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Canadians...anything we should know about?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Summerl30, Nov 2, 2012.


    MAJPLO New Member

    I'm heading to Canada for a pre trip stop at a pharmacy for Gravol! :) Ugh, my daughter gets motion sickness soooo bad I would love to try something new.
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    MAJPLO New Member

    I was so intrigued that the Canadians had a mystery cure for motion sickness that I had to Google Gravol. In the US it is marketed as Dramamine :)
  4. kuhltiffany

    kuhltiffany New Member

    The US doesn't have Gravol, they have something SO much better! It's called Bonine and comes in adult or children's formula. NO side effects/drowsiness either like Gravol. We order it from Amazon.com if I haven't been able to get some on another US trip before we go...
  5. BlakeandMaddysMomma

    BlakeandMaddysMomma New Member

    I am told we can buy Bonine at the airport too, that's what my plans are! Also, I have heard it is offered free in a basket of done sort in the ship!
  6. Sunseeker17

    Sunseeker17 New Member

    Thanks for all the helpful info, "eh"!!! Motion sickness and port check-in aside, we're all gonna have a great time!:yay:
  7. jennyjinx3

    jennyjinx3 New Member

    bumping this one for any further tips:goodvibes
  8. BBQMommy

    BBQMommy New Member

    Bonine is fantastic.

    Only other advice, decent draft beer and poutine will be hard to find on the ship.

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