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    Apr 20, 2013
    Robin- I appreciate your comments. I understand that there is a difference between married relationships and dating relationships. I do however think that being married into a family or not shouldn't affect the ability for people to show kindness and respect equally amongst everyone. Also I think my original venting came from a place of frustration and annoyance that the brother and his family and parents were again going to impact out plans and were expecting the world to bend to their needs. I am all for compromise and coming together but i do think it needs to be a two way street. I spoke to my BF and he is on the same page with me. We wont be changing our resort and we won't be doing everything together. For the record, DBF is very supportive and no we aren't shacked up. Anyways I'm done venting and I am going to wait and see. Who knows what could happen.
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