548

    Kazzy1548 Listenning to my music, Dreaming about Disney

    Montreal, Quebec here :cool2:
  17. Tower

    Tower New Member

    Yes, it's for cellular. It's a Telus tower, Bell Mobiity went on it next and now Rogers (my client) also installed antennas. I was just inspecting the new Rogers installation on that thing. Expect to see crews on the tower shortly as they correct the deficiencies I found.
  18. MedicGoofy

    MedicGoofy New Member

    Niagara Falls here:) Not close but close enough:)
  19. two*little*birds

    two*little*birds <font color=green>LOL I am the ultimate ride wimp!

    Brooklin (a.k.a. Whitby) checking in... :cheer2:
  20. sahmoffour

    sahmoffour New Member

    I'm definitely not close! I'm waaaaaay out in Central Alberta!
  21. pipertoad

    pipertoad New Member


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