Breaking the news to family about DVC

Discussion in 'DVC-Mousecellaneous' started by DisneyFan68, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. DisneyFan68

    DisneyFan68 Earning My Ears

    Aug 13, 2011
    We are brand new to DVC and couldn't be happier and more excited about it!!! It's been almost 2 months since we joined and we're taking our first vacation next month on points. We are SO excited and we want to share the news with our friends and family but haven't because we are afraid of their reactions when they hear the news that we bought a "timeshare". That word has such a negative connotation to it that I don't think they'll understand DVC and will probably pass judgment without even looking into it.

    Has any other people had similar experiences and/or any suggestions on how to break the news to them? We want to tell them so badly and want them to share in the fun of Disney but don't want them to think we are idiots for buying into a "timeshare".
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  3. gmboy95

    gmboy95 Go Patriots!!!!!

    Apr 28, 2001
    Didnt care what anyone thought then.....dont care what anyone thinks just know that it works for you!!!:laughing:
  4. bwvBound

    bwvBound DVC SSR & other timeshare

    Feb 5, 2004
    It might be best to not tell them. ;-) Wait until they ask questions about your travel habits on their own and then answer their questions honestly, directly, and simply "matter of fact."

    FWIW, my parents didn't tell us they owned timeshare until we called them to get their input on our first timeshare purchase. We called them before we bought that first timeshare and only then learned they already owned the very same timeshare product!
  5. dzorn

    dzorn DIS Addict

    Apr 1, 2006
    Don't then they will want to use it.;)

    Denise in MI

    JACKie SPARROW Mouseketeer

    Jul 20, 2008
    We joined DVC over 10 years ago and haven't told anyone!!!!!!!!! DVC is my best kept secret :rotfl2:

    Our families DON'T get it...and they would never enjoy it to the extent we do.

    DH and his brothers tried years ago to share his brother's boat to see if they could get along with hopes that the three could chip in together and get a really cool boat. Lots of fighting and treating my hubby poorly. We got out of the deal and since then we are thrilled to do what we want, when we want and how we want.

    I can only imagine if my MIL found out...she'd really try to plan our vacations with the family :scared1:

    Honestly, it depends how your relationship is with your family and how firm you can be with them if they try to pressure you into vacations.

    Good luck with your decision :flower3:
  7. csharpwv

    csharpwv DIS Veteran

    May 30, 2009

    I know exactly how you feel. The thought of buying something with such a sticker price is VERY out of the norm for my family. We are a family of savers... not spenders.

    We honeymooned at Disney in 2006 - I had been to Disney once before that... in 1987. My wife had been a few times - but I had only been once.

    My parents had been once or twice before I was born, but I always heard Mom say "I really want to go back to Disney someday!" she said it all the times.

    So when my wife and I started planning our first return trip since 2006 for the the fall of 2008, we invited my parents to come along. Mom gave Dad no choice, as Mom's wasn't in good health then, and the prognosis wasn't good for improved health in the future, so she wanted to go while she could.

    SO - we all went!

    To back up just a little, we had stopped by a DVC kiosk in Downtown Disney on out honeymoon in 2006, and upon hearing the 'sticker price' we immediately dismissed it - we were newlyweds - we didn't have THAT kind of money!

    BUT, after reading a lot about DVC online, we decided that we wanted to do the tour while we were there with my parents. So we booked it for a time that we would be apart from them - since THAT kind of money makes Dad's temple veins bulge :lmao:

    So, we were so impressed - we bought.... hook... line... and sinker! We were DVC members!!!! We had wanted to go back since 2006 - but just didn't have the money - so we thought,, now or never!

    NOW, how do we tell my parents? Families? Etc that we just spent..... HOW MUCH?!?!? :scared1:

    Well, we showed them the Dream Book (it was still hard cover back then - I miss the nice hard bound dream books!) told them all the ways we could use it, how they would get to go with us in the future, and how it's something that we will use with our kids (when we have kids - and their kids... when they have kids!)

    We are under 30 - we can dream... right?

    Certain members of the family still thought it to be an incredibly wasteful thing - and couldn't believe that we spent 'that' kind of money on a 'timeshare'.

    Keep in mind, these were the same family members that were making twice what we were at the time, and had nothing to show for it, and have since divorced... with no real assets to divide to speak of (a home that is so far underwater in regard to the mortgage that it's pitiful - and the house is in such a state of disrepair that they will never be able to sell it to recoup the cost - let alone the loss!)

    Jealousy will be covered by ignorance, with a dash of snobbery tossed in :snooty:

    We go on vacation 3-4 times a year - we love to travel, and hope to see the world (beyond EPCOT! :rotfl2:) sometime soon!

    We have cruised, seen WDW numerous times, going to Disneyland soon, and all of that is thanks to Disney Vacation Club!

    Is DVC expensive? YES - it is expensive - however, we love every dime we spend, because we have the time of our lives on every single trip! Every trip something gets a little better, we enjoy the time a little more, and the time we have spent with family has been great.

    Way back in 2008 God had a plan in our family's life - not only did we get upgraded to Club Level at Wilderness Lodge, and Mom and Dad got upgraded to first class on our flight back. Mom and Dad - and my wife and I had the TIME OF OUR LIFE! It was such a PERFECT trip in every way imaginable. My Mom and Dad stayed on property for the first time, the weather was perfect, Mom LOVED the ECV we rented her, and she rode everything she wanted - including Toy Story Midway Mania - Pirates of the Caribbean - and even Spaceship Earth which my Mom LOVED!

    We had another trip with Mom and Dad planned in May of this year, and Mom was hospitalized two weeks before we were to leave, and passed away May 1st - the Sunday before we were to leave on her first trip with a Grandchild. We gifted the trip to our family in December, and that's all Mom had talked about from December!

    Mom's in a better place - and I know that for sure - but that tells you exactly what to tell your family - you value the time you spend with your family - with your kids while their young, and with one another - that no matter what the price - DVC is a small price to pay for memories, and stories that will last a lifetime - and beyond!

    We still laugh and joke about how we chased Mom around WDW for an entire week - with her in an ECV wearing her floppy Animal Kingdom safari hat- and us on foot, panting behind her!!!!

    She had such a wonderful time - we had such a wonderful time, and had we not done it - I would have regretted it more than spending any amount of money.

    Vacation time, and vacation budget dollars are precious these days - and if you can go some place like WDW or Disneyland where you KNOW you will have a good time.... there is no amount of money that will ever give any of that back to you 10-15 years down the road.

    Live your life, and if they don't like how you choose to spend your money - don't invite them to join you.... EVER! :rotfl:

    To quote Dr. Seuss: The people that matter don't mind, and the people that mind - don't matter!
  8. Plutofan

    Plutofan DIS Veteran

    Nov 14, 2005
    WE just let our vacations speak for themselves. DVC is why we can afford it.
  9. dmoore22

    dmoore22 Old Rock n' Roller

    Jun 15, 2002
    Send them a post card!
  10. bobbiwoz

    bobbiwoz I'm happy to dance with you!

    Aug 26, 2003
    csharpwv, I'm so happy I read your post! I'm glad you had that special vacation.
  11. dvcdisney

    dvcdisney DIS Veteran

    Jan 7, 2008
    We've been members for almost 10 years now. When we first told our family, we made sure to explain that it was a MEMBERSHIP using points for various locations around the world including Disney onsite villa resorts.

    At first they would say "you mean a timeshare?" and I would say "No" and explain to them the basic difference. That was easy, my family mostly believed that timeshares were in one location and for a full week each trip. So when they heard my explanation, they understood that it was difference.

    Timeshare is also not looked upon well around my family and friends, so they really like the idea of the DVC membership.

    Although, I will admit, they still don't understand why we go so often to Disney if we have the option of going elsewhere around the world.

    You should be able to tell them something that you're so excited about. :)
  12. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot DIS Veteran

    Mar 5, 2007
    By "share in the fun of Disney", do you mean you bought enough points to invite them with you whenever you go? If so, I can understand why you want to tell them so badly.

    But if it's any other reason...if you just ant to talk about Disney, talk about what you bought (and maybe try to get them to buy, too), then I wouldn't do it.

    We have told two groups of family. Both are groups we want to travel with us. And that's it. To tell others would just feel like showing off, and I am against that.
  13. jupers

    jupers DIS Veteran

    Mar 18, 2007
    I agree completely!! Went through something similar with Dad, lost him last August and thank God we took that family vacation before he passed!!! He had his 3 kids, their spouses, and all 7 grandchildren at WDW at once!!! Unfortunately, it took his passing for me to take the plunge to DVC. But so glad I did!!! I haven't even stayed on points yet but I was able to get really cheap flights for F&W, and my first upcoming DVC stay was my Mother's Day surprise for Mom. Just her and I, BWV, F&W...I would never have done this if hadn't bought DVC...I know Dad is up there smiling!
  14. 2binak

    2binak DVC Owner

    Jul 15, 2009
    We've never been the type to care what other people think of what we do with our money. It's ours to spend how we'd like.

    Whenever we do talk about DVC and someone says, "Oh you have a timeshare?" We say, "No we don't have a timeshare. With a timeshare, you buy a pre-assigned specific week. With DVC you get points to use anytime of year at any of the DVC resorts." That usually sparks their interest and the conversation goes on from there, always ending with people saying how great the flexibility is and how different DVC is from their idea of a timeshare.
  15. Lynne M

    Lynne M Moderator Moderator

    Nov 4, 2001
    Well, if someone's going to call you stupid because you bought a timeshare, without asking or understanding what you bought or why, they're just displaying their own ignorance (and rudeness, IMO). It's more of a reflection on them than on you. Ignore it and move on. :)

    That said, why does everyone have to know how you're paying for your vacation? That's all DVC is, really - an alternate method of payment for your lodging. You're pre-paying for your resort stay, instead of making a cash reservation each time.

    I told the people that I knew would 'get' it. Only a handful of my relatives and friends know that I own DVC; just the ones that I take on trips with me. And I only told them because I didn't want them to feel like I was paying for their hotel room.

    it's not that I'm keeping it a secret, it's just that I don't have any particular reason to tell most people.
  16. KateB

    KateB Mouseketeer

    Jun 1, 2009
    My DH and I bought in 2 years ago and my parents were sooooo turned off by our decision. We bought right before we got married because we wanted to go for our honeymoon. We did lots of research and decided that it was best for our future plans.
    When we discussed it with my parents and my dad flat out said "don't do it." My mom was just as negative. We told them we always saved and that this was to save us money in the long run.
    This last January we took my parents for the first time & they were very impressed. They stayed for free and they really enjoyed the perks of staying DVC. At that point they stopped hounding me and saying anything negative. Sometimes seeing is believing.

    Good luck telling them.
  17. dis-happy

    dis-happy DIS Veteran

    Aug 18, 2004
    Welcome Home!
  18. Dizny Dad

    Dizny Dad DIS Veteran

    Apr 10, 2009
    Most families don't "get it". Visit the DisBoard often. We "get it".

    Welcome Home!
  19. Ryansdad0727

    Ryansdad0727 DIS Veteran

    Feb 23, 2010
    I bought into Worldmark before i bought into DVC. I was concerned what my dad would think but after he stayed in a resort with us and heard all of the details he thought i was smart for buying while i was so young so i could enjoy it for a long time. When i bought into DVC everyone was pretty cool with it because most of my family had been to Disney and they all love it. That just meant more trips for them...
  20. ToddyLu

    ToddyLu Welcome aboard explorers- I love Mr. Ray

    Jun 6, 2008
    ;) Sometimes I say something and sometimes I don't. My Mom and Dad will go for the first time in Oct. They have never stayed at a Deluxe Dsiney Resort. They had a bit of reservation when we told them....but they have heard us talk about the last three great trips and how different it is. They are excited about going with us in Oct.

    My fav saying is----DVC changes your trip to Disney like a Corvette changes your drive to work. :thumbsup2
  21. ericamcl

    ericamcl DIS Veteran

    May 15, 2007
    DH and I have told a few friends about our purchase, and we've told my mother (mainly because she'll be joining us for 2 nights during our upcoming trip) but we really have no desire to tell anyone. It's really no one's business but ours, and, honestly, most people that we knw just don't get it, so why bother trying to explain? :confused3

    Good luck in telling whomever you choose to share your exciting news with :goodvibes

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