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Bus service from Coronado Springs

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by WinterSux, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. WinterSux

    WinterSux New Member

    Hi! I've booked Coronado Springs for mid-May because I've read that one of the pros of that resort is a direct bus to the Parks. Plus, the unofficial guide listed travel times from CSR to be lower than some of its moderate peer hotels. Recently, I read another article that buses from CSR are notoriously delayed. Which is it? Would appreciate any insight or advice. Thanks!!
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  3. Gibbygirl

    Gibbygirl why am I here when I should be there?

    We were at CSR June 2011 in the Cabanas section. I don't know what that bus stop number is but it was ours then the one at the main building and then we were off to the designated park. We had no problems with the timing or the crowds on the busses. We loved CSR & would stay there again in a heartbeat.
  4. Katlyn

    Katlyn New Member

    We were there in May 2011 and never had to wait longer than 5-10 minutes for a bus. I know that's been almost 2 years and things change but our experience there was great.:thumbsup2
  5. Bus36

    Bus36 "Life does not start and stop at your convenience.

    The bus service may feel like a different experience depending on what stop you use at the resort. We were there in November at CSR. We stayed in the Casitsas section. We were the first stop once the buses entered the resort. I think it was stop #4. Pros: We got a seat all of the time going to the parks as there would be an empty bus in the AM, or later in the day, other people would be getting off as we went around the resort and we could sit. Another plus, when returning on a crowded bus, we were the first stop to get off. Con: We had to make the loop around CSR to the other 3 stops before heading to the parks.... this added 10 min to every trip.

    So if you used stop 1 like above poster, you would leave CSR to the parks right from that stop, but the bus may be full when it arrives as there have already been 3 CSR stops. Also you will have your ride around the resort and additional wait on the ride back.

    As far as bus frequency, I think it was standard... sometimes we would get lucky and wait < 5 min. I think we waited 20 min once, when we just missed one (saw it leaving as we were walking). Most of the time 5-10 min was the norm.
  6. maxiesmom

    maxiesmom <font color=darkorchid>The Mean Squinty Eye Works

    We stayed at CSR last March, and had outstanding bus service. I think the most we waited was 10 minutes for a bus, and they were rarely full.

    I wonder how long it has been sense someone from the Unofficial Guide has stayed at CSR.
  7. trishadono

    trishadono New Member

    Actually the bus service is very good. You can tell they cater to male conventioneers because many of the bus stops at the parks are close. :rotfl2:For example at HS , CSR bus stop #6 is right near the exit.
    I have stayed there many times and only problem is the same with all resorts, rope drop times in morning and after fireworks are always crowded.
  8. snykymom

    snykymom Still tagless after all these years

    I've seen threads about the bus service at every resort. One poster posts, "We were there from X to Y and the bus service was HORRIBLE. We had to wait at least half an hour every time!" Three posts later, someone else posts, "Really? I was there the same week and the bus service was GREAT. A bus was always there!"

    I personally never had trouble the three times I stayed at CSR. I do like that it doesn't share with other resorts.
  9. tb1972

    tb1972 New Member

    We've stayed at CSR three times in different sections and never had bus trouble. Enjoy! The CSR grounds are lovely.
  10. JennyDrake

    JennyDrake Darkwing Duck's Biggest Fan

    Bus service t/from ANY resort can be ANY thing on ANY day. there is no such thing as a resort with "good service" and another with "bad service." I've experienced great service and horrible service--at the same resort during the same visit.

    With that said, the one "universal" seems to be all resorts having slow, slow service to/from DTD.
  11. maxiesmom

    maxiesmom <font color=darkorchid>The Mean Squinty Eye Works

    I agree, with a small exception for CSR. As they are a convention resort, the buses are typically not as packed as the buses at the other resorts. But time wise, who knows? Sometimes you are lucky and show up 10 seconds before the bus you want does. And sometimes you show up 10 seconds after it leaves. No way to plan for that.
  12. WinterSux

    WinterSux New Member

    Thanks for all the comments. I'm feeling much better about my choice of CSR after reading everyone's input.
  13. SharonZ

    SharonZ New Member

    I've stayed at CSR three times and found the bus service to be very good. In the past, the bus has gone to blizzard beach to pick up and drop off.
  14. DarkwingDad

    DarkwingDad DIS Explorer

    We stayed for 8 days at CSR spring break 2012. Bus service was horrible! Both to and from the resort. We stayed at the casitas and waited over an hour at AK for the bus, and averaged 30 minute waits from the resort to the park...we also stayed at CSR Oct 2011....bus service was so good and wait times were excellent....that's why we went back 2012. Due to our last experience, we chose the Poly this trip...we may give CSR another try next trip, but we need a good resort/bus experience first. That being said, hey it's Disney! You can have fun staying anywhere! ;-)
  15. Katlyn

    Katlyn New Member

    If I was at Disney during Spring Break, I would expect long waits for a bus anywhere I stayed.
  16. MyTwoPrincesses

    MyTwoPrincesses New Member

    I stayed at CSR in 2009 and POFQ in 2011 and I thought CSR bus service was better than POFQ. It was fast, the bus stops were close to park entrance, and due to the conventioneers the buses weren't that crowded.
  17. princessallegra

    princessallegra They call me Mrs. Disney

    We just stayed at CSR 2/21-2/ 28 in Casitas and the bus service was great. We have a rental car so we drive quite a bit, but this trip we used the buses a lot more because they were so good. We had just as good service if not better than WL which was awesome. We took the bus to MK and epcot and never had to wait either way more than 5 minutes.
  18. princessallegra

    princessallegra They call me Mrs. Disney

    Agreed! Also we had horrible buses at the Poly. Worst buses ever!
  19. Radiorox

    Radiorox Live from the city of Magic.

    I was there in Feb during the "slow season." And experienced just what Bus36 wrote. Timing has a lot to due with the buses and if you are a Rope Drop person. I too was at the Casitas section and though I would love to stay at Cabanas, the one day I had to hopped on the bus 15 mins to RD to MK and went around to the El Centro/Cabanas bus stop, the bus was packed and seats were taken. Other times it was EMPTY. For instance, one afternoon to either HS or Epcot I was the only one on the bus and had a grand time chatting with the driver.

    As for the trip to the parks, eh... MK is still a loooong ride. AK, Epcot and HS are the closest. In fact, from a section of CSR you can see the top half of either the Swan or the Dolphin (always forget which is on what side LOL!). And you have Blizzard beach down the "block."

  20. Claire&TheBoys

    Claire&TheBoys The Queen of the Castle!

    We've stayed at CSR several times and most of the time, the bus service has been very good. There's usually one time per trip where we get to the stop and we have to wait longer than average, but most of the time we're boarding a bus within 5-10 minutes.

    As some others noted, the buses to DTD do tend to take longer for some reason, so we usually drive ourselves.

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