can someone tell me about iron ons?

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    Hi! I will start by saying I am completely ignorant when it comes to sewing/iron ons/etc. I want a Sofia the First dress my daughter can wear when we are at "the world". I found one on etsy that is made of cotton and really cute. It will be cool and comfortable for the park. the only thing I don't like about it is that there is a flower-like design sewn on where the white circular pattern is on the sofia dress. I was thinking about ordering the dress but requesting the white flower thing be left off. then I could cut the real circular pattern out and iron it on myself. Of course I made that sound like a simple solution but I don't really know if it is doable or not. is there a type of "iron on" material that I can buy, cut out in the pattern I want, and simply apply? will it stay on when the dress is washed? is it easy to apply? and if I get it in white, will the purple color of the dress bleed through? I know that is a lot of questions! I just wanted some advice from some people that I know are very smart about designs!
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    I'm a visual person could you post a link to the dress you are interested in and I/we might be able to help a little more.

    You could do an iron on and I suggest transfers from Amy - I used them for my last trip (March 2012) and my kids and I are still wearing our shirts and they still look really good! They won't bleed thru on a white shirt as I did some dark colors on a white shirt and they were fine.

    Hope this helps a little bit!
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    That's a lot of work to do for something you are paying someone else for already. I have asked for "edits" to someone's item on etsy many times and am rarely told no.

    I would ask the seller about changing it to what you want. If it's embroidered, it should be easily adapted. I know that HeatherSue just recently listed the circle pattern for Sophia's dress so maybe you could suggest that to your etsy seller. Offer to pay for the design ($4) if your seller will use it on the dress.

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