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Boat from Grand Floridian to Magic Kingdom

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by JanetRose, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. JanetRose

    JanetRose <font color=blue>Do I need to know why Captain Spa

    I know there are boats from the Grand Floridian, Contemporary, Wilderness Lodge, Polynesian and Fort Wilderness, but do the boats travel between these resorts also?
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  3. helenk

    helenk <font color=purple>BL II - Purple Team><br><font c

    There are a few ferry routes
    MK-GF-Poly and back around
    MK-WL-FW and back
    There is no boat from the MK to the CR, there is no boat from the Poly or the GF to the CR.
  4. Endeavour105

    Endeavour105 Mouseketeer

    "There are a few ferry routes" - wrong
    The Ferry Boats run only between the TTC and the MK.

    Gold Flag Motor Launches run between the MK, GF and the Poly.

    Green Flag Motor Cruisers (and sometinmes motor launches) run between the MK, WL and FW.

    Blue Flag Motor Launches run between FW, WL and the CR.
  5. Michelle2

    Michelle2 <font color=green>Disneyland will always and forev

    That is EXACTLY what the above poster said.
    One that goes MK, Poly and MK,
    one that goes MK, WL and FW,
    and one that goes FW, WL and CR
    Just because they called them ferries instead of motor launches....geeez. I consider them all to be the ferries too.
  6. Endeavour105

    Endeavour105 Mouseketeer

    Then, if you ask a CM to be directed to the "ferry boats", you will be directed to THE Ferry Boat dock - the boats that run between the MK and the TTC. And, you will be out of luck if you are going elsewhere.
  7. Michelle2

    Michelle2 <font color=green>Disneyland will always and forev

    That is one of the biggest things that annoys me about disney CMs and I was going to say that in my last post too, but didn't.
    Just because someone calls something the "incorrect NAME" then people are given misinformation when most of the time the CM have a good idea of what the poor people are obviously referring to. There is no way that a common person to WDW (first timer) would know that certain boats are called launches and others ferries.

    This is nothing against you, Endeavor105, just something that has led me on many wild goose chases for calling something slightly off of the correct name and then being misled. The CMs should clarify more---would take an extra sentence of time.

    Sorry for getting off topic!
  8. Endeavour105

    Endeavour105 Mouseketeer

    Just like with computers - "Garbage In - Garbage Out" -

    CMs are not mind readers. You give 'garbage' info to a CM, then you will likely not get the information you are really asking for and want to know. Guests - need to be more clear. There is enough information on the WWW for guests to get educated about WDW before their trip. Otherwise, they may go on a 'wild goose chase', like you experienced, because the guests weren't clear and specific.

    Go to http://allearsnet.com/pl/transveh.htm for your WDW transportation education.

    It's that simple.
  9. helenk

    helenk <font color=purple>BL II - Purple Team><br><font c

    :rolleyes1... Sorry for the misunderstanding.. I just call them all Ferrys and have honestly had no problems getting directions from the CM when I use the "wrong words"
    Well, whatever they are called.....the docks are well marked.
    The docks for the launches that go to the resorts are closer to the MK entrance, not too far from the entrance to the monorail and the dock for the Ferry that goes to the TTC is a bit further away from the entrance, kind of closer to the bus stop area....they are called docks right?????
  10. Endeavour105

    Endeavour105 Mouseketeer

    And...you more than likely ultimately told the CM your destination, too, to get those correct directions...

    Yes, 'docks' is the correct term.
  11. grimley1968

    grimley1968 DIS Veteran<br><font color=red>Obedient Man

    There are basically three different types of boats that operate in the MK area.

    Not to be a semantics guy, but I really would not call most of those boats ferries. A ferry is a very large boat that accommodates hundreds of people, and only goes between MK and TTC.

    You can call the other two types of boats whatever you wish, but they are so much smaller than ferries that a different name is warranted. You can call them water taxis, water launches, little boats, whatever.

    To the OP's point, the Gold Flag Motor Launches are the smallest of the three types of boats. You have to fold down strollers, they are sort of a teak-looking structure and probably would not seat more than a couple dozen people. These boats are open-air.

    The Green Flag and Blue Flag Motor Cruisers are quite a bit larger than the Motor Launches, seating several dozen people, if needed. You can roll strollers, wheelchairs, etc. right onto these boats without problem, unless it is storming, and the boat is higher or lower than the dock. These boats are enclosed. These look similar to the Friendship boats that you see around EPCOT, although they may not be quite as large as the Friendship boats.

    The ferries, well, they're huge. They look like the big paddlewheel boats of the mid-19th century.

    I do agree with the above poster that if anyone is asked where ferries are, they will be pointed to the ferry docks at MK or TTC, not to where the resort docks are. You don't need to know the exact terms for the resort boats (and I'll probably forget them as soon I'm done typing this), but I'd refer to them as "resort boats" rather than ferries. The resort docks at MK and at the resorts are very well marked and easy to find.
  12. Endeavour105

    Endeavour105 Mouseketeer

    Go to http://allearsnet.com/pl/transveh.htm as well for your education on the WDW Watercraft servicing the MK and nearby resorts on Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake.

    motor cuisers are used on the Blue Flag route - only motor launches.
  13. grimley1968

    grimley1968 DIS Veteran<br><font color=red>Obedient Man

    My education? :rotfl:

    Look at my signature and you will see that my education has been achieved with much real-life experience with every single one of these boat types. Just because I don't know the exact names of the boats, does not mean I don't know just about everything else about them.

    In my experience the Green and Blue Flag boats, no matter what you call them, are virtually the same size, be they cruisers, launches, whatever you want to call them. I have not stayed at WDW in 2 years now, but my descriptions of the boats, up to that time, is dead-on. Unless they've changed the boats used in the routes in the last 2 years, I respectfully stand by my previous post. AllEarsNet does not reflect my experience with these boats. In my experience, and I've had quite a bit of it, the motor launches only went between GF, Poly and MK. The motor cruisers went between MK, CR, WL and FW, servicing all routes between these four locations.

    Again, a lot can change in two years, but I'm recounting my personal experience.

    At any rate, my main point was that the only distinction really necessary is between ferries and all other types of boats.

    I guarantee that 99% of the CM's working there are not going to know the difference between motor launches and motor cruisers, or even which route goes where. Just show up under the correct sign and a boat will take you where you want to go.
  14. Endeavour105

    Endeavour105 Mouseketeer

    Nothing has changed in 2 years. NO Motor Cruisers go to the CR, except in very rare cases/unusual circumstances.

    As a WDW Watercraft CM since 1998, I pilot these boats, I suspect my information may be more accurate. Ya' think!?! :laughing:

    Motor Launches are also on the Blue Flag route between the CR, FW and WL.

    "Virtually the same size..."? Nope - There's a distinct difference - both in size and appearance:

    Motor Launches - 43' LOA, 39 pass. max. - open air seating under canopied top.
    Motor Cruisers - 66' LOA, 120 pass. max. - fully enclosed seating except for open bow and covered stern.
    Ferry Boats - 120' LOA, 600 pass. max. - 2 decks. Both lower and upper deck covered limited seating...self expanatory (hopefully)

    See http://allearsnet.com/pl/transveh.htm for photos.

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