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Boma lovers.. Boma haters.. HELP!

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by chipndales, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. chipndales

    chipndales bELIeve GO GIANTS!

    Made ressies for the family for Sunday after reading about how the kids could go see the safari animals afterward. They are breakfast ressies but now I'm reading a few reviews on how awful the food is there. Is this true??

    I know it's all subject to personal opinion but I'm asking you all for help on your personal opinions, hoping to get a good response. Have you eaten there for breakfast? Was it enjoyable? What would you recommend? Did they put weird spices on everything that gave it an odd taste? Help! :rotfl:

    Also if you did eat there, were you able to see the animals? We weren't planning to go to AK so we were hoping to let the kids see some. Thanks in advance. :goodvibes
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  3. LoveBWVVBR

    LoveBWVVBR New Member

    Oooh, we loved Boma! We went for dinner, though. You can see lots of animals from different viewing areas w/in the resort hallways. You can also go outside and see some from viewing areas out there. I'd love to go to Boma on this Thanksgiving trip but it's so $$ for the 4 of us to go that I can't justify it.
  4. DaniB

    DaniB New Member

    We were at Boma for dinner as well and loved it!

    Next trip - Boma for breakfast!
  5. WDWisTheBest

    WDWisTheBest <font color=darkcoral>This is better than plan one

    We are BOMA lovers. Breakfast is very enjoyable and I would recommend it.
    We were able to see the animals. Just ask any CM where to go to the viewing sites.
  6. Clare Voince

    Clare Voince In Spiritual Repose

    I've eaten breakfast there. Don't let bad reviews sway you. There's always someone who will complain. It was a typical breakfast buffet with a few unusual items, and the quality was good.
  7. catne

    catne New Member

    we are both Boma lovers & Boma haters. We really did not like Boma dinner.

    But Boma breakfast was the best we've had on property--we really liked it. There are a few unusual items, but mostly it's regular breakfast buffet items.

    By the way, you cannot actually see animals from Boma, but the decor is awesome in Animal Kingdom lodge. The lobby is like walking through a giant kid-friendly museum, and the savannah is a fabulous viewing area, especially in the early morning. We've eaten there twice--once had an 8:00 a.m. seating & saw lots of animals. The 2nd time, we had a 9:00 a.m. breakfast & when we walked out to the savannah viewing area around 9:45 there were virtually no animals in view. The AK castmember sitting out there answering questions said the animals basically eat in the area 7-9:00 or so, and then wander off. So if you have a later breakfast seating, I'd try to time your arrival so you can go look at animals before breakfast.
  8. Trinityloo

    Trinityloo New Member

    I am very surprised that you read so many bad reviews for Boma breakfast because I have read so many good ones! In fact, I thought it had a reputation for one of the best breakfasts at WDW!:confused3
    In any event, my family really enjoyed it; the breakfast more than the dinner. I don`t think you would be disappointed.
  9. Sorsha

    Sorsha <font color=royalblue>People, don't be like the ch

    As a PP stated, we really disliked Boma for dinner, but we enjoyed Boma for breakfast.

    Their speciality breakfast juice "Frunch" (a combination of lemonade, pineapple juice, guava juice, orange juice, and papaya juice) was wonderful, the fresh fruit was very nice, there was a scrambled eggs dish that had goat cheese and something else in it (green onions? chives?) that was wonderful, and the carved meats were both very good too. All in all, everything was very fresh, tasty, and there was a nice variety. Not too "wild" (Boma for dinner was a little too offbeat for my family's whitebread tastebuds) but different enough to be a refreshing change from the same-ness of the other breakfast buffets on property.

    And yes, the atmosphere, the AKL, and the animals out on the savannahs are a bonus too! :thumbsup2 I love that resort!!
  10. GovieMom

    GovieMom New Member

    Add me to that list! None of my family cared for Boma's dinner, but their breakfast is outstanding! I could have made my meal from their juice and pastries alone. Sooooo delicious!
  11. tinkgirl1984

    tinkgirl1984 New Member

    Boma is absolutely the best breakfast on property. I'm not as big a fan of dinner. Dinner is a little...strange. I think my biggest problem with it is that they flavor a lot of things with cinnamon and a lot of things are sweet that really shouldn't be.:confused3 I think you'll be really happy with breakfast though.
  12. SingingMUA

    SingingMUA New Member

    Loooooove Boma breakfast!!! Lots of recognizable items, with a few interesting things thrown in, like the goat cheese and chive scrambled eggs (LOVE!), the sausage biscuit casserole thingy (it has some spices, and maybe a little curry thrown in also), the Frunch... :love:

    I'll be eating breakfast there in 17 days!! :dance3:
  13. robinb

    robinb New Member

    I personally don't think that breakfast is anything to write home about ... but I'm not a big breakfast girl anyway. I really love Boma's for dinner, though. It has interesting food but a lot of vegetarian food for my DD.
  14. Cat0727

    Cat0727 <font color=green>I am used to crowds and yielding

    We love Boma for dinner. We ate there last week and the food was good as always. There's a nice variety so there will be something for everyone. They had falafel and it was spicy and yummy. Next trip we definitely want to try Boma for breakfast.
  15. Havana

    Havana New Member

    I have been to Boma twice, both times for dinner. The first time was great and the second time was a disappointment. We will give it another chance. I'm looking forward to trying the breakfast next month.
  16. eelkmj01

    eelkmj01 New Member

    We are DVC members and AKV is our home resort. We will be staying at Jambo House from 1/8 - 1/17 and we have 3 Boma reservations. 2 for breakfast and 1 for dinner! We love Boma for both!
  17. OhThePain

    OhThePain New Member

    As a rule of thumb you shouldn't read so much into the reviews you read. For every positive review, there is a negative review. It's best to just go and make your own opinion instead of someone else making your opinion for you.
  18. eelkmj01

    eelkmj01 New Member

    I really think that's the best advice to give!!! Kudos to you! We so often find that we read bad reviews and love something and vice versa.
  19. PoohsFan1

    PoohsFan1 New Member

    We went to Boma's for the first time in September and loved it (we went for dinner). Everything about the place was great, from the food, the service, and the ambieance. We liked it so much that we decided for our May trip that we wanted to try it out for breakfast (since I heard many wonderful things about the breakfast from other DISers) before we head over to AK for the day. I am really excited about this ADR. I wouldn't worry about the negative reviews...be your own critic, what one person might like another may think is nasty. Have a great time.
  20. Nermel9

    Nermel9 New Member

    There are people who don't like Boma??? :eek: I LOVED it, we just went for the first time for breakfast last week and it was great! The juice is SO good, the omelets are great, much better than CP's omelets...everything there was great, I would definitely eat there again! :cool1: I'd love to try dinner sometime!
  21. NewOrleansBelle

    NewOrleansBelle New Member

    We did Boma for dinner, pre-kids, back in like 2006? It wasn't my favorite meal ever, I just think I'm not a "buffet" person. Nothing stood out as being great, it seemed like a lot of the dishes were just rather bland but the desserts were quite good. The Lodge was gorgeous and the wait staff was really great- charming and entertaining. I just didn't think the food was anything to write home about. On the other hand it is my SIL's favorite restaurant at Disney and she goes there every single time they vacation in Orlando.

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