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  1. jordanyosh

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    Jun 23, 2003
    The Good

    I have had some great things happen this year. After years of denying my calling in life, I have decided to pursue a career in ministry. My dad was a pastor, as was my grandfather and 2 of my uncles. If you know any PKs (Preacher's kids), you know I was very rebellious as a child. That trend continued as an adult even though I had success in my career in restaurants. Finally, at the young age of 43, I decided (maybe God decided for me) to grow up and heed the call. I've been back at church for 2 yrs.
    I don't think I will be a senior pastor, but will probably work in the area of church administration (training, equipping, discipling). I currently work at our church as an paid intern and may be permanent staff soon. Oh, in case you're wondering, I still have that rebellious streak...which I think drives the church staff a bit bonkers. Hey, once a PK....:drinking1 :drinking1 Just kidding...I think.

    I also took my 13th trip to WDW in June. I was one of 14 travellers. I also had the opportunity, for the 2nd time out of 13, to have my own room. I wasn't sharing a pull out bed w/ a niece or nephew and I wasn't sleeping on the floor. I could snore and drool freely. I wasn't on anyone else's sleep schedule. I could leave the TV on WDW TV channels all day w/o once having to get a glimpse of reality. It was a little slice of heaven.

    The Bad

    It started late last year. The father of one of the women in our small group Bible Study died suddenly of a heart attack. He was 84, but still in fairly good health.

    A few months later, my aunt died. She was in a home and was really in poor health for a long time. It was a relief, but still sad.

    A month later my cousin committed suicide.

    Then in May, my cousin (63 yrs old) died suddenly while go karting w/ his son.

    On the way home from that funeral, I called my roommate and she was crying. Her brother (43 years old) had died in his sleep.

    2 weeks ago, I attended a funeral for the brother (41 years old) of another woman in our small group.

    Yesterday, my dad emails me and tells me that my mom's sister, another aunt, had, passed away. But wait there's more.....

    The Ugly

    At the beginning of June, my mom, dad and my SIL's brother and mom and I were attending a seminar at church. My SIL's brother gets a phone call from my brother, Jon saying that my SIL had collapsed at home. A few hours later, we get another call. My SIL had had a massive brain hemmorrage and was in ICU and it didn't look good. My family and SIL's family all drove from So Cal to Northern Cal to be with my brother and my nephew. We waited in the ICU waiting room and went through many ups and downs over a 5 day period. My SIL, Gail, finally went home on June 7th. It's been a devastating loss for the entire family, especially for my nephew Devon. He is the only child and is special needs. He is having a hard time processing Gail's death. He has no filters so he pretty much says whatever is on his mind. He goes from being fine to being extremely mad to being extremely sad. Pray for Devon and my brother Jon.

    Even with this loss, I went to WDW. Although it was a great time (more on that later), I had to cut my trip short to come back for the memorial service and throughout the trip my SIL, my DB and my DN were constantly on mind.

    I am still grieving the loss of Gail. She was more than a SIL these last 23 years; she was a listener, friend, backrubber, great cooker, great mother and wife and a great role model of a person who loves the Lord and in turn, loves others unconditionally.

    The Therapy

    After hearing about my aunt's passing yesterday, I took the day off from work and needed an escape. I have another trip planned to WDW in Jan/Feb 08. I use the DIS Boards and a few others to help me get the latest and best information about WDW. So yesterday I am on the DIS (my crack addiction) and I come upon the Pre-trip Forum. Now I had seen the trip report forum and read several great reports over the years--most which either make me laugh or make me cry. I had never seen the pre-trip forum.
    I spent a good 8-9 hours (no lie) reading both pre-trip reports and trip reports w/ occasional side trips to the resorts forum.

    I don't know what happened, but at the end of the night I felt better. I needed to know that good things still happened. I needed to laugh; I needed to cry tears of joy for a change. Believe it or not reading these reports made me step away and regain a little perspective.

    Therapy. Healing.

    So as a way of giving back to the DIS Community of "imaginary friends", I thought I'd do a pre-trip report for my trip in Jan/Feb. I'll be listing the Cast of Characters tomorrow or......later today as it is already 12:50am California time. Good night.

    Update 9/21/07

    I would put a table of contents up, but right now it's pretty easy to follow. IF more people subscribe, it may get more difficult to follow my trip planning updates at which time I will add a table of contents. Hope you are enjoying the report. I truly have made some good friends through this site...

    Another Update

    Hear ye, hear ye. From this day forward Jordan will title his posts and post Page number and post number here. For the first 8 pages it's pretty stacked with information and pics on every page, but from now on it could get a bit wacky. So I will do you all a favor and label them...Hey it's raining outside. Our first rain since April 22nd.

    An OCD planner's itinerary is never done. Page 8. Post #108
    My Evil Plan. Page 8. Post #114
    Potty time. Page 8 Post #115
    Hanging w/ my peeps. Page 9. #125
    Packing......4 months early. Page 9 Post #133
    I guess we don't take normal pictures...Page 9 Post #134
    Chivalry is not dead. Page 10 Post 143
    Do I have any hair left in my head?. Page 11 Post 154,155,156,157
    Planes, Trains.......Page 11. Post # 162
    Really Lord? No more. Page 11. Post #163
    And......back to the pics!!! Page 12. Post # 175, 176
    Asian brutha from anutha mutha. Page 13. Post 184, 185
    Once you post pics, you can't go back. Page 14. Post 201.
    I'm crazy,at least that's what my roommates think. Page 15. Post 213, 214
    Tales from WDW trips past...mostly just pix. Page 17. Post 250, 253 and 255. Page 18. Post 259
    The spiral into insanity. Page 20. Post #287.
    The Binder goes to work. Page 21. Post #308.
    Is it sleep worthy? Page 21. Post #313.
    Yup. One more service to go to. Page 22. Post #328.
    Yo. Binder goes grocery shopping. Page 23. Post #345.
    Sorry, I must sound like a broken record. Page 26. Post #378.
    Good news finally. Page 26. Post #386.
    Here's one for the men. Page 28. Post #417.
    The binder goes to lunch. Page 31. Post #464.
    The road trip goes awry. Page 36. Post #529
    A mini TR w/ pix. Page 37. Posts #548-551.
    A mini, mini DL DIS meet. Page 40. Post #587.
    The Top 5 Restrooms At WDW. Page 42. Post #618.
    The binder goes to the beach. Page 44. Post #654.
    We have a new addition. Page 47. Post #698.
    An Addict goes cold turkey. Page 51. Post #758
    Top Ten Places to Relax at WDW. Page 54. Post #608.
    Random thoughts and pix. Page 57. Post #843.
    My head is going to explode. Page 60. Post #896.I have no idea where we're eating. Page 62. Post #920.
    50 more days....Page 65. Post # 961 and 974
    WHAT?!!!MORE PEOPLE GOING? Page 69. Post #1022 and 1023.
    Bets? Are the ADRs done? Page 74. Post #1102.
    As the ADRs turn. The Saga Continues...Page 78. Post #1161
    Christmas, The Binder and Pixs. Page 81. Post #1215.
    I gained 5 lbs last night. Page 85. Post #1266
    Playing with my new camera. Page 87. Post #1303
    Things to do at 32 days out. Page 89. Post #1322.
    Check my ticker out. Page 90. Post #1341.
    I can't stop shopping. Page 93. Post #1381.
    a look back. Page 95. Post #1416
    I do have a life. Page 99. Post #1481.
    Look what happened. Page 100. Post #1500.
    Started packing already? Yup. Page 106. Post #1579.
    Is it insomnia or excitement? Page 119. Post #1774.
    Binder, Winkers, Packing, ADRs. Page 124. Post #1854.
    Just words. No pix. Page 130. Post #1946.
    Top Ten Things I'm Looking Forward to. Page 143. Post #2133
    3.....2.....1. Page 155. Post #2321.
    Errands, a gift, packing, the mullet. Page 164. Post #2456.Can you believe it? Page 169. Post #2529.
    That didn't take long. Page 170. Post #2250.
    A little teaser...... Page 185. Post #2761
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  3. jordanyosh

    jordanyosh DIS Veteran

    Jun 23, 2003
    The Cast

    Me-Jordan, 45, single and a BTTR (Bachelor til the rapture). Some facts about me:

    1) Born and raised in Southern California
    2) Worked for the Mouse in the 1980"s
    3) Loves watching Hockey, especially the Anaheim Ducks
    4) Been to WDW 13x since 1991
    5) Have planned several WDW trips for friends and family
    6) Love planning trips to WDW almost as much as actually going.
    7) It's not a WDW vacation until....I have a beer at ESPN Club w/ Matt or Luis behind the bar.

    DC, Dear Cousin--Wendy, 38. Married w/ 2 children.

    1) Went on my first trip to WDW w/ Wendy in 1991. We stayed at Summerfield Suites on I-drive--that was many years and several hairstyles ago. We've gone to WDW 10x together.
    2) Loves Disney
    3) Shares my love of the Ducks
    4) Timeshare addict (4 properties and counting)
    5) Creative memories/scrapbooking queen
    6) Sunday School team coordinator

    DCH, Dear Cousin's Husband-Derek, 39.

    1) Prefers Hawaii to WDW
    2) a WDW foodie. He loves Flying Fish and CA Grill.
    3) Starting going to WDW w/ Wendy and I in 1994. We've been to WDW 7x together
    4) Falls asleep anywhere at WDW
    5) Loves to have a black and tan at the Rose and Crown
    6) Loves his kids.
    7) UCLA grad and fan.

    DCD, Dear Cousin's Daughter-Erin, 5 1/2.princess: princess:

    1) Been to WDW in 2003 and 2005 and on 3 Disney Cruises.
    2) Loves talking, talking and more talking
    3) Loves receiving presents
    4) Would rather have mac n cheese than anything else
    5) Ariel is her favorite princess
    6) Has an affinity for the naughty mat

    DCS, Dear Cousin's Son-Dylan, 2 1/2.pirate: pirate:

    1) Loves his sister
    2) Athletic wonder, hopefully will be the next Gretzky or at the very least, the next Kariya.
    3) Almost always happy
    4) Charmer. Can turn it on to win any stranger over.

    DCF, Dear Cousin's Friend--Kim, 30's.

    1) Only 2nd time to WDW
    2) Single...and I'm single. Do I smell a set up?
    3) Sings at church
    4) College roommate of Wendy
    5) Pro football lover--Dallas is her team.

    DCHBF, Dear Cousin's Husband's Best Friend--Josh, 30's.

    1) Plays in an adult baseball league
    2) Doctor
    3) New Dad
    4) Shares Jordan's love for LOST the TV show
    5) Along with Derek, a UCLA grad and now, fan.
    6) Been w/ Derek, Wendy and I to WDW in 2003

    DCHBFW, Dear Cousin's Husband's Best Friend's Wife-Joanne, also in her 30's.

    1) New mom
    2) Doctor
    3) Originally from Maryland
    4) Emory graduate
    5) Misses her TV show, Starting Over.
    6) Also went to WDW in 2003

    Dear Cousin's Husband's Best Friend's Daughter-Jordan, 1 at the time of travel.

    1) The best baby--the name itself is the best....:)

    We are staying at the BCV February 3-11th, 2008. My cousins, the timeshare addicts, are DVC members. They've reserved a two bedroom and a studio for us. I'll be sharing a bedroom w/ Kim, the single girl...........I will be arriving on Thursday, January 31st, 2008 and staying at POP for 3 nights solo. I stayed at POP this past June and loved it. So I am going early to have some alone time. Once the rest of the crew arrives, I play the happy "uncle" and babysit for the kids so my cousins can enjoy some alone time. Wendy and Derek also don't make any of us pay for the room. We pay for their tix and DDP. So other than airfare, they don't really have too many OOP expenses for this trip.

    Up next:Favorite WDW memories and hopefully some pics of the cast.
  4. jordanyosh

    jordanyosh DIS Veteran

    Jun 23, 2003

    Here is my kooky family. I am on the bottom left, Wendy is in the middle w/ Erin. Derek is on the Bottom right and Dylan is the baby in the back. The 2 couples in back are my uncle and aunt and Wendy's In-Laws. This picture was taken in Dec 05 at SSR right before our 7 day Eastern Caribbean Disney Cruise.


    Here is my niece Erin on her 5th birthday aboard the Disney Cruise Line in the Mediterranean.
  5. jordanyosh

    jordanyosh DIS Veteran

    Jun 23, 2003
    Just for the people who are reading this thread...or maybe just for myself...Here are the first of a few pics from my June 07 trip.

    This is a photo of the group I went with in June of this year. It was the only group photo of us and the only time we were all together. This is right outside Beaches and Cream.

  6. jordanyosh

    jordanyosh DIS Veteran

    Jun 23, 2003
    Here are my friends June and Marian as they are trying the Beverly at Club Cool.

    This is Marian

    This is June
  7. jordanyosh

    jordanyosh DIS Veteran

    Jun 23, 2003
    Here we are getting in touch w/ our roots. I am Japanese American as was everyone that I travelled w/ this trip.


  8. jordanyosh

    jordanyosh DIS Veteran

    Jun 23, 2003
    Good afternoon.Here are some more pics from our June 07 trip

    The American Adventure was updating the ending so it was closed while we were there--note the disappointment. My friends, June and Marian, have been wanting to go to WDW forever, but June's DH, Jeff, is NOT a Disney fan at all. It was a miracle that he agreed to go to WDW. So, they will probably not be making a trip back to WDW any time soon, if ever. I was bummed that the AA was not open. I really wanted my friends to see it.


    The heat and humidity got to us. We're definitely not used to it here in the OC. So needless to say, we ran out of energy quickly and needed to take rest stops ALOT.


    On Tuesday, we went with my friend's children, Lyndsay and Carina to the MK. It was raining lightly all day and night. Notice everyone forgot their ponchos...well, almost everyone. We wanted to leave after a few hours, but the kids "forced" us to stay until closing. Rain sure cleared the place out. We walked onto Splash and Space Mtn. during the summer. Amazing.


  9. jordanyosh

    jordanyosh DIS Veteran

    Jun 23, 2003
    WDW Memories


    There's nothing like the first time. My cousin and I were both single and young. We didn't know any better so we stayed offsite. We rented a convertible. Drove w/ the top down to and from the park. Spent a lot of time at Pleasure Island.

    Songs from this trip really stick out. More than Words by Extreme, Baby Baby by Amy Grant and Rush, Rush by Paula Abdul were popular and on the radio every time we turned it on.

    Favorite attraction memory: Wendy was selected to take part in the Superstar Television attraction. She was in the Cheers segment...

    1992-the Dark Year

    We went w/ Wendy's boyfriend at the time. Let's just say this. About 1/2 way through a miserable trip, he and I had a conversation that went like this:

    BF: You don't like me very much, do you?

    ME: Nope and you don't like me. Let's just agree that for my cousin's sake, we get along and make the best of it.

    We actually got along after that. They broke up a year later. :woohoo: :woohoo:

    1994-Derek's first year

    Wendy and Derek had only been going out a few months, but they decided to take a vacation together. It was our 1st year onsite at the CBR. We were in Barbados. We loved it.

    Wendy and Derek's relationship was new and they were clearly into each other:hug: which often times left me twiddling my thumbs:rolleyes1

    It was still a great vacation. Favorite memories: Using the Water Mice (now Sea Raycers) for the first time. TOT was brand new. For some reason I really remember the pot roast at Old Port Royale.

    to be continued....5:40pm PST going down to Huntington Beach for dinner.....
  10. jordanyosh

    jordanyosh DIS Veteran

    Jun 23, 2003
    1996--The Dark Year Part 2

    I brought a co-worker of mine. While we remain great friends, we don't travel well together. I don't really get angry very often--you know the yelling kind of angry. I can count on one hand the times I've been screamin' angry in my life and 3 of them happened on this trip w/ this co-worker.

    Wendy and Derek also were along for the freak show. We stayed at CBR again, in Barbados again.

    Most memorable events: Lots of liquor and the song--It's none of your business by Salt N Pepa. For some reason, we were into using gangsta lingo and gangsta signs that year. You know terms like "yo homie" and "Let's go back to the crib"--things you often find Asian/Americans saying. Our first look at the Boardwalk..........

    1997--The food year

    I don't know if any of you remember, but before the DDP there was something called the Food N Fun plan. It was only good at TS restaurants and no snack credits, but free breakfast everyday. We found ourselves eating TS 3 meals a day....

    Just Wendy, Derek and I this trip in Sept.

    Most memorable events: Staying at the BWV for the 1st time. Meeting Matt the bartender at ESPN Club. Gaining 10 lbs. Eating a full meal at Prime Time and turning around and eating at Brown Derby 4 1/2 hours later. A memorable massage at the spa that included a surprise massaging of my cheeks.......and I don't mean the ones on my face.

    Wendy, Derek and I and 6 other people. Our 1st time in a one bedroom at the BWV.

    Most memorable events: looking for a pretzel for 1 1/2 hours at Epcot. First trip to Animal Kingdom. Having 2 tropical storms barely miss us--Harvey and Floyd (?). Riding Test Track for the first time. Riding RNRC for the first time.


    I was working in Ft Lauderdale w/ Sweet Tomatoes for a few months doing some training. I flew my parents out to meet me at WDW. One of my former roommates also came. We went at the end of January

    Stayed at CBR....guess where? Yup, Barbados.

    Memorable events: Cold,at least cold for Florida. Low 40's during the day and high 20's at night. Getting to experience millenium building at Epcot w/ all the different countries. Seeing my parents having such a great time.


    Derek, Wendy and I again. We stayed at the YC. We went on a 3-day Disney Cruise and then 7 days at WDW.

    We went during February.

    Memorable events: Derek and Wendy buy into the DVC. Wendy spends a full day in silence. Drinks at ESPN and then a round of singing "Baby Got Back" at Jellyrolls--complete with bending over, behind spanking.....not a pretty sight.

    Derek, Wendy and I (Erin in mommy's tummy) again. Our first DVC trip. We stayed at the VWL in a studio.

    Wendy was limited due to her pregnancy. We went in February and did another 3-day DCL trip, but after our WDW stay.

    Memorable events: Water mice boating around Bay Lake and Seven Seas Lagoon.


    Derek, Wendy, Erin and I and 9 other people @ the BWV. Wendy and Derek's parents came, as well as Derek's aunt and uncle. Oh and Josh and Joanne came. They will be on our upcoming trip. Joanne's bro, Fred, came as well.

    It was a September trip. Hot and humid....

    Memorable trip events: Our first time back at Typhoon Lagoon since 1994. Having a birthday dinner for Derek's dad at California Grill. Meeting people in the hot tub from all over the country.

    January/February 2005

    I went with my 2 roommates and a travel agent friend of mine. She was able to get us great rates. We stayed at the BCV in a one-bedroom.

    Memorable trip events: the buzz and the crowds the weekend of the Super Bowl (lots of people staying in Orlando because Jacksonville had limited hotel space). It was fun to be a part of that. Having the best meal and service EVER at CA Grill. I think we left 100 dollar tip off a 275 tab.

    December 2005

    Wendy, Derek, Erin, Dylan and I went before our 7 day Disney Cruise. Derek and Wendy's parents also went. They all stayed at SSR...I was able to stay by myself in a studio at BCV. That was the most memorable part of my vacation that year. Peace and quiet. It's a completely different vibe when you're by yourself. It was so relaxing......

    I think I've bored you all enough with my trip down memory lane..........
  11. pierresgirl

    pierresgirl DIS Veteran

    Jan 23, 2006
    Signing on! Wow, you've had a bunch of trips. Erin is ADORABLE! I can't wait to read some more and find out about your upcoming trip.
  12. rentayenta

    rentayenta <img src=

    Feb 28, 2007

    :rotfl2: I am loving these two photos! :thumbsup2

    I am so sorry for your losses but as you know, what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger. You have a beautiful family and I can't wait to read more. Sign me up! popcorn::

    I am from Orange County, Ca. too but now live in Utah. :upsidedow I was there the first 24 years of my life and sometimes wish we had never left.
  13. jordanyosh

    jordanyosh DIS Veteran

    Jun 23, 2003

    Thanks for signing up!!! I have had a bunch of trips. People wonder why I like WDW so much. It's really's hard to explain.

    Erin IS going to be very beautiful. Derek should start worrying about that now.

    I love those pics too. It kind of represents my personality the best.

    It has been a tough year. Hopefully, I've met my quota for the next decade.

    When I was with Sweet Tomatoes (locations in Sandy and Midvale FYI), I moved 10x and then the last 2 years travelled 90% of the time. It was nice to finally be able to move back home. My parents are in good health, but I want to be close just in case something were to happen.

    Thanks for signing up.
  14. daisy hughes

    daisy hughes Mouseketeer

    May 3, 2007
    Jordy...thanks for sharing your heart. I agree with you...this can be very therapeutic. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

    The pics are great!! Laughed out loud at a few of them. Can't wait to read more...
  15. jordanyosh

    jordanyosh DIS Veteran

    Jun 23, 2003

    Thanks Daisy. We need so much covering. It's been almost unbearable these last few months in particular.

    As far as the pics go, I found myself looking at pics from old WDW trips and found we don't take too many normal pics.....
  16. jordanyosh

    jordanyosh DIS Veteran

    Jun 23, 2003
    The Plan So Far

    If you write a pre-trip report, you probably fall into the category of obsessive planner.

    If you start writing a pre-trip report more than 5 months out, you probably fall into the category of addicted,obsessive, planner.

    If you are always thinking about your next WDW vacation, even when you are on your current one, you probably fall into the category of Needs immediate medical care.

    I can check off all three, thank you and then some......

    So the plan so far: Derek, Wendy, Erin and Dylan.
    Kim and I (not dating........)
    Josh, Joanne and Jordan

    Arrival Date: February 3rd, 2008 (Super Bowl Sunday)
    Departure Date: February 11th, 2008
    Total Nights/Days: 8 nights/9 days
    Accommodations: Beach Club Villas--one 2 Bedroom and a Studio.
    Dining: We will be on the Not Free Dining Plan

    Jordan's Arrival Date: January 31st, 2008
    Departure Date: February 11th, 2008
    Total Nights/Days: 11 nights/12 days
    Accommodations: 3 nights at POP Solo/8 nights at BCV

    Transportation choice: Magical Express and then Disney Transportation
    Jordan's airline of choice: Delta--I have a 133.00 credit. Just waiting for prices to come down.

    Sunday, Feb 3rd

    *Arrive at MCO.
    *ME to BCV.
    *Get settled.
    *CS dinner: Marketplace
    *Watch the Niners beat up on some AFC team in the Super Bowl OR
    *Head to the MK for EMH.

    Monday, Feb 4th

    *Up not so early (still on West Coast time).
    *Park: MGM
    *ADR Lunch: Prime Time Cafe
    *Late afternoon rest/nap.
    *Evening Park: Epcot-World Showcase
    *ADR Dinner: Le Cellier

    Tuesday, Feb 5th

    *Up not so early.
    *Park: MK
    *CS Lunch: Cosmic Ray's
    *Late afternoon rest/nap.
    *Evening Park: Epcot-World Showcase
    *ADR Dinner: Teppan Edo

    Wednesday, Feb 6th

    *Wendy, Kim and Joanne have Girl's morning at Mandara Spa.
    *Park: AK arrive at 11ish.
    *CS Lunch: Flame Tree BBQ or perhaps new Yak and Yeti.
    *Girls join us post lunch. Stay here for AK EMH.
    *CS Dinner: Marketplace

    Thursday, Feb 7th

    *Up later.
    *Park: Epcot Future World
    *CS Lunch: Electric Umbrella
    *Head to World Showcase til 5-6pm
    *Evening free.
    *ADR Dinner: Chefs de France

    Friday, Feb 8th

    *Free morning/early afternoon
    *CS Lunch: wherever
    *Head to Future Word around 3:00ish
    *Park: Epcot--Future World
    *ADR Dinner: Coral Reef
    *Stay at Epcot for EMH.

    Saturday, Feb 9th

    *Free day
    *ADR Breakfast: Derek, Wendy and Erin to CRT
    *CS Lunch: Wherever
    *ADR Dinner: Flying Fish Cafe

    Sunday, Feb 10th

    *Free day
    *CS Lunch: Wherever
    *ADR Dinner: California Grill
    *Head to MK for EMH.

    Monday, Feb 11th

    *Head Home:sad1:

    For you details oriented folks, and I imagine there are 1 or 2 of you out there, there is something in my daily planning that may not "add" up on the surface, but really isn't a you see what it is?

    Edit Monday, August 28th, I just have to tell you a little story. So, I completed the above post. Looked good, organized. Then I started reading another Pre trip report and saw how she had listed her itinerary...I thought, hey I like that....Now, if you were normal, you would just leave your own itinerary alone. Right? Well, you know how we OCD people are...and well you can see the result above. I liked the use of asterisks.
  17. jordanyosh

    jordanyosh DIS Veteran

    Jun 23, 2003
    So just so you can tell that we, Asian Americans, don't travel together all the's are some pics from my Feb 05 trip w/ my non-Asian roommates and my travel agent friend.

    My friend, Donna, and I.

    We always were seeing people asleep in the wierdest places. So I thought I would see what all the fuss was about and join in;) one day.[​IMG]

    Every year we try and take a picture in front of Mission: Space. It used to be Horizons a long time ago. We used to sit in front of the sign and look off into the......horizon. Corny, I know, but just one of those picture traditions that's stuck over the years. The horizons pose still works with M: S. Here's a pic of me from 05 and another from this year.

    This is our posse at the BCV bus stop.

  18. jordanyosh

    jordanyosh DIS Veteran

    Jun 23, 2003
    Signs you're a Pre Trip addict:

    You spend your entire day off reading pre-trip reports and posting....
    You have to decide--should I take a shower? should I eat? (I've done neither yet and it's 2:30 PST).

    Like I said in my OP, I think I'm using this as a form of therapy (and perhaps a little escape from the pain).....hopefully no interventions will be needed.:)

    Just an update: 3:30pm ordered Pizza Hut online (didn't have to leave computer). Still no shower..........
  19. jordanyosh

    jordanyosh DIS Veteran

    Jun 23, 2003
    Okay, I'm showered; I've eaten and now watching meaningless, I mean, Pre-season Football.

    More plans

    I am travelling to WDW a full 3 days before the rest of the brood gets there. Just a single guy, being single. Although the other single member of our party, Kim, may also join me.

    Thursday, January 31st

    *Arrive at MCO @ 6am
    *Head to Pop via ME
    *Check in
    *Head to Epcot-Future World
    *Take boat from Epcot to MGM
    *Do TOT and RNRC
    *Head back to Pop
    *Dinner at Everything Pop
    *Just hangout

    Friday, February 1st

    *Up early
    *Head to Epcot for Backstage Magic Tour
    *Take Tour
    *Head back to Pop
    *Head to DTD
    *Dinner--Earl of Sandwich or Puck's Express
    *Back to Pop

    Saturday, February 2nd

    *Up late
    *Animal Kingdom
    *Lunch--Yak and Yeti (just can't get past a restaurant with the name Yak in it)
    *Back to Pop
    *Dinner--Everything Pop
    *Head to Boardwalk
    *ESPN Club

    Sunday, February 3rd

    *Check out
    *Head to Epcot
    *Head to BCV
    *Find somewhere to watch Super Bowl and wait for the others to arrive
    *Hook up with everyone

    Very leisurely pace; no rush; I'm not there necessarily to ride the attractions. I just love soaking in the atmosphere and magic.......
  20. jordanyosh

    jordanyosh DIS Veteran

    Jun 23, 2003
    Airfare-So I check today and fares went from 420 round trip to 299. With my 133 credit, it means 166 for a flight. I'm torn between booking right away or waiting. The last time I booked right away, 2 weeks later the fares came down again by about 75 dollars.....Hmm....:confused: :confused:

    What would you do?
  21. jordanyosh

    jordanyosh DIS Veteran

    Jun 23, 2003
    So before I go to bed, here's a few more pics from my February 2005 trip.

    Here's a lunch we had at Brown Derby. Love the Cobb Salad


    Here's a picture from our dinner at CA Grill. One of the best meals I've ever had other than Jiko at AKL and Palo on the DCL. I was pretty full at the end of the meal as you can see.:)


    Finally, weather in February can be iffy. One day it can 80, then next day 55.
    This day it was rather cool, but as you can see I am still wearing my shorts.


    Good night.......

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