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BWV bakery closed - where can you get good Breakfast sandwich

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Stoneham92, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Stoneham92

    Stoneham92 New Member

    So bummed the BWV bakery will be closed for our stay over Feb school vacation. Where can I get my DH a good Breakfast sandwich now?:moped:
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  3. ahutton

    ahutton WDW Bride Dec 6, 1996

    Boardwalk Joes was serving the same ham and egg sandwiches the bakery had on our last visit! I understand a few other places at Boardwalk will be selling additional items too.
  4. artemis908

    artemis908 EPCOTnaut

    I would also like to know this. And any other suggestions for breakfast? I heard the tent has bagels but not sure of the freshness...
  5. Que_Sarah_Sarah

    Que_Sarah_Sarah Whatever is Sarah will be.

    I would hop in to Epcot for breakfast, lol.
  6. POOHsie

    POOHsie Active Member

    Didn't I just read that France is now open for breakfast earlier than World Showcase opens? Picabu at the Dolphin has a nice assortment of breakfast items, too.
  7. Chaoticsweetness

    Chaoticsweetness New Member

    Sunshine Seasons has a delicious assortment of breakfast.

    Frances new bakery just open & its open at 9am instead of the usual 11am, suppose to be delicious.

    Another good place is EoS & you can order any sandwich on the menu for breakfast if you want.
  8. hoosll

    hoosll New Member

    They have opened Tommorrowland Terrace for breakfast items at MK to replace Main St Bakery
  9. lotus1197

    lotus1197 New Member

    Especially since the Patisserie is open for Bfast now
  10. MinnieGirl33

    MinnieGirl33 Hockey Mom to 2

    Beach Club Marketplace is another option.
  11. jade1

    jade1 If your lucky enough to live on the lake, your luc

    Isnt there a temp "tent" in front of the bakery?

    Also the food court at Swan/Dolphin.

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