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    Hi! We are taking my sister to Disneyland for her bachelorette party next weekend. She broke her ankle a week ago, and is getting it casted this week. Obviously we will need a wheelchair, as crutches at Disney sounds like torture! I am clueless about doing Disney and California adventure in a wheelchair. Any tips would be very appreciated! We are rope drop people and will be there till closing (as we only have one day passes). Planning on seeing World of Color as well. Is there wheelchair parking for WOC? Actually what do you do with the wheelchair on the rides? What about restaurants? She will be able to hop onto rides on one foot with some help, but she wont be able to put weight on her foot. Are there any rides that she will not be able to go on with a cast? Thanks for all you help!!!
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    You should go check out the sticky for guests with temporary disabilities above in this thread! It will tell you all the ins and outs you need.
    I will try to give you some inside tips that aren't on there or answers to your direct questions.

    1.Yes a wheelchair will be helpful on your trip...crutches will get tiring..real fast.

    2. Yes there is a WOC area for wheelchairs and it is roped off with yellow tags. I have seen it but not used it so you need to ask a CM for more info on where you can go.

    3. The wheelchair will be waiting for you (usually) where you left it when you get on the ride. When you rent the wheelchair make sure you get the map of alternate entrances..they are usually at the exits of the rides. There are many alternate entrances for wheelchairs in DL. DCA is wheelchair accessible in all lines so you don't have to worry about anything there. Sometimes you will be pulled off the main line at the very end for special boarding( ex. Is RR)

    4. Restaurants...most can accommodate some can only if you give advanced notice. Call the restaurant reservation line for more info.

    5. Honestly she should be able to get on most rides without a problem...but it will depend on how tired out she will get and the amount of pain she may be in. Tight squeezes will be space mountain, mattahorn). Honestly...I would avoid mattahorn unless you can maybe get her in the front is really difficult getting out of this ride and into it since it has been renewed.

    Other tips....take crutches with because she will need them getting from the tram to the gate and back. Can't bring Disney wheelchair out of security gate.. See if she can't get a temporary handicap pass so that she doesn't tire out jut walking on crutches from car to can be quite long for someone not used to being on crutches or going those distances. Take the train around Disney when you can...whoever is pushing her will appreciate it and it gives everyone a break from the crowds. It is not easy to navigate DL with a wheelchair when it is crowded. Fast passes will also help.

    Hope this helps you put...and the sticky will help your further...if you have any more questions...just ask ;)
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    Poor bachlorette! I hope she is feeling well for the wedding.:bride:

    Very good suggestions from rewardsinlife and I have just a few to add.

    There is some general helpful information in the disABILITIES FAQs thread, but most of the specific information is about WDW.
    Post 14 is about DisneyLAND though and includes some links and other helpful information.
    These will be the most helpful links:
    Disneyland park Map for guests with disabilities:

    DCA park map for guests with disabilities:

    You can get a copy at the parks, but it's nice to have ahead of time for planning. They do list attractions with a wheelchair accessible ride car.

    1) if you can, alternating attractions where she can stay in the wheelchair with those she needs to transfer for will help conserve energy.

    2) If she doesn't have a temporary handicapped parking tag yet, most states have the application form on line on their Department of Transportation website. You can print it off, fax or take it to the doctor to sign and get it processed pretty quickly. Many doctor's offices also have the forms.

    3) If she needs to ice her ankle, you can get ice from First Aid or any quick service restaurant. Some people just bring a big ziplock bag and a towel to wrap it in, but you can also buy old fashioned ice bags from many pharmacies.

    4) If she gets tired and needs to put her leg up and lie down, First Aid is great for that.

    5) Crutches can also be helpful for getting on and off rides. She may have to experiment a little, but sometimes crutches can help to prevent putting weight on the leg for those 'step in, step out' rides.

    6) There are no rides where she will not be allowed with a cast, but there may be some that are more challenging to get on (or into, as rewardsinlife pointed out).

    7) If she has a plaster or fiberglass hard cast, she can ask characters to sign it. A permanent marker works best - there are some exotic colors if she wants to branch out from just black marker.

    8) She should probably bring something for pain along, but be sure she knows whether she can mix it with alcohol (assuming most people at Bachelorette parties at least partake of some ;)

    Hope you all have a great time.
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    If you rent a wheelchair offsite you can get one with elevating leg rests - even check with her doctor to see if insurance will pay for a wheelchair temporarily. If she can keep that leg elevated, she will be in a lot less pain at the end of the day. Tell her to put that leg up whenever possible no matter what wheelchair she has.

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