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Bleach at resorts

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Jenn4615, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. happymomof1

    happymomof1 DIS Veteran

    Apr 13, 2009
    Also, I agree with wiping "touched" things in the room down with Clorox wipes. Definately a must do at any hotel!
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  3. tigger24601

    tigger24601 Earning My Ears

    Sep 16, 2010
    I remember, years ago working at a bath and body works when they had anti bac wipes, I had a customer who would come in and stock up on those things like there was no tomorrow when they were on sale. So I asked him one day "why?" He said he flys A LOT for work and before he even sits down on the plane he wipes the seat and tray and everything with a wipe. He said it had cut down how often he got sick after flying.
  4. DonoMoose

    DonoMoose Mouseketeer

    Jan 28, 2013
    I also bring the Clorox Wipes. Wipe everything down & than right before we head to wherever (that 1st day) I over spray the entire room with Lysol Disinfectant spray. I bring the tiny sanitizer bottles that clip on to my diaper bags/purses. I periodically have the kids, hubby & I use some through out the day, especially if I noticed the kids rubbing their hands all over railings & such.
  5. erin1715

    erin1715 DIS Veteran

    Apr 1, 2006
    I usually bring the Clorox wipes travel size in my carry on and wipe down the chairs of the plane, then I wipe down the touched surfaces in our hotel room. But I would really love to use Lysol to spray for extra protection. We will be staying at the Beach Club in about a month, does anyone know if they sell Lysol in the marketplace? We won't have a car so I won't be able to stop at the store. If they don't sell it, I will just make do without and use the Clorox wipes.
  6. FortForever

    FortForever Disney since Day 1

    Aug 16, 2011
    This is the best advice. You can't sanitize the world, but proper hand washing is a good preventative measure.

    I've never wiped anything down in hotels and never caught anything either. We have been on two different cruises were many passengers got noro but we never got sick. Sometimes I think over sanitizing inhibits our natural immune system from doing it's job.

    On cruise forums everyone is always talking about the dangers of touching railings. I used them all the time. I also tend to run my hands down the railings in the queues. I see others backing up from them like they have the plague. Of course, I am an adult, so don't have my hands near my mouth between railings and washing. That could make a difference.
  7. LilyWDW

    LilyWDW Going to My Happy Place

    May 7, 2006
    Same here. I would never use chemical cleaners on anything that was not mine. I don't own the hotel so I allow them to use the products they have and just go from there.

    If you are going to wipe down the room, then you better wipe down the chains in line, the seats and bars on the ride, the table before you eat your food (CS and TS), the seats on the bus/monorail, and on and on and on.
  8. carolinakk

    carolinakk Mouseketeer

    Aug 13, 2012
    I found the lysol to go 1 oz bottles at Walgreens in the travel/trial size section. Since it is less than 3oz it can be included in the quart size ziplock as part of your carry on.

    The Clorox wipes and hand sanitizers are good for general germs, but the norovirus can only be killed with bleach or lysol brand III spray (after 10 minutes of soaking in). The wet ones antibacterial wipes I think will also work better than the hand sanitizers as they have benzethonium chloride.

    I'm miss stomach bug paranoia over here so I've done some investigating. :)

    We are also getting lots of probiotics, which we do anyway.

    Good luck everyone!
  9. DizneyLizzy

    DizneyLizzy DIS Veteran

    Dec 27, 2010
    Pumping up your immune system before you go sounds like your best defense. I'm a teacher and I spend all winter washing my hands and sucking on Halls defense vitamin C tablets. There is no way I can avoid germs, and kids in school come down with the stomach flu on a daily basis, so I do my best to combat them within my own body.
  10. nkereina

    nkereina Last chance to lose your keys.

    Feb 11, 2009
    The dirtiest thing in a hotel room is the TV remote control. Housekeepers DO NOT clean this. Would you if you were a housekeeper? Bring a zip lock bag to put it in and use it from that the rest of the time.
  11. blueberrypancake

    blueberrypancake Earning My Ears

    Jan 22, 2013
    when I had a stomach bug that was possible CDiff the urgent care gave me some wipes that were the kind the previous poster mentioned. Extra strong! I ended up having severe food poisoning, but I was told that you can get the extra strong wipes at medical supply stores in individual packs ( one large wipe would be plenty to do an entire room)
  12. Deb & Bill

    Deb & Bill DVC-Trivia Contest, Apr-2006: Honorable Mention

    Mar 20, 2000
    Your keyboard and your mouse are probably crawling with germs. And the bottom of your purse/bag that you wind up setting on the floor.
  13. DSNYFAM6

    DSNYFAM6 Earning My Ears

    Jan 26, 2013
    What a great tip! I'm loving this thread!
  14. DSNYFAM6

    DSNYFAM6 Earning My Ears

    Jan 26, 2013
    A woman on a moms group I'm in was saying she has 4 puking kids and they are leaving for wdw tomorrow! She's hoping for them to be feeling better. I'm glad I've never dealt with this but can you imagine how many people still go with illnesses like that! Ick! Hand sanitizer!!!
  15. Nina1

    Nina1 Disney Lover

    Mar 20, 2008
    FYI...Purell and other hand sanitizers DO NOT kill this stomach bug. I have read that the antibacterial wipes (like Wet Ones), do. Bring those for wiping hands. But, nothing beats good old soap and water. As for the room, I always bring a big container of Clorox wipes and a can of Lysol. I wipe down everything with the wipes and spray what I can't wipe (i.e. inside of tub).

    We also do not have housekeeping come in every day. We keep the room neat. Plus, all I can think of is them bringing in germs from other rooms. I have them come in every couple of days and do my own disinfecting when we get back to the room at night. And before anyone gets on their soapbox about me denying the housekeeper his/her tips, we leave a tip for the entire number of days we are there, regardless of how much they come in, the day we check out.
  16. minnie mum

    minnie mum Unapologetic Disney Fan(atic)

    Mar 8, 2011
    And if that's not bad enough, think of the poor unsuspecting guests who move into those same rooms when the sick ones leave. :sad2:
  17. ClarabelleCowFan

    ClarabelleCowFan <font color=teal>Found Someone You Have<br><font c

    Jun 23, 2005
    You need the Wet Ones in the RED pack. The generic ones from Target or CVS won't work because they don't have the same active ingredient that kills the Norovirus. After one particular Disney trip where we all got sick with this virus, my DH (who has a MS in Biochemistry) looked up every single wipe on the market and found that the Wet Ones in the red packet were the only ones that would kill the Norovirus. I have carried a pack of them in my purse ever since. You can buy the purse size packs with about 12 wipes in them for $1.29 at Target checkout counters.

    We live locally now and this virus is running rampant down here right now.
  18. DonnaL

    DonnaL DIS Veteran

    Feb 4, 2005
    We flew (4 of us) cross country from PA to CA (first visit to Disneyland and VGC) a few weeks ago during the worst of the nationwide flu epidemic. I had several packs (travel size) of Clorox wipes with me and wiped down seat arms, tray tables, seat belt buckles BEFORE we settled in our seats....my DH, son and grandson thought I was crazy.......however, none of us got sick. I also wiped kitchen counter and bath counters, faucets....yes, even the TV remote... with my trusty Clorox wipes...as soon as we checked in. We were also very careful about handwashing at every opportunity and not touching railings, etc while standing in lines.....however, we didn't encounter many lines at all...since we were there during the cold snap in CA.....low 50 degree daytime temps for four of the six days we were there!! I don't think we waited more than 20 minutes for anything.....even Radiator Springs Racers!!!! We had a great time......didn't mind 50 degrees and sunny at all.......we're used to much worse in January in PA!!
  19. jandkmom

    jandkmom Mouseketeer

    Oct 19, 2009
    I read about how Wet Ones were better for killing norovirus so that's what we used besides hand washing at Disney and traveling. We just got back and everyone stayed puke free! Just one anecdote but I thought I'd throw it out there since my kids normally catch everything ;)

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